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1672TULSA OK 300 750 150 2600 2003-04-14 
3br,2 bath, soundroom, kitchen+nook,2car,liv/den, office work shop, utility room,covered padio, 10ft. cellings 
1671TULSA OK 300 750 150 2700 2003-04-14 
3br,2bath,soundroom,kitchen+nook,2car,liv/den,office,work shop,ulity room, covered padio, 10 ft. cellings See rough drawing. 
1670TULSA OK 300 750 150 2700 2003-04-14 
3br,2bath,soundroom,kitchen+nook,2car,liv/den,office,work shop,ulity room, covered padio, 10 ft. cellings See rough drawing. 
1669GREELEY CO 124 536 168 210 2003-04-14 
New Construction- 1 story ranch
Dining rm 143 sq. ft.
Wash/Mud rm 56 sq. ft.
2 car garage 572 sq. ft.
Unfinished full basement
Porch on front
Need price for everything including electrical, plumbing, foundation
Total Sq. ft w/ garage 1904 sq. ft.
1668GIFFORD FL 2003-04-14 
I'm looking for a price to build me an aprox. 1,500 sq ft. 3 bed 2 bath 1 floor home in Indian River County area. I own a 1/4 acre lot, underground water, power, sewer and telephone is on the property. I need a slab on up to the doorbells. 
1667ALPHA NJ 2003-04-14 
building a 24x32 garage w/13 foot walls.
need 3-4 foot of concrete on bottom, 5 inch
concrete base (5000 psi),vinal siding,2 windows,one door
1666BENTLEY SPRINGS MD 2003-04-14 
This is an addition to a current stucture... it would be total of 24 x 26 addition that would include a bathroom of 10x5, 2-bedrooms 12x8, and living space with a basement.  
1665BENTLEY SPRINGS MD 2003-04-14 
This is an addition to a current stucture... it would be total of 24 x 26 addition that would include a bathroom of 10x5, 2-bedrooms 12x8, and living space with a basement.  
1664BENTLEY SPRINGS MD 2003-04-14 
This is an addition to a current stucture... bathroom 10x5, kitchen 10x9, living space 10x12 with 2 bedrooms of 12x8 
1663WHITTIER CA 150 300 150 150 2003-04-14 
1662COLCHESTER CT 2003-04-14 
I am in the process of buying a small cape in colchester approx.1200sf and would like estimates on adding a dormer to the back and two dormer windows in front 
1661WHITTIER CA 70 300 150 2003-04-14 
1660CLEVELAND OH 2003-04-14 
Exterior painting needed on 2 story colonial and detached (2 level, 1 car)garage. Home roughly 1200 sq ft, garage approx 15x15 ft. Looking for best estimate under $3,000.00 
1658PROSPECT CT 320 2003-04-14 
addition on the back of the house including a mud room, bathroom, and additional living space. 
1657EQUALITY MO 1300 2003-04-14 
We are looking to build a lake house at the Lake of the Ozarks in the Coffman Bend area. The square footage would at approximately 1300. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, family room, large kitchen, laundry room, 2 car garage, deck. needs to have basement 1 or 2 level 
1656ARLINGTON VA 64 300 2003-04-14 
I would like to add an additional bathroom, finish the attic, and add and extension to the back of the house. 
1655SAINT PETERSBURG FL 2003-04-14 
Roughly 900 sq/ft room addition over garage & family room. Looking for bid on completed project and also only outer shell completed. 
1654ALLINGTOWN CT 175 2003-04-14 
3-season porch to be torn down. Reconstruct 175 sq ft room. 3 windows, 1 steel
exterior door. Sheet rocked. Shilgle sidining on exterior. Heat. This room will be part
of existing house. Reasonable estimites please. 
1653WELLSTON OK 1600 2003-04-14 
I want a 3 br 2 bath 15-1600 sq foot home built within 30 miles of Oklahoma City, Ok. Nothing fancy. Just a small family house. 
