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1060JAMAICA NY 266 2003-03-12 
insalled mirror on wall
19 feet long x 10 feet high 
1058SUFFOLK VA 2003-03-12 
in search of a contractor to construct basement approx 42x30 in Suffolk, VA to support loghome. Land has slight slope and is on the high gound. 9'walls  
1057FLOWER MOUND TX 2003-03-12 
would like a two story with four bedrooms, study and gameroom in LISD.  
1056DEEPHAVEN MN 100 200 200 2003-03-12 
Add on to existing structure two bedrooms and one bathroom either extending out from existing structure or tie into upstairs floor two bedrooms and one bath and new roof.
What ever would be most rconomical. 
1055LANSINGBURG NY 2003-03-12 
siding one family house. need the price per sqft 
1054BIRMINGHAM AL 200 606 130 2282 2003-03-11 
Master Suite 21-4 x 15; 2 Bedrooms @ 13 x 11; 1.5 baths, Utility Rm, Living Rm 11 x 12, Family 16 x 24, Kitchen 13-8 x 9-6, Dining 11 x 12, Breakfast 11 x 10-10, 2 car garage, Bonus 14.5 x 20, Screened Porch 15-4 x 13-10, Deck 11-0 x 7-6, Porch 15-4 x 5-4 
1053NASHUA NH 2800 2003-03-11 
my daughter is doing a school project she is building a dance studio that is 56ft x 50ft. It will have 3 dance studios a lounge, a waiting room, an office, a store and one bathroom that measure 16X8. She wants hardwood floors throughout. Could you give 
1052MERIDEN KS 300 2003-03-11 
would like to add on a bedroom, simple rectangle structure with small closet 
1051JENNINGS OK 2003-03-11 
1800 sq ft,3bed,2car, open floor plan.2 bath 
1050RIVERVIEW FL 300 900 360 3000 2003-03-11 
4 bedroom 3 bath 3 car and possible in-law bedroom, bath, and living room 
1049GRIFFIN GA 2003-03-11 
No online quote needed, must see job to quote. Building 2 load bearing ext walls 17'& 32' with footers. Replace 1 LB wall with LDL beams. Replace 1 LB beam and wall with LDL beam and column. Install 12 windows. Other misc. House is gutted, no clean up. c 
1048BRONX NY 70 595 354 410 2003-03-10 
1047EAGLE RIVER AK 2003-03-10 
1046PARK CITY UT 2003-03-10 
Need quote for Site Prep for Linwood home - (Pemberly model) 4211 sq. ft. including prep for driveway (driveway co. will do driveway but prep needed), utilities are at site, preparing drainage line if applicable and laying foundation  
1045STANARDSVILLE VA 200 800 240 1000 2003-03-10 
4 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath, living, dining, family room, large eat-in kitchen with large pantry, lots of unfinished storage space, 2 car garage 
1044STANARDSVILLE VA 200 800 240 1000 2003-03-10 
1043BLOOMFIELD CA 2003-03-10 
Remove 12 ft. of existing fence w/gate, and install new fence along driveway. 
1042PENRYN CA 3300 2003-03-10 
new residential contructiion single story/basement/garage 3300'medium to high material w/good workmanship.
Please respond to the above email. Thank you 
1041NEWTOWN PA 600 2003-03-10 
Stand alone cottage for in-law. One bedroom, bath, kitchenette, living room. 
1040PRINCE WILLIAM VA 169 900 169 900 2003-03-10 
Would like 2-level extension on the house. To incldeu a rec. room, bedroom, bathroom, and possible kitchen extension. 
1039PRINCE WILLIAM VA 169 625 169 625 2003-03-10 
Would like to add a 2 story extension that includes a rec room on the main level, and bedroom above, and a bathroom. Also considering a Kitchen extension.  
1038MELBOURNE FL 200 730 156 2600 2003-03-10 
2660 Sqft under air, 4 bdr 3 bath, 2 car CBS
on 1.4 lot. 
