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14775DOUBLE OAK TX 150 300 300 500 2011-05-01 
My Dad has created an addition to our house to turn the home into a duplex and needs remodeling finished. 
14774MONTEREY PARK CA 100 600 300 1230 2011-04-28 
i live in a condo and want to add direct access from my garage (first floor) to the staircase which leads up to my front door (on the second floor). Staircase is right next to the garage but currently have no direct access.  
14773TURLOCK CA 200 2011-04-28 
14772FRANKLIN TX 2011-04-28 
scope of work:
convert to a shower approximately 60x32. shower base white,it is not wheelchair excessible. It is a transferable shower modification. Install two 24" grab bars; install one fold down shower seat. Install new wall surround solid surface  
14771SANTA CLARITA CA 100 2011-04-28 
would like to enclose my 10x10 dining area this 100 square feet enclosed would be better used as an office area with double doors opening as used in home offices the living room is also 10x10 would like that enclosed  
14770GRAHAM TX 280 2011-04-27 
Add a 28 X 20 foot extension to my living room. 14 feet will be additional living room space, 14 feet will be a screened in porch to replace a currently exising screened in porch. I have architectural drawings prepared. 
14769COVINGTON GA 2011-04-24 
I would like an arch built over my brick mailbox 
14768LEANDER TX 2011-04-19 
Below are listed the items needing repairs:
1.Front rot in trim/fascia
2.Back rot in siding
3.Back rails/pickets need paint
4.End wall has rot in siding/broken trim/rotten fascia
14767DALLAS TX 2011-04-19 
convert garage to guest bedrm with bath. have a small mudroom as well. Current approx garage is 20 x 22. Then construct a new 2 car garage. 
14766GORDON TX 728 2011-04-18 
26 X 28 garage 10ft tall 2X6 walls. 7 1/2 X 14 wide. (A) frame style 2nd story with 4ft knee walls. 18 X 9 & 12 X 9 Colpay insulated doors. 36" steel door. 24"X10ft pulldown stairs. 24" on center joist & rafters. Mueller metal roof CF panels. Hardie Plank 
14765CHRISMAN IL 180 2011-04-16 
i need new cabinets, new flooring and new counter top and light fixtures 
14764WESTMINSTER CA 2011-04-12 
We are interested in building a 1200 sft 3 bed, 2 ba home.
We want to build a small stick home in Perris 2.5 acre. lot. It is on APN 345-140-024 (Wilkerson and John).

Let me know what you can do. 
14763DENVER NC 300 300 300 300 2011-04-12 
With all of the rising costs of new equipment and new technology, you need a partner that can help you navigate the budget vs. needs discussion. We can help you put the right secuirty camera system for your business, and we are right here in Charlotte.
14762SANTA CLARA CA 150 500 300 900 2011-04-11 
Need a complete remodeling for a 1480 Sqft old home in Santa Clara plus adding a 350 Sqft. Plan is to have 3 bed rooms, 1 living and 1 family room, kitchen and 2 baths rooms and of couse a 2 cars garage. 
14761PALM DESERT CA 500 2011-04-11 
remove tile floor. 
14760PLEASANTON TX 1012 1212 1414 1620 2011-04-06 
like to build 2500+ sq ft home, Single Floor, 4 BD 2 1/2 Bath, with game room, study, 2 car garage, fireplace, wrap around porch (optional)or front/back, attached 2 carport on opposite side with Bay windows, high ceilings with layered foundation. Detached 
14759ALPINE CA 150 400 200 700 2011-04-04 
1400 sf house in foreclosure - house has been gutted - need drywall to finish - may need wiring 
14758ALPINE CA 150 400 200 700 2011-04-04 
1400 sf foreclosure - house has been more or less gutted - just looking for rough estimate - perhaps basic per sf prices for different types of rooms, plus basic price for re-wiring 
14757ROWLETT TX 2011-04-03 
Building a 12x30 carport for my boat. I have already poured the slab 12x35 with 10 4x6 posts cemented in. All I need is a the frame around top and a gable roof. The front 2 posts and gable will be bricked as well. Do not include roofing in quote.  
14756FOREST OAKS NC 20 34 44 44 2011-04-02 
Standard build. 3000Sq ft 4 bedroom
2 Full bath,1 half bath.  
14755GREAT FALLS MT 61 2011-03-30 
I just need to tile the floor and then sheet rock basement ceiling and part of shower in bathroom 
14754ABILENE TX 500 2011-03-30 
14753SALEM OR 2011-03-28 
My husband and I are looking for a contractor who can build us a game room and attach it to our den, where we can put in a standard pool table and benches. Right now we are just in the looking stage...will need electricity and lots of windows. We will a 
14752GRETNA NE 2011-03-28 
13k sq ft daycare
3k gym concrete/open ceil.