1652MEMPHIS TN 2003-04-14 
Bathroom renovation, with glass shower doors install, replace of fan, replacement of tile around shower 
1651MIDDLETOWN RI 240 2003-04-14 
Addition of approximately 240 square feet to include a bath and walk in closet off the master bedroom 
1650LUTON IA 100 500 700 500 2003-04-14 
28X62 house with 21/2 baths ,living room with fire place.4 br and 4 seasons room on the back with a 26 1/2 X 27 garage.We have a floor plan you can see from Design Homes but we need a contractor before we can get a loan 
1649LUTON IA 2003-04-14 
28X62 house with 21/2 baths ,living room with fire place.4 br and 4 seasons room on the back with a 26 1/2 X 27 garage.We have a floor plan you can see from Design Homes but we need a contractor before we can get a loan 
1648TULSA OK 300 750 150 2900 2003-04-14 
3br,2bath,soundroom,kitchen+nook,2car,liv/den,office,work shop,ulity room, covered padio, 10 ft. cellings 
1647TULSA OK 150 300 150 2500 2003-04-14 
3br,2bath,soundroom,kitchen+nook,2 car,liv/den,office,work shop,ulity room,covered padio,10 ft cellings  
1646BENTLEY SPRINGS MD 2003-04-13 
In-Law additon 24x30,Bedrm,Study,Living/kit area, bathrm with basement.
Would also like a cost for 12x24 garage on side of addition. Have bacic idea of each rm on paper I could fax. 
1645AIRMONT NY 200 500 200 200 2003-04-13 
A new 3 bedroom/2 Bath 1600 sq. ft. 2 story house with underground basement and separate 2 car garage on a 1.4 acre lot.  
1644DARMSTADT IN 3500 2003-04-13 
My husband and I are moving to Evansville area (McCutchanville or North). We need to start soon on a home. We are looking for land or are interested in contractor with land.  
1643CEDAR MILLS MN 1422 2003-04-13 
Quimby house plan Design Basics design #3010-33A-01 with a 3rd stall added. This is a 3 bedroom rambler to be built in Hutchinson. Basement is to remain unfinished. 
1642PEABODY MA 2003-04-13 
16'x24' addition. approx 384 sq feet. join addition to den and bathroom. cathedral ceilings. shingles and siding. addition cellar needs to join into existing cellar. current foundation is fieldstone.  
1641KING NC 2003-04-12 
We are looking for quotes to build the following: 2 Duplexes built on slabs or crawlspaces including excavating the property, paving access road and hookup to city water & sewer on Hill St, King NC. We would like a plan for 2 bedrooms w/ 1 garage or wit 
1640BOTHELL WA 300 300 300 400 2003-04-12 
Looking for a 3 to four bedroom home with 2 full baths. Large kitchen dining area, no extra dining room, an extra living room or loft area instead. Alltogether, would like the home to be at least 1600 or more sq. footage. Two car garage. 
1639HAUSER ID 400 1000 250 2500 2003-04-12 
I am just looking for estimates to build a ~4100sqft, 3027 sqft main and equal basement house on property we own. Construction woulddn't begin for a year or more, but I need to start the budget now. Any help would be great 
1638TOPEKA KS 473 100 210 2003-04-12 
sq feet 1730 dn rm 100 game rm 140 great rm 247 garage 462 unfinished laundry room fire place 
1637JACKSONVILLE NC 500 500 2003-04-11 
I am trying to add on to the rear and a partial side of our home. I also plan to convert our one car garage into a two. I also plan to have a deck built onto the rear of the addition.  
1636JACKSONVILLE NC 500 500 2003-04-11 
I am trying to add on to the rear and a partial side of our home. I also plan to convert our one car garage into a two. I also plan to have a deck built onto the rear of the addition.  
1634CHESTERFIELD VA 2003-04-11 
I want to build a 3 bay garage that will accommodate a SUV or Boat. Approx. 40x26-28. I would like
it to have vinyl siding and a couple of dormers for looks. The inside will be a normal shell (Unfinished).
1633CHESTERFIELD VA 2003-04-11 
I would like a 3 Bay detached garage built approx. 40x26 or 28. I would like it to have 9ft walls and accommodate
a van with ladder racks. 
