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14460CO SPGS CO 400 2009-04-19 
Build out an additional room in already finished basement. Two walls, french doors needed. Carpet already exists. 
14459NEWBERRY FL 150 300 2009-04-18 
large master bedroom with walk in closet with master bath, large tub with seperate shower. large window & door to outside. 
14458BELLEVILLE IL 160 225 2009-04-17 
14457CLARKSVILLE VA 2009-04-16 
empty lot on Kerr Lake (very near Grassy Creek Boat ramp). I would like to build a two story garage (24x24 or 24x28)with basic bathroom inside. Will need septic and gravel drive (100 ft) and well. Thanks. 
14456EASLEY SC 2009-04-16 
Addition to the liv space in my house 
14455SHERWOOD OR 200 100 2009-04-13 
we want to add square footage out our backyard, which includes the kitchen and den. 
14454ANCHORAGE AK 260 655 145 618 2009-04-13 
14453WILMETTE IL 2009-04-12 
create a village room with landmarks+ 
14452TRACY CA 2009-04-11 
Looking for a contractor to build a stucco fence around my property - approximately 255 linear feet.  
14451BETHANY OK 2009-04-11 
Build 2 car garage with 1 bedroom, 1 bath, one living one kithchen apt above 
14450BURLINGTON CT 1500 600 400 500 2009-04-11 
The home we are buying is too small, so we need to add at least 1,500 square fee to it. The home is a log home but the addition does not have to be a log home. We also need a three car garage. We have no plans and the house is near a watershed area. 
14449POWHATAN VA 275 608 195 432 2009-04-10 
this home will have all bedrooms on main level it will also have open ceilings in living room and dining area with a loft. a walk out basement in log,country cottage,or cedar shake look.  
14448DAYTONA BEACH FL 900 2009-04-08 
Looking to build a small home for family to live in. 2-2 or 2-1 would be sufficient. Looking towards rather simple home with either vermont cottage style or perhaps coastal craftsman cottage style in Florida. 
14447SAINT ALBANS WV 200 2009-04-08 
screen porch 13X15, cement flooring/brick, vaulted ceiling. At least one electrical outlet and ceiling fan with light. 
14446SAINT ALBANS WV 2009-04-08 
screen porch 13X15, cement flooring/brick, vaulted ceiling. At least one electrical outlet and ceiling fan with light. 
14445MULLINS SC 100 300 2009-04-07 
Start date is determined on how much it cost I have a existing one car carport with an enlocsed shed portion perfect size for a bathroom. My house is built with a crawlspace. So we would have to build a raised floor to match existing floor. I am looking t 
14443DESOTO TX 2009-04-05 
Need to move brick mailbox. Need to know the cost to move it and the cost to re-build it 
14442DELMAR MD 400 2009-04-04 
add a 9 foot extension to a one story 1300 foot ranch, include standard windows, double french door, extend room to the width goes from 35 to 35 feet adding a 17 by 10 extension out the back creating an "L" shape room. 
14441BLOOMFIELD CT 2009-04-02 
(Bloomfield,CT)...home destroyed by fire Dec 08,looking to rebuild using existing foundation and partial house sustained 70% fire and water damage.chimney also needs to be repointed.House is a single Family ranch with full basement 1000 sq ft 
14440WEST COVINA CA 2009-04-01 
14439EL MONTE CA 2009-04-01 
14438MARIETTA GA 2009-04-01 
My neighbor" a good friend" well his mom is moving into his basement, so I was asked to add on a closet 6X5, which was adjacent w/ the garage so just frame & finish. Also had to add door @ bottom of stairs for privacy. I am an prof. Electrician, however 
14437DOTHAN AL 2009-03-31 
14436BALDY MESA CA 2009-03-30 
Remove and existing patio and build a room addition of 15'X15'. 
14435DAIRYVILLE CA 999 9999 2009-03-26 
This will be a store front. 
14434ALBUQUERQUE NM 2009-03-25 
I need a cinder block wall raised in my yard from 5 to 8 ft. Wood fencing must be removed to complete the project 
14433NEW GERMANY MN 115 663 465 238 2009-03-24 
1 bedroom / 1 bathroom house. I'm converting the bedroom to a master bath and adding on three bedrooms. Expanding kitchen and dining area. Addin three car garage. 
