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14371VISALIA CA 2008-12-13 
have a 1900 sqft single story home would like to add if possible a 12x12 loft if not bigger. would like to know cost. don't think i have room in attic would more than likely need to take roof off. thank you 
14370GAROGA NY 2008-12-13 
Need barn work done. Existing barn stall is unstable and shifting on the stone fondation, I need qoutes on building an enclosure in another part of the barn if that is not recommended I need qoutes on a run-in type enclosure outside of barn. This is for a 
14369GAROGA NY 2008-12-13 
Need work done in barn, need a new enclosure for draft horse. Existing barn floor is buckling and shifing on its stone foundation, if new enclosure is not recommended in barn, I need Qoute on a run -in type enclosure outside 
14368HERNDON VA 2008-12-10 
Just bought about a 2,000 sq. ft. office. Turning it into a marketing office w/semi-custom design. Adding one 16x30 wall and a add an extra 10x13 office room. Need to redo lighting on existing ceiling.Custom painting throughout. Semi-custom design a 350 s 
14367BATTENS CROSSROADS AL 2008-12-08 
we have land in chancellor, al that is clear and flat. will be returning to area spring 2009. have a couple of possible home plans picked from book. both around 3000 square feet. never built before, trying to get general info to decide what to do.  
14366GATES MILLS OH 700 2008-12-08 
Scope of work includes removal and replace of ceiling insulation and drywall with some electrical upgrades. Ceiling are approx. 675 sq.ft. Scope also includes addition of "Halo" or similar lights and associated wiring. Please contact for specs or scope cl 
14365WILMETTE IL 2008-12-06 
14364STATESBORO GA 2008-12-03 
renovate entire house,3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, kitchen, dinningroom, livingroom, and 2 car garage, roof
electrical, plumbing, windows, doors
14363EDGEMERE MA 2008-11-29 
finish 11' X 13' basement area - frame two walls that are 10' long, hang and finish sheet rock in 11' X 13' area, trim baseboard, install two doors, install 11 X 13 drop ceiling 
14361EAST ORANGE NJ 2008-11-29 
Space Improvement for a Restaurant
Request a cost proposal and assistance from a contractor to build and improve first floor area in a building located at 213 South Harrison Street,East Orange, New Jersey 07018.. The first floor is considered to be a bus 
14360TOMBALL TX 2008-11-25 
600 sf garage conversion to apt. with toilet(shower)&kitchen sink,& french doors. w/attic storage, additional 2 car carport matching house. in Tomball 
14359BREWSTER NY 50 80 60 600 2008-11-22 
I need the partially dug out basement fully dug out, and basement/foundation walls and cement floor installed. The building is 20 X 30 frame.  
14358BIG SPRING TX 300 1250 500 1000 2008-11-20 
build a new houes. just the shell, and the inside studs for all room, kitchen, bathrooms. the slab with plumbing will already be set for the shell to be build. 5 bedroom. 3 bath. 1 living room. 1 den. 1 kitchen. 1 wash room. the hous will be 2 story house 
14357BLACK HAWK LA 300 2008-11-19 
14356THIBODAUX LA 120 238 340 2008-11-19 
Am interested in getting quotes to add onto my house. Will remodel bathroom, master closet, bedroom, and add on to the back of house (sunroom, office, and screened in porch). Total add on approximately 700 sq feet. 
14355THIBODAUX LA 700 2008-11-19 
Am interested in getting quotes to add onto my house. Will remodel bathroom, master closet, bedroom, and add on to the back of house (sunroom, office, and screened in porch). Total add on approximately 700 sq feet. 
14354SMYRNA GA 2008-11-19 
I am interested in placing brick river stone on the foundation of my home as well as around the right face. I also want two columns 1/2 stone and upper wood built around the two existing rails in the front of the home 
14352WRIGHTSVILLE GA 1015 1520 2040 3050 2008-11-16 
How much would it cost to widen the living room and hallway doorways from 30 to 32 inches, the bathroom door from 24 to 32 inches, and the master bedroom door from 30 to 32 inches.Also, how much would it cost to build a ramp that 6 1/2 ft tall and 49 inch 
14351LEOPOLIS WI 9999 9999 9999 9999 2008-11-14 
remove support wall between living room and staircase about 15ft long possible cieling support beam needed very rough estimate ok marion wi  
14350BAKERSFIELD CA 2008-11-11 
i would like to build an apartment complex. single building containing 8 single family apartments. each unit between 700 and 800 sq ft. 2bedroom one bath 
14349PENBROOK PA 2008-11-10 
14348DETROIT MI 900 2700 1500 2000 2008-11-10 
14347DETROIT MI 2008-11-10 
14346DALLAS GA 2008-11-10 
Looking for someone to pour a basement and concreate for a 3 car garage for a 4100 square feet home. 
14345PASCO WA 2008-11-07 
Pasco First United Methodist Church is seeking proposals for needed maintenance on the steeple and a section of gutter and downspout of the church. While the entire painted surfaces of the steeple needs attention, the west side needs concentrated effort. 
14344CLINTON TOWNSHIP MI 2008-11-05 
Adding attached 2 1/2 car garage with cement work and approx 9x21 addition on house with some reconfiguring of house layout. Need as minimal interruption of living quarters as possible. 
14343DOGWOOD CITY TX 2008-11-05 
We are purchasing a house that has an 'L' shaped garage with a storage area in the back. We'd like to convert the back portion into a laundry room and small 3/4 bath. There is plumbing upstairs above this area. Approximately 6ftX9ft. 