1034MELBOURNE FL 2660 2003-03-10 
2660 Sqft under air, 4 bdr 3 bath, 2 car CBS
on 1.4 lot. 
1033DONIPHAN MO 2003-03-10 
I just want a basic 2 BR 1 Bath home, with a crawl space underneath, kitchen, living area, and small utility room 
1032DUXBURY MA 576 2003-03-10 
2floor addition. bedroom on top of 2 door garage. built on slab.1st fl. has 4 windows, 2 automatic doors,entry door into house. 2nd fl. has 2 picture windows, 5 double hung, walkin closet, cayhedral ceiling with 4 skylights, heated in bedroom only. stairs 
1031GASTONIA NC 2003-03-09 
Replace all windows in house. 5 windows are 40 1/2 X 55 1/4 & 4 are 40 1/2 X 39 1/4 inches. Desire energy efficent type, but does not need to be top of the line 
1030FAIR OAKS CA 115 331 2003-03-09 
bed sq. ft. includes walk-in closet & small hall. bath includes 2 vanities sep. tub and shower, water closet. bed includes a bay with single french door. 5 total windows in room. addition would be raised foundation. electrical panel needs to be moved&upgr 
1029PINE POINT ME 80 784 2003-03-09 
Adding a 24' x 36' two-car garage with family room upstairs to existing cape style house. Have floor plan but not blueprints. 
1028LS MO 14 20 1400 2003-03-09 
We don't have specific start/finish dates-but would like asap. We are looking to build a home in the Lee's Summit area (1400sqft main floor). We would like an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, recessed lighting, hardwood floors in kitchen and LR/entry.  
1027ANNANDALE VA 90 2003-03-09 
Remodeling two baths. Requires experience in replacing exterior wall (5ftW x 5ftH; made of cinderblock/brick face) with glass block. Glass wall will be part of a shower/tub enclosure.  
1026NEWTOWN CT 64 384 2003-03-09 
addition to existing house 24 ft - 24 ft
bedroom (master) bathroom (master) walk in closet 
1025BROOKLINE PA 2003-03-09 
Convert Dutch Colonial attic to master bedroom and bath. 3/4" plywood subfloor already in place. Rough attic demisions are 24 foot by 45 foot. Want to know best configuration and expected amount of usable space. 
1024LAKE SHORE MD 300 300 300 300 2003-03-09 
I would like to have a house built on an exsisting lot. I would like the house to be at least 2200 sq. ft. I am fexible. My total budget for this project is $100,000.00.  
1023LAKE SHORE MD 300 300 300 300 2003-03-09 
I would like to have a house built on an exsisting lot. I would like the house to be at least 2200 sq. ft. I am fexible. My total budget for this project is $100,000.00.  
1022LAKE SHORE MD 2003-03-09 
I would like to have a house built on an exsisting lot. I would like the house to be at least 2200 sq. ft. I am fexible. My total budget for this project is $100,000.00.  
1021WILLIAMSTON MI 480 2003-03-09 
Extending off the back of the house to make bedroom and hallway .Slab or post and beam foundation. 
1020YARDLEY PA 2003-03-09 
we are looking to do an addition aprox 650-700 sq ft, we are looking for someone to do the foundation (we have a raised ranch) and the shell, floors, siding, windows, roof. we will do all inside work incl plumb, elec, etc 
1019POTTSTOWN PA 130 195 2003-03-08 
Need a Garage 13x26 with a Master Bedroom and Bath built on top to the above dimensions. Replacement of existing siding. soffit and facia and roofing. This addition would tie in to the existing raised ranch house on the end. 
1018DENVER CO 400 420 300 200 2003-03-08 
I am looking to have a new home built in Golden, CO Approx. 1400 sq feet 2 stories with a half finished basement. Custom design or floor plan offered by builder. 
1017DENVER CO 400 2003-03-08 
1016WISCONSIN DELLS WI 200 450 225 450 2003-03-08 
Raised ranch, 3 car garage, 1.5 bath upstairs, full bath downstairs, finished basement with 2 bedrooms added, 3 bedrooms up, fireplace, maintenance free exterior, quote bricks, full glass exposure to golf course side with deck, upstairs laundry.  