5 bath (8 sm toilet, 1 lg toilet, 4x dbl faucet sinks, 1 reg)
linoleum/carpet tiles
ranch, or ranch w/walkout gym
plumbing along 3 lines
4-cnr roof, w/2 exterior inlets for covered play a 
14751BEAR POPLAR NC 2011-03-22 
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14750DEL REY OAKS CA 40 2011-03-17 
Remove existing tub,sink/vanity,flooring.
Install surround,tile floor for wc access roll-in shower.
Install shower curtain rod,wall mount sink and faucet.Install tile floor. 
14749KANSAS CITY MO 2011-03-15 
Classic Pools installs both residential and commercial swimming pools within a 60 mile radius of Kansas City including Independence, Olathe, and Lawrence. We are licensed to do business in every city and county in within this area and we are fully insure 
14748RICHMOND KY 2011-03-15 
Introducing GloTalk Digital Phone Service! NO ANNUAL CONTRACT, pre-paid phone service for Business or Residential, you could save up to 50% on your monthly phone bill. Call anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for a low monthly fee. Plus, you get awesome new  
14747DEER PARK TX 300 2011-03-14 
Replace existing top and bottom cabinets with Kraftmaid cabinets; quartz countertop & bar top; stone backsplash; deep ss sink; lighting 
14746LITTLE ELM TX 80 250 2011-03-12 
To make exsisting garage into a master bedroom w/bath. Will involve inclosing garage door adding center window. Adding inclosure walls for bath with walk in closet,installing toilet, tub, vanity. Installing all fixture for both rooms, adding outlets to bo 
14745NORMAN OK 2011-03-10 
4 bedroom 3 bath house fitted with 2 handicap bathrooms. remodel or new construction.
wide door access 
14744AMARILLO TX 2174 2011-03-10 
Looking for a builder to build our 2174 house plan on a acre lot in bushland or canyon, tx. Looking to purchase a lot to build. Wanting to have a builder that will work with us and let us cut cost in some areas. With us doing some work! 
14743ROYSE CITY TX 2011-03-09 
10000.00 sq ft Warehouse Metal Building (100x100x18)
2500.00 sq ft Office Metal Building (50x50)
All inclusive, A to Z 
14742ANDREWS TX 2011-03-09 
remodeling a small kitchen. Need new floors,have new cabinets built,countertops and we are wanting to knock down part of a wall and add a countertop. 
14741CANYON COUNTRY CA 2011-03-08 
i recently purchased an unfinished home and need a reasonable contractor with a good work history to finish the home. what needs to be completed are the installation of AC, cement, electrical panels, baseboards, tub, connect gutters, some stucco and paint 
14739NUTLEY NJ 100 100 300 2011-03-07 
lot is 50 wide x 200 long. Property will be purchased to start an indoor soccer facilit with space for offices, small classroom, bathroom/changing room, msall kitchen. Facility is being funded through a non-profit organization,so budget is crucial. 
14738ANNA TX 150 150 200 300 2011-03-02 
Painting and carpet patching 
14737CAMPBELL TX 2011-03-01 
Site location Campbell Texas - I am accepting bids for a 20x30 concrete shop pad and possible building erection for a Mueller bolt up . I will supply the concrete and the Mueller building. I am ready to start the work and still accepting bids 
14736DUBLIN CA 41 2011-02-24 
Remove existing bath tub and insert and replace with shower enclosure and shower doors to accomodate a senior who cannot step into a bathtub anymore. 
14735JAMAICA NY 35 220 100 245 2011-02-24 
14734GUN BARREL CITY TX 200 500 250 300 2011-02-21 
I need 30x40 shell with lofts 
14733SAN JOSE CA 2011-02-19 
Convert bonus room off kitchen to bathroom with washer/dryer 
14732N NATICK MA 40 2011-02-17 
Remodeling of a 5x8x88"H full bathroom. Want to know feasibility of a wet room with a new bath tub,meaning a whole water-proofed room with a floor drain like a commercial bathroom, and how much it costs additionally vs normal remodeling.  
14731ATHENS TX 200 481 286 340 2011-02-12 
New single story residential construction. 3/2/2,1800sq ft(liv), 50% brick or stone, on a slab with front/back porches. Would consider steel frame with clear span or traditional construction.  
14730CANTON TX 400 900 400 300 2011-02-11 
house burned christmas eve, 3 bed 2 bath, about 2000 sq ft, total loss, insured and need to rebuild. located in canton tx 
14729SAN LEANDRO CA 150 500 200 200 2011-02-07 
I will be looking to add an "in-law" unit to the rear of my property. Obviously one story, no "master bath", the bathroom will be shared, the kitchen only needs to be about apartment sized. 
