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Builders in Missouri City, Texas

The below information is public information which was obtained in November, 2009 from the Texas Residential Construction Commission, which has since been eliminated. As strange as this may sound, building contractors in Texas are not required to be licensed. Historically, they have not been required to have a license. There were a couple of years around 2007 when they were required, but that was eliminated around 2009. Therefore, the status, license number, approved and expired information listed below is basically irrelevant since none of them are required to have a license now anyway. Nonetheless, these pages will remain on the site and are at least useful for the contact information.
You will also want to verify the contractor you choose has the necessary insurance/bonding.
Never use unlicensed or uninsured contractors.


Additional Builders in Missouri City, Texas

Kaitham Inc
Number: 46426    Status: Active
Approved: 2009-03-05 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-235-4870,   Ask For: Kaithamattathil Baby
Address: 8030 Weeping Willow Pl, Missouri City, TX 77459-5756

Kavonna Shawntel Robinson
Number: 24259    Status:
Approved: 2005-06-24 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2007-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 832-661-8763,   Ask For: Kavonna Robinson
Address: 3254 Hunters Glen, Missouri City, TX 77489

Kirk Martin
Number: 29937    Status: Active
Approved: 2006-05-10 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-05-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 713-446-8898,   Ask For: Kirk Martin
Address: 16103 Fondren Grove, Missouri City, TX 77489

Kristine Alsandor
Number: 36433    Status:
Approved: 2007-07-05 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2009-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-778-9027,   Ask For: Kristine Alsandor
Address: 8935 Helena Bend, Missouri City, TX 77459

L L Industries International, Inc.
Number: 35791    Status:
Approved: 2007-05-24 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2009-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 225-326-1791,   Ask For: Paula Love
Address: 2702 Troy Drive, Missouri City, TX 77459

Larry Morris
Number: 18224    Status:
Approved: 2004-11-23 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2006-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 289-499-1304,   Ask For: Larry Morris
Address: 2343 Walnut Ridge Drive, Missouri City, TX 77489

LBJ Builders, L.L.C.
Number: 27752    Status: Active
Approved: 2006-01-18 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-01-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-726-2782,   Ask For: Geoffrey Jones
Address: 10507 Heritage Trail Court, Missouri City, TX 77459

Leandrus Ardoin, Jr.
Number: 27493    Status:
Approved: 2005-12-22 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2007-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-437-0355,   Ask For: Leandrus Ardoin, Jr.
Address: 6947 Chasewood Drive, Missouri City, TX 77489

Leslie Weir
Number: 37854    Status: Active
Approved: 2007-10-04 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-10-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-435-4042,   Ask For: Leslie Weir
Address: 2111 Maplegate Drive, Missouri City, TX 77489

Lippold Custom Homes, Inc.
Number: 4195    Status: Active
Approved: 2004-03-04 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-431-8697,   Ask For: Paul Lippold
Address: 7850 Bee Hollow Ct, Missouri City, TX 77459

Luxor Builders LLC
Number: 5938    Status: Active
Approved: 2004-03-10 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-08-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 713-530-1491,   Ask For: Mohammad Zaka
Address: 2515 E Pebble Beach, Missouri City, TX 77459

M & S Construction, Inc.
Number: 12800    Status: Active
Approved: 2004-05-05 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-05-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-499-5174,   Ask For: Morris Mitchell
Address: 3706 E. Creek Club Drive, Missouri City, TX 77459

M-G Singleton Construction, Inc.
Number: 22424    Status: Active
Approved: 2005-04-20 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-04-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 713-875-3698,   Ask For: Michael Singleton
Address: 2622 Harvest Moon Drive, Missouri City, TX 77489

Mahogany Realty Group
Number: 26335    Status: Active
Approved: 2005-09-29 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-09-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 713-825-4685,   Ask For: Meriel Sweet
Address: 3015 Tam O Shanter, Missouri City, TX 77489

Matthew E Wittekiend
Number: 45698    Status: Active
Approved: 2009-01-14 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-01-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-435-6162,   Ask For: Matthew Wittekiend
Address: 5847 Sonoma Ridge, Missouri City, TX 77459

McBayne's Construction & Renovation Inc
Number: 45530    Status: Active
Approved: 2008-12-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2009-12-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 954-885-5400,   Ask For: Trevor McBayne
Address: 1206 Kings Creek Trail, Missouri City, TX 77459-1512

Meadow Square Townhomes Inc
Number: 12963    Status: Active
Approved: 2004-05-06 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-05-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 832-435-8050,   Ask For: Horace Colbert
Address: 2803 Double Lake Drive, Missouri City, TX 77459

Michael Roberts
Number: 45833    Status: Active
Approved: 2009-01-27 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-01-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 713-401-7535,   Ask For: Michael Roberts
Address: 2044 Hickory Glen Dr, Missouri City, TX 77489-2900

Modest Homes
Number: 43319    Status:
Approved: 2008-08-11 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2009-08-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-437-3691,   Ask For: Phyllis Allen
Address: 2323 Morning Meadow, Missouri City, TX 77489-4218

Norman Talbott
Number: 20830    Status: Active
Approved: 2005-03-02 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-932-3587,   Ask For: Norman Talbott
Address: 9614 Roarks Passage, Missouri City, TX 77459

Norwood Builder Inc
Number: 19790    Status: Active
Approved: 2005-02-03 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-08-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-261-7188,   Ask For: Mattie Tyo
Address: 2440 Texas Parkway #330, Missouri City, TX 77489

Patrik Workman
Number: 45877    Status: Active
Approved: 2009-01-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-01-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-499-6594,   Ask For: Patrik Workman
Address: 3315 Golden Tee Ct, Missouri City, TX 77459

Pinnacle Construction
Number: 11164    Status: Active
Approved: 2004-04-08 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-04-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-431-5704,   Ask For: John Jones
Address: 3903 Emerald Lake, Missouri City, TX 77459

Porter Construction & Roofing Inc
Number: 45166    Status: Active
Approved: 2008-12-02 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2009-12-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 832-566-6956,   Ask For: Mark Porter
Address: 3419 Bedford Forrest Ct, Missouri City, TX 77459

R T Fields Inc General Constractor
Number: 3518    Status:
Approved: 2004-03-02 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2008-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)
Phone: 281-261-0834,   Ask For: Randolph Fields
Address: 3322 La Costa Road, Missouri City, TX 77459


Additional Builders in Missouri City, Texas

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