1015PORT CHARLOTTE FL 2500 2003-03-08 
own wooded lot at pch 008 0194 0007
sec 8 blk 194 lt7 1140 ware ave , looking to build a 3 bedroom 2 baths with 2 car gar. 
1014ALBUQUERQUE NM 30 45 450 2003-03-07 
I am looking to add an addition to my house to use mainly for daycare. I would like a small kitchen and 1/2 bath. about 5 windows. 
1013WASHINGTON DC 300 300 300 300 2003-03-07 
Current structure is a carport in plastic awning replace with brick garage 
1012WASHINGTON DC 2003-03-07 
Current structure is a carport in plastic awning replace with brick garage 
1011TERRE HAUTE IN 50 170 1400 2003-03-07 
Upstairs add-on of roughly around 950 sq.ft with staircase going up. Removal of the old roof.Bathroom added upstairs as well.
Downstairs roughly around 375 sq.ft.Removal of old deck for add-on of bedroom. Foundation for this part.Maybe some added suppo 
1010SPANISH SPRINGS NV 2003-03-07 
I have an unfinished attic, approx 1380 sq ft that I want to finish. A shed dormer and gable dormers to maximize space if it would be cost-effective, a bathroom, and the room over the garage will be a music room, with decent soundproofing. I don't have a  
1008SACRAMENTO CA 72 120 600 2003-03-07 
16 x 22 garage w/loft 
1007AGUA CALIENTE CA 1500 2003-03-06 
We are looking to build a home and wanting to know approximate costs. 3 bedroom 2 bath around 1500 or so feet with a garage.  
1006ELIZABETHTON TN 32 64 2003-03-06 
8'x12'drivethru coffee mobile or perm,to code.2axles,4brakes w/brake away.Stabilizer,full insulated,commercial flooring,hv/acunit w/air curtain over main serv win.Price air only too.Oversized w/h w quick recovery Doublepaned insul serving windowsx3.Comple 
1005CRESWELL OR 300 300 150 300 2003-03-06 
Small 3-bedroom 2-bath with 2 car garage on property I own. 
1004CENTERVIEW NC 2003-03-06 
Need Area Approx 30'x 40' cleared approx 25 trees soft wood cleared and stumps removed, trees all 6"dia or less, also need 24'x30' garage foundation, 4"min with rebar reinforcement 12" concr footing, brick around footing to match house 6x6 concrete ramp a 
1003CENTERVIEW NC 2003-03-06 
Need Area Approx 30'x 40' cleared approx 25 trees soft wood cleared and stumps removed, trees all 6"dia or less, also need 24'x30' garage foundation, 4"min with rebar reinforcement 12" concr footing, brick around footing to match house 6x6 concrete ramp a 
1002HAMITER AR 360 360 2003-03-06 
2 story addition to the back of our house, remove walls in the lower story of the existing structure, extend the existing garage. 
1001PEMBROKE ME 96 348 140 640 2003-03-06 
43' 6" X 32' 2 story, split level. Garage under bed,bath,kitchen has a 10' ceiling. Spare under living/dining has an 8' ceiling. Lower story is concrete w/radiant heat. See at 
1000LAKE HAVASU CITY AZ 2003-03-06 
I want to build a small fast food type of facility about 15 foot wide and about 30 foot long.  
999LYNCHBURG OH 640 2003-03-06 
Tear out old paneling,put in drywall. Put in new drop cealing. Build tow small walls. Replace lights with 6 can lights. Replace 3 small windows with block windows. Put ceramic tile on floor. 
998RICHMOND VA 150 300 150 2003-03-05 
We are looking to add an office above our garage and expand master bath. We are also looking to expand sitting area in kitchen. 
997SPRINGFIELD NJ 2003-03-05 
I'm looking to knock down an existing home and build a new home on this property.  
996LEESBURG VA 2003-03-05 
I want a 20X30 deck with staircase and 8-10' diameter gazebo on the deck. Also want picket fencing around 1/4 acre lot.  