14432COLUSA CA 2009-03-24 
12x12 standalone deck
14431TROY MI 250 390 2009-03-24 
I'm looking for contractors who can help me with some projects in my condo. I'm replacing the Kitchen (already purchased), 10 Cabinets + Crownmoulding, I also need to install 5 interior doors and 6 Bifold doors for the closets. 5 windows Casing and Crownm 
14430CLARKSVILLE TN 2009-03-19 
I want a 3 plex. Garages on the bottom. All units to be 2 Bed rooms and 2 baths. I dont have athe exact sq ft because I need to remeauser the lot and make sure I have the exact width and length. I just want an estimated cost for this. 
14429WIDECREEK KY 150 320 160 2009-03-19 
There are 2 different projects. One includes a sunroom off of kitchen and deck replacements. The other is a master suite with a 2 car garage addition. 
14428TIDIOUTE PA 2009-03-17 
We want to build a smaller home. We have a smaller budget. We want to build for about 60000 thousand.We are looking to build a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Not real extravigent, but nice. We want to get some quotes and see if our price range is workable.  
14427BELMONT SHORE CA 60 2009-03-16 
gut and remodal master bathroom 
14426LOS NIETOS CA 150 2009-03-12 
This is a garage that has been converted to a bedroom. We would like to convert it back to a garage. How much would it appoximately be? 
14425CRABBS PRAIRIE TX 2009-03-09 
We would like to have a room painted, including the ceiling and trim. 
14424CRABBS PRAIRIE TX 2009-03-09 
We would like to add french doors in place of a couple of windows in the game room. 
14423CRABBS PRAIRIE TX 2009-03-09 
Need painting done on a couple of rooms in the house, including trim. 
14422HOGANSVILLE GA 2009-03-03 
I need an office building constructed on slab approx 20X30 with 1/2 bath heat/air everything needed to walk in and conduct business. built in Lagrange Ga area 
14421CANTON KY 2009-02-28 
We are looking for a builder in the area that can construct a home in Cadiz KY the home is 1280 sq ft with the garage underneath. The lot is sloped and would need to be cleared. We are looking for someone to cold frame, foundation, windows and doors & sid 
14420LAS VEGAS NV 2009-02-28 
Looking to add a 400sqft, two-room casita to my home. Casita to have plumbing as well as electric. Can someone provide a rough estimate of costs for all work? 
14419BELLE ISLE FL 2009-02-25 
install ceramic tile squares in laundry area - 60 square feet. 
14418FRAMINGHAM MA 2009-02-24 
full dormer 2 bedrooms approx 25 ft on a cape home. 8in 12 pitch. house is 30'x 25' 
14417OKLAHOMA CITY OK 2009-02-23 
We would like to build a 3-4 bedroom home. One living, one dining and nice sized kitchen.
It can be 1-2 stories. We are looking around 1300-1450 sqft.
We would like the dark red brick as well as a 2 car garage (which is not necessary) We have 2.5 acre 
14416TACOMA WA 100 100 100 500 2009-02-22 
I need a 2-3 car garage built on my land with a mother in law apartment built in also. Something small, kitchen, 1 bath, 1 bedroom, studio type.
A long story comes along with this project. 
14415ALEXANDER CITY AL 350 600 200 850 2009-02-21 
14414BRONX NY 200 2009-02-20 
My kitchen is empty. I need a base kitchen sink installed.  
14413BRONX NY 2009-02-20 
My kitchen is empty. I need a base kitchen sink installed.  
14412DAYVILLE IN 243 285 2009-02-19 
We are intested in adding up above garage.
24*22 total. master bed, 13*16 bath, 13*6 closet. Also adding staircase from in the house to upper level. Standard tress', room to add stick/bonus tress without removing roof. Cutting in 2 dormer windows in fro 
14411PAULS VALLEY OK 300 900 500 1700 2009-02-18 
14410MOUNT AIRY MD 2009-02-18 
Structure is a garage with a second floor in-law suite. Current builder skipped out. Structure needs a staircase opening moved and the second floor roof must be raised 1 foot. New
T111 from second story floor up. If corrective work is done well offer 
14409CLINTON TOWNSHIP MI 10 10 30 40 2009-02-17 
roughed in- addition built onto existing home- to increase the size of the two bedrooms. Currently bedrooms are quite small, so building on is to extend the size of the two rooms- approx 10 x 20 build- on , roughed in - with exterior wall . We will comple 
14408CLINTON TOWNSHIP MI 2009-02-17 
roughed in- addition built onto existing home- to increase the size of the two bedrooms. Currently bedrooms are quite small, so building on is to extend the size of the two rooms- approx 10 x 20 build- on , roughed in - with exterior wall . We will comple 
14407LAKE CITY SC 120 500 160 400 2009-02-16 
total 1500 with simple lines and reasonable grade materials. Type would be cottage or ranch type. no garage. shingle roof, 7 to 8
-12 pitch. Ext. would be vinyl siding or the concrete board that looks like stucco 
14406E ATLANTIC BEACH NY 2009-02-13 
Re-stucco 2 story house on 40x50 lot. Existing stucco cracking and falling in places. 