14728LAWRENCEBURG KY 94 318 121 208 2011-02-07 
Total square footage: approx 1000 square feet. one story, open floor plan.
New construction, unsure of exact location -currently searching for building site; Would also like estimate of time fr 
14727LAKE GROVE OR 1900 2011-02-05 
i would like get ranch ADA 7 BR home in clackmas county for less than 270000.$ 
14726BURNS TN 150 2011-01-27 
Bedroom is framed in the basement, just needs to be finished for my son.  
14725SULPHUR SPRINGS TX 25 1000 2011-01-25 
1430 square foot house has room in the attic for a loft (high pitch roof). Will need stairs built to access, have place for stairs. Have ducting and electrical running to and through attic that will need relocated. Would like to make half bath, both bath 
14724BEREA KY 2011-01-25 
Looking to turn 2 car garage 24foot x 24 foot into master suite with 4 point bath, large walk in, and possibly a deck/sun room off the back. 
14723SHELL KNOB MO 2011-01-25 
Add sizeable bedroom (17x20+) with loft and workshop to existing home. Replace all existing windows (6). Remodel kitchen. 
14722CHATSWORTH CA 10 2011-01-23 
I would like to convert my garage into a 2 room with 1 bathroom. There is a partial room attached to the garage that needs to be converted into a third room with 1 bathroom. Thanks 
14721HURST TX 144 2011-01-23 
want to raise the walls from 8 ft to 10 feet in my living room  
14720BIG SANDY TX 1584 2011-01-23 
I am looking to have 6 stall barn built for horses.  
14719RED RIVER ARMY DEPOT TX 2011-01-23 
I may have not done this right the first time, so I am trying to submit this again. I have 3 acres, would like a small-comfortable 3bd, 2bth. Please, any responses would be greatly appreciated. Can not begin until summer. 
14718ROSCOMMON MI 2500 2011-01-22 
Would like to build a guest cottage next to our cottage on Higgins Lake.  
14717RED RIVER ARMY DEPOT TX 2000 2011-01-21 
I have land and would like a home built on it. I would like 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and not sure what else you need to know. Please send email with any questions for me. Thank you 
14716GREENBELT MD 2011-01-13 
Need to finish the basement (800 sq ft, currently unfinished) and redo the kitchen with granite top 
14715BUNKER HILL VILLAGE TX 2011-01-10 
Bathroom remodeling:
(1) take out old bathtub and install new one.
(2) take down existing tiles and put new tile at the bathroom.
(3) take out vanity cabinet.
May need some sheetrock work and minor plumbing and electrical work
I would prefer to get  
14714GLIDDEN TX 2011-01-09 
New roof on a small 2 bedroom home and kitchen 
14713LONG BEACH CA 2011-01-08 
9.5 foot partition wall between bedrooms framed, drywalled with a door and closet. Also close off bathroom door and open up another door in master BR.  
14712TOMS RIVER NJ 2011-01-03 
Could you give me a rough estimate, the home is 2 story below is just a 2 car garage. Upstairs is a small house area of only one bed , bath , living room and kitchen. Below is a 2 car garage. What would be an estimate on turning the garage and building o 
14711AUSTIN TX 2011-01-03 
- Sand-down and paint walls a 2-br 750 sq. ft. apartment
- Replace tile floors with vinyl 
14710LEESBURG TX 2010-12-29 
we want to build on our Bob Sandlin lake lot. We like a plan from Don Gardner House Plans / plan # W-GOO-479. We would want to see price slab vs pier and beam. Plus we would not do the fireplace on the screened porch. Siding likely a Hardybacker siding.  
14709FORNEY TX 672 2010-12-29 
14708CITY OF INDUSTRY CA 2010-12-29 
We have a large sliding glass door leading from dining room to back yard. We want to replace that with a normal wood door and wall off the rest of that opening. Maybe have a window to take up the rest of that space for light.  
14707LAKE ELSINORE CA 2010-12-28 
construction of a new build house , 3 bed, 2 bath 2300 sq ft; also 1200 sqft lake view house in glass with metal frame (pls check 
14706UVALDE TX 238 920 532 722 2010-12-23 
14705BROOKHAVEN MS 160 350 150 200 2010-12-21 
looking for brick veneer ranch or possibly a cabin type home to be built on my property near Brookhaven. with a large porch 
14704TAMPA FL 40 320 2010-12-10 
need living room and bathroom tiled w/slate or travertine 
14703WARSAW IN 2010-12-07 
want to build a 30x40 pole barn 10ft tall. Site prep is all done. 