995JENNINGS LODGE OR 300 2003-03-05 
A 300 sq' porch that has a roof line that matches the house. I am looking to replace the pier foundation with a poored foundation frame up the three exposed walls 21'x15'x15' hang one french door and four windows and side exterior. I will do trim finish,  
994BOKEELIA FL 200 320 192 1300 2003-03-05 
Deltec modular house. Most of the material will be provided by Deltec. The finish of the roof and interior and exterion walls would be extra.
20 sides, each side is 8'x10' to be covered with Hardy board. Of the 20 sides 5 french doors, 7 large windows, 
993MACON GA 2003-03-05 
Would like someone to give me an estimate on leveling an upstairs bedroom which lies over a remodeled garage. You would think the sag would encompass all rooms lieing over the garage but it does not. Believe something else is wrong beyond need for suppor 
992FAIRVIEW TX 2003-03-05 
Install central heat/air. Remove bathtub, add toilet to existing bathroom...widen bathroom door to handicap regulations...add sinks in two bedrooms. Cement driveway and parking lot. Converting existing home into daycare center. Thank You. 
991FAIRVIEW TX 400 500 400 600 2003-03-05 
Converting existing home into small daycare center. Need driveway and parking lot done, central air/heat installed, handicapped bathroom door widened, 2 sinks installed in bedrooms.  
990SHERRILLS FORD NC 264 2003-03-05 
Add living room and entry foyer to existing home in Sherrills Ford, NC. Connect house to garage. Must communicate initially by email/phone since we're in NY at present. 
989MINERAL VA 135 650 180 220 2003-03-05 
I dont want my house to fall apart or anything, but they don't have to be the BEST materials, but I want great workmanship. I would like the house to be somewhere about 30x40. The numbers above are not right, they are very negotiable. I would like a price 
988MINERAL VA 2003-03-05 
I dont want my house to fall apart or anything, but they don't have to be the BEST materials, but I want great workmanship. I would like the house to be somewhere about 30x40. I would like a price per square foot. I am looking at 3 bedroom and 1 full bath 
987MINERAL VA 2003-03-05 
I dont want my house to fall apart or anything, but they don't have to be the BEST materials, but I want great workmanship. I would like the house to be somewhere about 30x40. I would like a price per square foot. I am looking at 3 bedroom and 1 full bath 
986SNELLVILLE GA 2003-03-05 
need to be sheetrocked and mudded 
985SNELLVILLE GA 2003-03-05 
need to be sheetrocked and mudded 
984SNELLVILLE GA 2003-03-05 
need to be sheetrocked and mudded 
983SCOTTSDALE AZ 40 400 2003-03-04 
a small tile roof Casita. A simple single 'bedroom' with a bathroom. Within 5 feet of existing dwelling. Ground is flat. I have soil report. utilities within 30 feet. 
982CLEMENTON NJ 40 176 2003-03-04 
Addition: 22X16 including bath and kitchen. Needs demolition of 11x11 area, new foundation. 
981FREMONT CA 250 200 240 400 2003-03-04 
815 SF addition to existing house includes remodel of three bathrooms and kitchen. Remodel existing space also and exterior spaces (deck, trellises, etc) 
980MOORE OK 150 200 800 2003-03-04 
addition to existing second floor with 1-2 bed, media room, and exercise room. 
978APPLETON ID 750 2003-03-04 
I want to add on to a manufactured home. I would like a 750 sqft. family room and a 750 sqft. garage. 
977DALTON NC 642 1740 300 1220 2003-03-03 
10' ceilings. Floor to ceiling windows living, dining and master bedroom, French doors in living, dining and master bedrm. 
976OTISFIELD ME 300 764 260 600 2003-03-03 
Basically, main house would be slightly rectangular, attached to main house would be master bedrm/bath. Fairly straightforward. BUT, I am looking for a natural, oriental flair. Particularly, the roof. Not authentic, but, must have oriental flair to it, i 
975AULT FIELD WA 2003-03-03 
detached two car garage, with cement slab, possible leveling of ground.  