1632NORWELL MA 2003-04-11 
I would like to add a deck to my home, approximately 12-14 feet by 18 feet, with stairs down to the backyard (about 8 feet). Estimates are approximate. Also would like an existing bay window removed and replaced with French doors or a slider to the deck 
1629F M FL 125 300 132 1650 2003-04-11 
1626FLORIEN LA 300 360 120 420 2003-04-11 
1200 total sq.ft. heating, split bed/bath rooms. 2 bed, 2 bath, kit, &dining combined w/vaulted ceiling. 200 sq. ft. front porch. will add 612sq. ft. covered patio. willbuild on slab. min. dirt covers slab[51.3'x 28'] elect,plumbing,  
1625PGH PA 272 272 2003-04-10 
we want to turn the patio into a 4th bedroom and on the 1st floor, on top of the new room we want a familyroom that would be off the diningroom & kitchen. we have had estimates of $31.000 can we do better!?! 
1624BUCKINGHAM TX 2003-04-10 
1623ALAMO HEIGHTS TX 2003-04-10 
We are looking to have a 2 car garage with storage room built in the backyard and have a new driveway paved. 
1621DUNEDIN FL 15 326 2003-04-10 
the addition is 326sqft. It will be part kitchen, a half bath and sun room.
The job also included removing walls, building 3 closets, refinishing two ceilings, installing a kitchen with medium grade cabinets. 
1620WOBURN MA 50 100 2003-04-10 
gut and remodel of exsisting kitchen space
gut and add 1/2 bath - laundry off the kitchen (exsisting backhall with crawl space foundation)
open wall between kitchen and dinning room
restructure 4 windows kitchen/bath
add slider door off dinning room t 
1619GREEN BAY WI 2003-04-10 
Add upstairs bathroom. Remove closet wall in spare bedroom, replace wall @3 ft in (to have smaller bedroom), add additonal space gained to walk in closet for new bathroom. Build new doorway for bedroom. 
1618MANSFIELD MA 64 280 960 2003-04-10 
Two floor addition with family room/mud room on first floor and master bedroom/bath/office on second floor.
In addition, a 2 car garage (24x24) is added on (no living space above it). Addition is 960 sq feet, garage. Full Foundation under family Room.  
1617VIENNA MO 2003-04-10 
I'm looking for pricing for someone to come and build an underground type house (includinng a concrete roof covered in sod) of approx. 1800 sqft on my 18 acres in 65582.price please on finished and un-finished 
1616TAMPA FL 120 90 2003-04-10 
This is a extention on a bedroom and bath 
1615LEXINGTON MA 2003-04-10 
Build out walk up attic by adding two 20'-long shed dormers, one on each side of house, to sit on exterior walls of existing house that measures 22' wide, 34'long--framing, structural, and roofing work only, no finishing required. Thank you. 
1614HARTFORD WI 72 314 270 2003-04-10 
2 bedrooms - 168 & 156 sq ft; living space in 2 rooms - 168 & 102 sq ft; also a porch 84 sq ft 
1613ALDERWOOD MANOR WA 64 100 400 2003-04-09 
Split level home. Want to Add on to the end of it -- Garage lower level, bedrooms upper level. Also want to remodel existing rooms to tke advantage of added space, such as converting 1/2 garage to rec room/bedroom, expanding & master bedroom. 
1609MARSHALL MI 450 725 355 320 2003-04-09 
Two story house four bedroom, three bath, eat in kitchen, Living room, foyer, fireplace, front porch, deck off the back, full basement. Three car attached garage. 
1608MARSHALL MI 450 725 355 320 2003-04-09 
Two story house four bedroom, three bath, eat in kitchen, Living room, foyer, fireplace, front porch, deck off the back, full basement. 