14702PAMPA TX 2010-12-04 
I need a 50x50x10 metal building for storage etc... Atleast 30 psi snow load and 100 wind. 4in. concrete, couple of windows, entry door, and 2 10x10 overhead doors. 
14701VICTORIA TX 300 2010-12-02 
framed space 2nd flr needing duct work, drywall and ceiling currently storage want to make bedroom 
14700PNTE VDRA BCH FL 300 250 100 500 2010-11-30 
Locksmith Kingdom: office safes, business keys, door locks, security cameras for your office, store, warehouse 
14699SAN ANTONIO TX 270 2010-11-26 
installing solid 3/4 hardwood floor on concrete slab that already have 3/4 plywood as base. No glue. 
14698WILMETTE IL 2010-11-19 
14697KILGORE TX 900 2010-11-01 
lay hardwood floors down install two windows and a little painting 
14696LITTLE ROCK AR 600 800 500 600 2010-10-31 
14695AUSTIN TX 2010-10-30 
need to strip out rugs and tile down to cement base, perform necessary repairs to floor or cement and treat cement as part of first step in a larger renovation project. some minor wall work as well. tenants intend to live in house with cement floor (est 
14694SANGER TX 300 656 150 1000 2010-10-28 
We want a 4bdr. 2 1/2ba,eat in kitchen with granite counters, computer desk area and pantry, form. dining, fireplace and builtins and crown molding in family room. wood trim in windows,oil bronze fixtures, and 3 car garage. 
14693BAXTER MN 2010-10-22 
28 x30 building to be used as a resort office/rec center with a men and womens bathroom.Would like it to be out of cement block so we can use it for storms. Either attractive block or covered.  
14692PARIS TX 80 304 120 256 2010-10-20 
Hello. I am back in Paris, Texas now, and I have about two acres of land here. It will be a small frame house, approximately 1100 square feet, pier and beam, one bedroom, one bath, garage. I have someone that will do all of the excavation/gradework. Th 
14691LINCOLN NE 2010-10-19 
Expand my kitchen by using the existing deck space 10 x 15 feet. add an island. enclose the area below addition to make a 4 season porch and put a small deck to connect new space to lawn area. 
14690SAXONBURG PA 150 800 200 500 2010-10-18 
Renovating house to add second floor, expand kitchen, and finish basement. 
14689BOSKYDELL IL 63 172 195 208 2010-10-17 
bsment-1860,bdr 2-163,diningr-181,xtrarm-184. need a contractor that works w/usda financing. 
14688ALEXANDRIA VA 120 165 2010-10-03 
Add a two car garage with electrical and additional living and bath space above. Both attached to existing house 
14686OKLAHOMA CITY OK 2010-09-21 
Build ~72 sq ft laundry room by building a wall, install 32" door on existing wall and run plumbing and electrical to this new room. Would like built asap. 
14685BRENHAM TX 2010-09-20 
Need an estimate of what it would cost to enclose my attached 2car garage into a master bedroom and add a carport to side of dwelling. 
14684PHOENIX AZ 300 2010-09-18 
14683PHOENIX AZ 2500 2010-09-18 
I would like to close in my patio and add a pantry. 
14682LONGVIEW WA 2010-09-16 
Need to have porch taken off front of house and set up for siding to be finished. 
14681HORTONVILLE WI 100 300 200 1800 2010-09-15 
Looking to build a 1800 sq ft by level home 3 bdrs 1 and 1/2 bath 2 car garage 
14680ORLANDO FL 16 2010-09-12 
14679CENTERVIEW TX 300 850 221 950 2010-09-11 
3555 sqft heated; 5570 slab; 3bdrm, 3 1/2bth, study, bonus room, enertainment room, 3 season porch, dinning, mud/utility room 
14678MONTGOMERY TX 10 2010-09-09 
This bathroom needs completely restored, floor, tub, sink, toilet and the ceiling needs some fixing. 
14677NEWPORT BEACH CA 100 200 2010-09-04 
2nd story room addition with roof deck. have plans - looking for bids 
14676FRISCO TX 2010-09-03 
Are you interested in bidding on my 2 projects? I would like your response to the following information as I narrow the list of companies to have a few that will come out to the house and place specific design discussions and bids. Please respond with t 
14675JOPLIN MT 2500 2010-08-23 
Single family home on a lot I own in Biloxi. I will have plans completed in about two weeks. 
14674PLATTE CITY MO 600 700 800 1800 2010-08-23 
1-create 1/2 bath in 1st floor kitchenette
2-turn living room into bedroom (add closet) on 1st floor.
3-update bathrooms on 1st and extend on 2nd floor.
4-remove all wall paneling in living/dining rooms and stairway then refinsh/paint all walls and tri 


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