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Builders in Oak Grove, Texas

The below information is public information which was obtained in November, 2009 from the Texas Residential Construction Commission, which has since been eliminated. As strange as this may sound, building contractors in Texas are not required to be licensed. Historically, they have not been required to have a license. There were a couple of years around 2007 when they were required, but that was eliminated around 2009. Therefore, the status, license number, approved and expired information listed below is basically irrelevant since none of them are required to have a license now anyway. Nonetheless, these pages will remain on the site and are at least useful for the contact information.
You will also want to verify the contractor you choose has the necessary insurance/bonding.
Never use unlicensed or uninsured contractors.

Additional Builders in Oak Grove, Texas

Asmussen Construction

Number: 13836    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-05-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-05-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-763-0769,   Ask For: Robert Asmussen

Address: 605 Christopher, Oak Grove, TX 75783

Bill Kernes

Number: 28603    Status:

Approved: 2006-03-01 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2009-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-967-2515,   Ask For: Bill Kernes

Address: 480 CR 3266, Oak Grove, TX 75783

Charles P Hinds

Number: 40132    Status: Active

Approved: 2008-02-12 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-967-2979,   Ask For: Charles Hinds

Address: 2773 E State Hwy 154, Oak Grove, TX 75783-2773

Danny Kemp

Number: 36356    Status: Active

Approved: 2007-06-29 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-06-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-763-5560,   Ask For: Danny Kemp

Address: 366 CR 2165, Oak Grove, TX 75783

David L. Kernes

Number: 28684    Status: Active

Approved: 2006-03-03 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-967-2421,   Ask For: David Kernes

Address: 217 County Road 4134, Oak Grove, TX 75783

Don King, Jr.

Number: 0    Status:

Approved: 0000-00-00 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 0000-00-00 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-967-3650,   Ask For: Don King, Jr.

Address: 465 Cr 3144, Oak Grove, TX 75783

Frankie Meason

Number: 13794    Status:

Approved: 2004-05-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2006-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-316-9786,   Ask For: Frankie Meason

Address: 197 CR 2194, Oak Grove, TX 75783

George A. Reyes

Number: 5470    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-03-09 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-967-3554,   Ask For: George Reyes

Address: 1492 CR 4940, Oak Grove, TX 75783

Graciela Molina Peralta

Number: 38426    Status:

Approved: 2007-10-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2008-10-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-763-5020,   Ask For: Graciela Peralta

Address: 140 County Road 3282, Oak Grove, TX 75783

H & H Building Systems

Number: 42493    Status:

Approved: 2008-06-13 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2009-06-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-967-2572,   Ask For: Kevin Holland

Address: 119 P R 7141, Oak Grove, TX 75783-7436

Homer L. Kemp

Number: 2790    Status:

Approved: 2004-02-26 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2008-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-763-4190,   Ask For: Homer Kemp

Address: 908 FM 778, Oak Grove, TX 75783

J D S Construction

Number: 10338    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-04-01 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-04-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-497-6437,   Ask For: Jason Steck

Address: 185 CR 3203, Oak Grove, TX 75783

James Aaron Wood

Number: 43896    Status: Active

Approved: 2008-09-19 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2009-09-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-975-0706,   Ask For: James Wood

Address: 1308 Hwy 182, Oak Grove, TX 75783

James E. Wilson, III

Number: 29935    Status: Active

Approved: 2006-05-10 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-05-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-967-2570,   Ask For: James Wilson, III

Address: 226 PR 7108, Oak Grove, TX 75783

Joe L. Hight

Number: 29267    Status: Active

Approved: 2006-03-29 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-967-2717,   Ask For: Joe Hight

Address: 3559 Hwy. 37 North, Oak Grove, TX 75783

Joe Lee Construction

Number: 7167    Status:

Approved: 2004-07-12 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2007-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-967-2376,   Ask For: Joe Lee

Address: 2330 North State Highway 37, Oak Grove, TX 75783

Joe Lee Kennedy

Number: 48020    Status: Active

Approved: 2009-07-07 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-07-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-878-2884,   Ask For: Joe Kennedy

Address: 3348 FM 2966, Oak Grove, TX 75783

John C Wells

Number: 47195    Status: Active

Approved: 2009-04-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-04-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-763-2248,   Ask For: John Wells

Address: 1005 S Hwy 37, Oak Grove, TX 75783-6257

John L. Tunmire

Number: 23570    Status:

Approved: 2005-05-26 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2006-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-878-2864,   Ask For: John Tunmire

Address: 588 CR 1210, Oak Grove, TX 75783

Joseph Kyle Lee

Number: 34297    Status: Active

Approved: 2007-03-05 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-967-2747,   Ask For: Joseph Lee

Address: 385 CR 3120, Oak Grove, TX 75783

Kemp Remodeling & Home Building, L.L.C.

Number: 4412    Status:

Approved: 2004-03-04 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2008-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-763-5560,   Ask For: Danny Kemp

Address: 366 CR 2165, Oak Grove, TX 75783

KG Construction & Fabrication LLC

Number: 40083    Status: Active

Approved: 2008-02-08 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-768-2028,   Ask For: Michael Bizzell

Address: 2407 CR 1630, Oak Grove, TX 75783

L & L Construction

Number: 6491    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-03-11 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-456-1034,   Ask For: Laura Brown

Address: 726 CR 3170, Oak Grove, TX 75783

M C D Builders LLC

Number: 1891    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-02-22 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-763-0982,   Ask For: Mark Davis

Address: 330 CR 2150, Oak Grove, TX 75783

Maynard H Gilbert

Number: 46429    Status: Active

Approved: 2009-03-06 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 903-967-7472,   Ask For: Maynard Gilbert

Address: 1503 FM 778, Oak Grove, TX 75783-5367



Additional Builders in Oak Grove, Texas

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