14405TALLADEGA AL 576 2009-02-12 
want to add on 2 bedrooms for my children with a closet each maybe 12x 16 rooms  
14404BOCA RATON FL 2009-02-10 
My husband and I are looking to add on JUST a master bedroom and bathroom with a balcony on a 2/2 house. I was wondering ROUGHLY how much would it cost to build this in total, with building it, supplying electric, AC, plumbing, the works. We're not lookin 
14403ADEL IA 2009-02-09 
1400 sq ft living area. 3 car attached garage. 2 bath, 3 bed. full basement underneath. Walkout basement. 
14402LAGUNA BEACH MO 700 1000 600 1000 2009-02-04 
want a craftsman style ranch home built on our acres.  
14401BROOKSVILLE FL 2396 2009-02-03 
Log home by heritage log homes. Or standard home. 
14400WILMETTE IL 2009-01-30 
14399CYPRESS TX 2009-01-29 
10X12 Patio with ceiling fan attached to my roof and the cement is already laid. 
14398NATURAL STEPS AR 248 760 280 320 2009-01-29 
30x40 lower- Kit/dining, util, Ma Bed/Bath, Living, half bath; 18x40 upper-
2 bed, bath, bonus area, 3 dormers 
14396MIDLAND MI 250 715 140 700 2009-01-26

Plan THD-HDS-5030 
14395MIDLAND MI 700 628 140 440 2009-01-26

Plan THD-HDS-5030 
14394COLEMAN MI 540 2009-01-26 
14393BRIGGS OH 300 300 1000 1500 2009-01-21 
If anyone has knows of any flippers who haven't sold their home yet. Have them go to Enter Steve as the Rep and my ID 1004 As soon as they sell they'll have financing for other flips and will like you for the referal 
14392RICHLAND WA 190 2009-01-19 
Space consists of one bedroom, small closet and mudroom, the roof is already intact as a covered porch over concrete pad 
14391RICHLAND WA 120 525 2009-01-19 
Bed sqft includes two rooms, two closets 
14390DENTON NC 2009-01-18 
Need footers dug, formed and poured. 16" wide 8" deep and 138' long house dimensions are 33' x 36' Looking for quote for labor only. If rate is good may have you frame and pour the walls which will be 8" wide 24" high on those footers 
14389BLOOMFIELD NJ 96 120 2009-01-17 
Construction/Addition of bathroom, bedroom and connecting hallway to existing house. 
14388BOZEMAN MT 450 1000 600 800 2009-01-16 
Would like to build a 3-4 bedroom, 3 bath house with large open kitchen and living space, woodstove and storage space. Building in established subdivision.

Approximately 2,000- 2,500 square feet total.

Just trying to get an idea of approximate cost 
14387NOTTINGHAM NH 300 900 400 400 2009-01-13 
looking to build a quality but afforable maintenace free 2/3 bedroom house, 2 baths, enclosed porch and open air porch on one level with open concept living/kitchen area. Split/Finished walk out basement. 2 car garage on raw land 
14386REDONDO BEACH CA 2009-01-06 
convert existing attached single car garage (24X12) to bedroom and small bathroom. plumbing exists for laundry curently.  
14385RIDGE MANOR ESTATES FL 2500 2009-01-05 
3/2 living room, family room,pantry. front porch and deck in the rear 
14384RIDGE MANOR ESTATES FL 300 495 130 2192 2009-01-05 
3 bedrooms, 2and1/2 baths.144 sq ft study, 144 sf dining,330 sf greatroom,100sf brakefast nook, front and back porches, garage living area over it 
14383WESTFIELD NJ 2009-01-03 
excavate existing crawl space thereby expanding existing basement. The crawl space is located under a new addition and is about 3 ft high with concrete floor. Crawl space is approx. 15 ft by 25 ft. Central New Jersey  
14382MILFORD MA 100 2009-01-03 
Bathroom #1 - reglaze tub, new title floor, toliet and banity
Bathroom #2 - re tile shower, new floor, vanity, ceiling
Living Room/Hall/Kitchen - remove wallpaper, paint
Kitchen - install hardwood floor 
14381LONGVIEW WA 1400 2009-01-02 
Need to reroof half of duplex no tear off only one layer currently, also repair ceiling, where leak occurred 
14380LONGVIEW WA 2009-01-02 
Need to reroof half of duplex no tear off only one layer currently, also repair ceiling, where leak occurred 
14379MONTROSE PA 2008-12-30 
Job is to replace damaged and rotting beams in existing barn, also replace rotting flooring all materials will be supplied contact builder for full details at:  
14378WEST BRANCH PA 2008-12-30 
Remove existing roof and replace (all shingles) remove existing alum. siding and replace with log siding (2x6 corners)also need to remove and replace fascia and soffit all materials supplied. Call for exact details or contact us through: www.cherryvalle 
14377GLENDALE CA 2008-12-29 
A food kiosk located at Glendale's shopping mall 
14376SAINT CHARLES MD 2008-12-29 
Want an estimate to finish a basement
Width 27 feet
Length 32  
14375APACHE OK 1750 2008-12-24 
14374CARDIFF NJ 36 180 75 200 2008-12-24 
we want only two room with toilet and pantary,we dont need of any basement,we want all this on ground floor ... 