1607KNOXVILLE TN 100 400 100 1200 2003-04-09 
1606BELLMEAD TX 150 150 250 400 2003-04-09 
1598CRESTVIEW FL 2003-04-09 
Frame and pour patio concrete slab.dimension is 12' wide, 24' long.Pour 4"thick.Form3 3 headers length of slab, add bisqueen underneath steel mesh wire,iron rebars for foundation headers.add 3 expansion joints 
1597BELLMEAD TX 120 2003-04-09 
1593N NATICK MA 2003-04-09 
install new kitchen cabinets. Total linear footage of cabinets is about 29. Also, move washing machine from kitchen out into garage.
1588PORTLAND OR 2003-04-09 
im looking to get an underground garage that attaches to our basement. im not sure if it is possible, but our house is up on a pretty good hill from the street, so my thought would be to dig from the street almost level (a bit down) to the basement. we ne 
1587HAMPTON VA 2003-04-09 
wanting to add on to existing dining and kitchen area aprox 150sq ft to include utility closet for existing washer and add dryer, add pantry closet, add sliding doors and add aprox 80sq ft screened porch  
1586DOVER NH 200 300 2003-04-09 
1585PEORIA IL 80 225 150 338 2003-04-09 
I have a wall that I want taken out and soffits (sp?) in the kitchen removed, ventilation removed (for the range hood) and patch hole. Both soffits are approx. 10 - 12 ft. long. The wall is 12 ft. long, no barriers, just remove approx. 6 ft. of it and pat 
1584STOUGHTON MA 2003-04-09 
We want to take a wall that divides the kitchen and dining room and covert that space into a breakfast peninsula. The only problem is that; that wall is the only place where the refrigerator can go. We need to figure out where to put it, but there are n 
1583CEDAR RAPIDS IA 500 800 250 2003-04-09 
New Ranch. Approx 3300 SF. 3BR with Master suite. 2 fireplaces. 500 SF 3season porch. 3 stall garage w/workshop underneath. Medium roof complexity. 12/12 or 10/12 pitch. Vaulted ceilings. 9' ceilings throughout. Lower Lvl finish optional by builder 
1582MBORO TN 2003-04-09 
building a new home 3,180 sq ft with 372 sq ft bonus room. 4 bdrm and 3 1/2 bath 
1581WESTLAND MI 2003-04-09 
2-car garage 20' x 22' 8' garage door, needed rough in only, cement needed. Cement garage floor 20'x22' and approch from end of home. Approx. 25'x25' Additional cement pad for hot tub 12'x10'.  
1580OCEAN SPGS MS 300 900 400 400 2003-04-08 
1579FRED VA 2003-04-08 
Add 1 1/2 car garage and (above the garage) a Master bedroom onto cedar sided split level. 2 Doorways cut into existing basement, 2 windows in the bedroom, 2 windows in the garage, garage door installed. Finish to framing/main electrical wires. 
1578LEE MA 100 300 100 300 2003-04-08 
24 X 26 foundation with basement; two story;
1st floor 1/2 bath (ADA) kitchen/living room clear span; 2nd floor full bath(non ADA)/clear span/cathedral ceiling 1 bedroom; window u value .33;  
1577SPARKS NV 2003-04-08 
1576KEELER BAY VT 304 592 598 992 2003-04-08 
main res. + inlaw space: 3 bathrms, 2 lvg rms, 2 kit. 3 bedrms, total sqft with full basement is 3330 
1575BAYWOOD PARK CA 364 2003-04-08 
Would like to add another bedroom to single-story home and remodel kitchen. 
1574BAYWOOD PARK CA 300 400 2003-04-08 
Would like to build a second floor on a single-story house.  
1573ALEXANDRIA VA 300 2003-04-08 
basement of historic home in Old Town Alex. S. Lee st. Looking for storage and small work out area. Ceilings ar only about 6ft high. Owner is very anxious to get ideas. Room measures about 9x8  
1568BENTLEY SPRINGS MD 778 2003-04-08 
Finish a basement with built in for large TV and also a custom bar. Basement is currently unfinished. Would need a 1/2 bath with just toilet and sink installed. 
1567PENFIELD NY 2003-04-08 
Extend GARAGE 10' forward, new garage door, re-surface 30' driveway to match, new concrete walkway from driveway to porch. 