974AULT FIELD WA 2003-03-03 
add on to double wide mobile,add double doors off exixting dining room, appox 300 sq ft. cement slab, patio roof.  
973RALEIGH NC 320 2003-03-03 
972KINGSLEY FIELD OR 2003-03-03 
A stand alone 3 car garage,with concrete slab floor, attic trusses for loft storage, inside stair to storage area, automatic door openers, 16' + 8' door, people door, two windows main and two in loft area, architecture composite roof. Electrical,some exec 
971CHARLESTON SC 24 300 2003-03-03 
Would like to add a bedroom with walk-in closet and a bath. 
970LIONSHEAD LAKE NJ 40 2003-03-03 
Enclose the exiting approx 6'*6' porch. Move the exist entry door to the opposite side of the kitchen. Use the new area for a washer/dryer laundry area. Create new passage/hallway between kitchen and den. 
968DAVIS CA 100 2003-03-03 
Remodel/replace tub, sink, vanity, toilet, flooring, tub surround, fixtures in two small bathrooms. 
967BAY CITY TX 300 850 180 2100 2003-03-03 
Something simple; 1 floor, 1 living area, 1 dining room, 1mud/wash room, 4 bedrooms (1 of the 3 kids room will hold 2 kids), 2 bath. Decent closet and storage space, open (1/2 wall) kitchen. 
966BOROUGH CT 200 2003-03-02 
We have a room that used to be a carport and was converted by the last owner to a "room." Basically, it seems they just slapped beams and boards together and sided it. Now we leaks and need to do the floor and possibly new walls, to fix the rotted wood. 
965ARNOLD LINE MS 2003-03-02 
I have a brick home and need a backdoor installed. 
964LITTLE FALLS WV 3800 2003-03-02 
Project includes constructing a shingled, sloped roof on an existing 3800 square foot home that has 3 side by side levels. Size of levels are approx. 20x30, 30x40, 40x50. Home has flat-to-slightly sloped wood roof now. Existing roof to remain with the ne 
963NORFOLK VA 150 300 150 2003-03-02 
We would like to add on a bedroom; approx. 15' X 20'
Make the remaining 2 bedrooms larger
Add a bathroom
Make the living room larger (use front porch space) approx. 10' X 18' 
962ARBUCKLE WV 192 444 312 360 2003-03-02 
Currently, my prospects are as follows:

Concrete floor (pad foundation)
Single level
Covered porch, 384 sq ft
Vinyl siding
3 entry doors
8 windows
Metal roof
2x6 outside walls
Shell only (until further contact) 
961COLDFOOT AK 2003-03-01 
960COLDFOOT AK 2003-03-01 
959STEAMBURG NY 2003-03-01 
Looking for a contractor that would build a 1500 sq ft weather tight shell (frame, sheathing, sub flooring, windows, doors, roof, all outside finishes). the house will be a chalet type home with a prow front. 
958CORONA CA 100 2000 2003-03-01 
two story contemporary, approved plans, approved loan, level lot, street frontage, send me a note with your info, availability, interest, price per sq. ft. complete, corona, ca. area. must have license and all state requirements ok by mar. 1, 2003. reply  
957LAKE SHORE MD 40 2003-03-01 
redo bathroom,add powder room, move utility room, alter some walls 
956NORWOOD CO 200 900 200 600 2003-03-01 
We would like to build a log home about 1900 sqft. With a full unfinished basement and garage below the home. You can see the floor plan here: 
955ALLENSTOWN NH 2003-03-01 
28 x 28 two-stall oversized detached garage, 3 windows, 1 service door, 2 overhead garage doors, built on slab, T-111 siding. Builders will not be contacted unless an approximate bid is provided. 
954MILFORD NH 780 2003-03-01 
26x30 Barn with pull down stairs to loft. Copala/weathervain. Concrete floor with 4 windows, 1 9x 10 sliding door and 1 double entrance door. Classical New England design. Plywood construction, shingled roof. Wood clapboard exterior.



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