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Where you can receive FREE Bids INSTANTLY from building contractors. With thousands of building contractors, is the perfect place to compare quotes and shop around. Instead of wasting hours making phone calls to contractors one at a time, just click Submit Project, take 2 minutes to fill out our simple form, and email it to multiple contractors simultaneously. Then you will start receiving estimates from multiple building contractors in your area (see our Privacy Statement below). No more phone calls. No more waiting for contractors to respond. No more wasting time. Just free quotes instantly. You can also click Login to edit your project(s), and manage the bids you receive. There is no better way to do your comparison shopping.

You can also browse through our listings and send emails to selective building contractors in your area. Use the Builders Search box on the right to go directly to listings for your city. If their are no contractors listed for your city, select just a state or use the links below to go by state, then select a nearby city.

Building contractors, please click Login to add your FREE listing to the system and start submitting bids. Fill out the automatic bidding information in your profile and bids will be automatically submitted for you 24 hours a day! No manual intervention is required on your part. This is a unique feature that only has. You may never have to write up another bid! No more phone calls. No more writing up estimates which never turn into sales. No more wasting time. Contractors can choose between three types of accounts.

Click here to see example listings for all three types of contractor accounts - Free, Basic and Preffered

Please notice the Preferred Contractors displayed on the above link are listed in many nearby cities.

Click About to get more specific details about, the three types of contractor accounts, and how the whole process works.

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Privacy Statement: Your email address is never given out. You do need to enter it when submitting your project so you can receive bids, but the building contractors never see your email address. They merely see your project number. We use the project number to look up your email address and then we send you an email with the building contractors bid.



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