14373ROCKFORD MI 1300 2008-12-16 
Install 2 dormers on front of house, need price on fake and/or real dormers please. Looking for licensed and insured General Contractor with several good references. Good work will lead to other projects, as garage and additions. Thanks 
14372OLIVETTE MO 264 2008-12-15 
I am looking for an attached 22 X 20 garage and accompanying driveway with a 22 X 12 family room/breakfast room addition behind the garage. In addition we would need to replace wood facia, soffit (sp?) and some siding with vinyl, aluminum or hardboard si 
14371VISALIA CA 2008-12-13 
have a 1900 sqft single story home would like to add if possible a 12x12 loft if not bigger. would like to know cost. don't think i have room in attic would more than likely need to take roof off. thank you 
14370GAROGA NY 2008-12-13 
Need barn work done. Existing barn stall is unstable and shifting on the stone fondation, I need qoutes on building an enclosure in another part of the barn if that is not recommended I need qoutes on a run-in type enclosure outside of barn. This is for a 
14369GAROGA NY 2008-12-13 
Need work done in barn, need a new enclosure for draft horse. Existing barn floor is buckling and shifing on its stone foundation, if new enclosure is not recommended in barn, I need Qoute on a run -in type enclosure outside 
14368HERNDON VA 2008-12-10 
Just bought about a 2,000 sq. ft. office. Turning it into a marketing office w/semi-custom design. Adding one 16x30 wall and a add an extra 10x13 office room. Need to redo lighting on existing ceiling.Custom painting throughout. Semi-custom design a 350 s 
14367BATTENS CROSSROADS AL 2008-12-08 
we have land in chancellor, al that is clear and flat. will be returning to area spring 2009. have a couple of possible home plans picked from book. both around 3000 square feet. never built before, trying to get general info to decide what to do.  
14366GATES MILLS OH 700 2008-12-08 
Scope of work includes removal and replace of ceiling insulation and drywall with some electrical upgrades. Ceiling are approx. 675 sq.ft. Scope also includes addition of "Halo" or similar lights and associated wiring. Please contact for specs or scope cl 
14365WILMETTE IL 2008-12-06 
14364STATESBORO GA 2008-12-03 
renovate entire house,3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, kitchen, dinningroom, livingroom, and 2 car garage, roof
electrical, plumbing, windows, doors
14363EDGEMERE MA 2008-11-29 
finish 11' X 13' basement area - frame two walls that are 10' long, hang and finish sheet rock in 11' X 13' area, trim baseboard, install two doors, install 11 X 13 drop ceiling 
14361EAST ORANGE NJ 2008-11-29 
Space Improvement for a Restaurant
Request a cost proposal and assistance from a contractor to build and improve first floor area in a building located at 213 South Harrison Street,East Orange, New Jersey 07018.. The first floor is considered to be a bus 
14360TOMBALL TX 2008-11-25 
600 sf garage conversion to apt. with toilet(shower)&kitchen sink,& french doors. w/attic storage, additional 2 car carport matching house. in Tomball 
14359BREWSTER NY 50 80 60 600 2008-11-22 
I need the partially dug out basement fully dug out, and basement/foundation walls and cement floor installed. The building is 20 X 30 frame.  
14358BIG SPRING TX 300 1250 500 1000 2008-11-20 
build a new houes. just the shell, and the inside studs for all room, kitchen, bathrooms. the slab with plumbing will already be set for the shell to be build. 5 bedroom. 3 bath. 1 living room. 1 den. 1 kitchen. 1 wash room. the hous will be 2 story house 


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