1566JEFFERSONVILLE OH 2003-04-08 
Looking to build on own lot about 2,000-2,500 total sq foot. 
1565CHARLOTTESVILLE VA 528 2003-04-08 
I need a carport built. Wood construction with a concrete slab. We can work with the start and finish time. 
1564SOUTH PLAINFIELD NJ 300 2003-04-07 
I would like to finish our basement and add a approximately 6ft in depth to the existing structure 
1560NORFOLK VA 200 1200 400 500 2003-04-07 
looking to build a 4 bedroom home with a formal living room, family room,kitchen, dining room or eat in kitchen, and 2 to design ideas.Looking to spend $150,000. 
1559STATEN ISLAND NY 2003-04-07 
I have a vacant land that I would like develop near south beach. I seeking quotes to build a medical center. 
1558COLLIERS WV 400 800 700 1500 2003-04-07 
Build a new home approx 4000 sq ft. 4 bedroom - 3 1/2 bath - 2 story 
1555YUMA AZ 50 300 2003-04-07 
2 small bedrooms for children with a bath 
1554YUMA AZ 300 2003-04-07 
2 small bedrooms for children with a bath 
1553NEWBERG OR 140 600 360 300 2003-04-07 
4 bedroom ranch (or two story cottage style) on raw 3 acres in grandview. Contract for foundation, plumbing, electrical/gas,septic/sewer,well and attached or slightly offset garage. Taped, textured and paint ready interior. Complete finished exterior. Rou 
1552MASTIC NY 2003-04-07 
Looking for quotes on a 1600 sq ft house with a basement and a two car garage about 450 sq foot. Property is already purchased and we would supply all the materials except the foundation.  
1551CHICAGO IL 2003-04-07 
3,100 square foot home in Hinsdale. High end home on 63x123 lot. Brick and stone exterior, 4 finished levels with attic finished (250 sq. ft. attic), landscapped, maple floors 1st level, 10' celilings, viking, bosch, sub-zero, butler's pantry, iron balau 
1550LIBERTY SC 2003-04-07 
Not sure of dimensions I just know what I want.
I want 5 BR., 4 BA, .2 story with a full basement..all brick..3 car garage.
Master Suite min. 19x21 (large) with large bathroom
3 sons bedrooms 13x12 (decent size)
ajoining bathroom with 2 boys room 
1549BLAIRSTOWN MO 2003-04-06 
wanting to build a 1800 sq ft home
would like quotes on building and materials 
1548BLAIRSTOWN MO 400 400 156 300 2003-04-06 
1547LINDEN NJ 100 225 100 2000 2003-04-06 
new construction 2 family house 6 over 6 
1546LINDEN NJ 100 225 100 2000 2003-04-06 
new construction 2 family house 6 over 6 
1545ALBRIGHTSVILLE PA 256 2003-04-06 
Looking to build 16 X 16 Family room
- 4 Windows & 1 Patio Door
- Electrical Outlets
- Electric Heat
- ceiling recess lighting (4)
- Outdoor Light
- 8 Foot Ceilings
- Aluminum or Vinyl Siding

1544MAYWOOD PARK OR 60 250 120 500 2003-04-06 
We are building three, two story, row houses in the Gateway neighborhood. We want hardi-plank siding, gas heat, and hardwood floors.
We are also interested in the extra cost to include attached garages. Thank You  
1543WILM NC 90 238 144 324 2003-04-06 
We are interested in building a cape cod style home - spec with a few custom features, cabinets, ect. A raised foundation,with an attached garage. The house will have two levels, 2 bedrooms and a bath upstairs, Master bedroom, great room, large eatin kitc 
1542CANYON TX 300 2003-04-06 
We want to remodle home . we live in mobil home and want to add den and fieplace.  
1541CANYON TX 2003-04-06 
We want to remodle home . we live in mobil home and want to add den and fieplace.  
1540BREIDABLICK WA 400 2003-04-06 
We need an economical 2-car detached garage built on our level area. Would like 10' ceiling (pending price difference from standard). 


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