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Builders in Prairie Dell, Texas

The below information is public information which was obtained in November, 2009 from the Texas Residential Construction Commission, which has since been eliminated. As strange as this may sound, building contractors in Texas are not required to be licensed. Historically, they have not been required to have a license. There were a couple of years around 2007 when they were required, but that was eliminated around 2009. Therefore, the status, license number, approved and expired information listed below is basically irrelevant since none of them are required to have a license now anyway. Nonetheless, these pages will remain on the site and are at least useful for the contact information.
You will also want to verify the contractor you choose has the necessary insurance/bonding.
Never use unlicensed or uninsured contractors.

Additional Builders in Prairie Dell, Texas

1 SLM, Inc

Number: 38246    Status: Active

Approved: 2007-10-24 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-10-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-8710,   Ask For: Jean Johnson

Address: 3427 W. Amity, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Bell Early Bird Enterprises Inc

Number: 6072    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-03-10 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-9086,   Ask For: Linda Blevins

Address: 10335 Sam Neil Lane, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Best Construction Services, Inc.

Number: 4690    Status:

Approved: 2004-03-06 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2006-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-5369,   Ask For: Christine Alexander

Address: 15213 S I 35, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Blake Homes Incorporated

Number: 18921    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-12-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-12-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 512-415-9959,   Ask For: Lange Spence

Address: 217 West Creek Drive, Prairie Dell, TX 76571


Number: 28756    Status: Active

Approved: 2006-03-08 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-5369,   Ask For: Christine Alexander

Address: 230 N Main Ste 200, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

D V M Construction

Number: 14479    Status:

Approved: 2004-06-19 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2007-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-3617,   Ask For: Danny McCort

Address: 406 Royal View Road, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Dalton & Dalton, L.L.C.

Number: 18948    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-12-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-12-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-8846,   Ask For: Britt Dalton

Address: 11609 FM 2484, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

David Berumen

Number: 31553    Status:

Approved: 2006-08-17 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2007-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-913-0409,   Ask For: David Berumen

Address: 119 West Village Road, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

David Foust Custom Homes, Inc.

Number: 3271    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-8029,   Ask For: David Foust

Address: 1255 Mission Tr, Prairie Dell, TX 76571-0947

Denver Mills Engineering & Construction Co., Inc.

Number: 33793    Status:

Approved: 2007-02-05 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2009-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-9205,   Ask For: Denver Mills

Address: 2108 Indian Trail, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Donald Haire

Number: 34406    Status: Active

Approved: 2007-03-07 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-8182,   Ask For: Donald Haire

Address: 13391 Cedar Valley Road, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Entire Property Management, L.L.C.

Number: 20633    Status:

Approved: 2005-02-25 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2007-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-0432,   Ask For: Shane LaCanne

Address: 4951-250 Royal, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Gene Caldwell Homes, L.L.C.

Number: 31741    Status:

Approved: 2006-08-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2009-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-5516,   Ask For: Ernest Caldwell

Address: 1181 East Creek View Drive, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Geno Pitts

Number: 24524    Status: Active

Approved: 2005-07-06 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-07-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 512-656-0043,   Ask For: Geno Pitts

Address: 7787 Scenic Lakeview Drive, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

George Gilbert

Number: 6466    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-03-11 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-0638,   Ask For: George Gilbert

Address: 202 Seven Ranch Road, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Glenn Hodge

Number: 20444    Status:

Approved: 2005-02-21 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2008-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-5577,   Ask For: Glenn Hodge

Address: 80 South Main, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Holland Homes, Ltd.

Number: 1502    Status:

Approved: 2004-02-18 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-3611,   Ask For: Thad Paschall

Address: 560 North Main Street, Suite 10, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

James E. Howell

Number: 18372    Status:

Approved: 2004-12-02 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2005-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-3837,   Ask For: James Howell

Address: 668 Quail Hollow, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

JE/DM Construction, L.L.C.

Number: 31088    Status: Active

Approved: 2006-07-20 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-07-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-5007,   Ask For: James Ervi, II

Address: 1426 Old Mill Drive, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Jesse Britt Dalton

Number: 20684    Status:

Approved: 2005-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2006-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-8846,   Ask For: Jesse Dalton

Address: 11609 FM 2484, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

John Kohutek Homes LC

Number: 8068    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-03-15 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-03-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-0581,   Ask For: John Kohutek

Address: 401 Salado Creek Place, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Joseph Henry Jackson

Number: 41173    Status: Active

Approved: 2008-04-02 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2011-04-30 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-5964,   Ask For: Joseph Jackson

Address: 14600 Cedar Valley Rd, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Lone Eagle Investments LTD.

Number: 16086    Status: Active

Approved: 2004-08-20 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-08-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-947-0993,   Ask For: Richard Riley

Address: 13938 Cedar Valley Road, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Mack Blair

Number: 0    Status:

Approved: 0000-00-00 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 0000-00-00 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-228-7129,   Ask For: Mack Blair

Address: 14798 FM 2484, Prairie Dell, TX 76571

Michael Decker

Number: 20042    Status: Active

Approved: 2005-02-10 (YYYY-MM-DD)    Expires: 2010-02-28 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Phone: 254-289-5709,   Ask For: Michael Decker

Address: 1200C Chisholm Trail, Prairie Dell, TX 76571



Additional Builders in Prairie Dell, Texas

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