14342MAUD KY 2008-11-03 
Amazing New Footing Technology, Great opportunity USA & Canada Patented.
Australian builders reducing building costs by using new footing technology

Instant footings any time any where, reduces site disturbance, no heavy equipment.
It is quick and ea 
14341FONTANA CA 300 300 400 2008-11-03 
want to remove "pop corn" plastering from ceiling surface in seven rooms plus one room corridor, re-plaster those same ceillings, and install moldings in four rooms (living room,family room, dinnig room and kitchen 
14340MANASSAS VA 2008-11-02 
I am needing and estimate for a new home to be built in manassas,va. Approx 4500 sqft. for under $90 per sqft 
14339FORT WAYNE IN 2008-11-01 
I have a covered porch on the back of my house, I am wanting to either screen the porch or make it a three season room, depending on cost. It has two walls already built and a roof. I would need one wall built at 24' and another at 7' 3-1/2" 
14337DURHAM NC 2500 2008-10-29 
would like to convert my crawl space into an basement. my main floor is a ranch about 2800 square feet, so im guessing the basement may be a bit smaller. I would prefer the finishing materials be top quality since we have a custom home. 
14336COLUMBIA MO 24 100 60 140 2008-10-29 
I would like to have constucted a rural multipurpose outbuilding 40 X 60 with a concrete floor, a rough apartment and 4 and/or the potential of a 20 run dog kennel (20-40 ft runs). A well and septic or lagoon would be needed along with utilities needed  
14335BEEMERVILLE NJ 56 168 120 440 2008-10-29 
14334BEEMERVILLE NJ 2008-10-29 
14333STONE MOUNTAIN GA 2008-10-29 
paint exterior of house 
14332COLBURN IN 300 2008-10-24 
Add a sun room to back side of house. fire place and lots of windows. french doors to excisting bedroom and kitchen. 15 X 20 room or 12 X 20 
14331PEABODY MA 300 2008-10-22 
We are looking for someone to come in and mud, sand etc. and possibly paint a newly framed/sheet rocked room. We have started mudding, but it's out of our league.  
14330HILLIARD OH 2008-10-21 
I have a finshed basement and I would like to add a full or half bathroom. 
14329BOLIVAR TX 200 400 200 400 2008-10-19 
3-2 on Pilings 20' on kahla dr about 1200 sf 
14328HOUSTON TX 81 2008-10-14 
hurricane damage - two punctures in roof, water damage to kit ceiling, fence flattened 
14327GALEVILLE NY 2008-10-14 
turn attached garage into a family room. garage door will stay intact, so no change to the outside of house 
14326ENGLISHTOWN NJ 2008-10-08 
8 room massage spa + waiting area,breakroom & small office; 2400 sq ft (approx 40X60); 10 ft drop ceiling; 2 existing baths; most rooms tile, couple of rooms carpet; location: Manalapan Epicentre, Rte 9, Manalapan  
14325FOREST HILL VA 200 700 215 265 2008-10-07 
Here is a link to a plan I am interested in:

I have my own land but it needs to be cleared and prepped. 
14324MBORO TN 60 300 2008-10-05 
8000 btu ac needed
flooring all tile
all brick 
14323LAWRENCEVILLE GA 2008-10-03 
1. Need to install 22 to 26 double pane windows. I will purchase the windows and need someone to install it. I need to know how much would it cost to install it. What additional informaiton is required to get a quote. 
14322PHILIPSBURG PA 2008-09-30 
Looking for someone to build a nice modern 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in philipsburg. Want full basement and 2 car garage as well. 
14321PULASKI VA 2008-09-29 
I need a quote on labor only for 5,000 sq. ft drop down ceiling. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY. 12' bottom of metal truss. 10' finish. 2x4 ceiling tiles. 
14320VERSAILLES KY 100 400 2008-09-29 
we're buying a home next week. Need to add master bedroom & bathroom with possible whirlpool bath off back of existing home.  
14319GILROY CA 120 900 2008-09-25 
We would like to add onto the house a master suite and a guest room, also we would like to build a basement family room. Just looking for quotes right now. I have came up with plans  
14318DENTON TX 40 2008-09-24 
remove bathtub and make a full shower/handicap accessibility 
14317STATEN ISLAND NY 2008-09-24 
i would like an addition to my house, 1 room
approx. 12x12. how much will it cost? 
14316FRED VA 100 640 100 1400 2008-09-22 
I'd like a 12 unit apartment building 2 stories with 2 and 3 bed, 1 bath. 
14315LAS VEGAS NV 2008-09-21 
We want to add a three car garage with living space above the garage. We will need to have dirt brought in to make the foundation level and a stair way to the second floor. The second floor will be a large bedroon with a full bathroom. 
14314BLUE HILLS CT 856 2008-09-21 
14313WEST GROVE PA 2008-09-20 
Knock down wall between family and living room and make support safe/stable 
14312EASTPORT NY 2200 2008-09-20 
build 2 story 3 bed/2 bath w garage from foundation up. Previous house to be torn down. 
14311JERE BAXTER TN 2008-09-18 
5200 square foot house
5 rooms and 1 hallway need drywall to be finished  
14310JERE BAXTER TN 2008-09-18 
5200 square foot house
5 rooms and 1 hall need drywall to b e finished  
14309TAMPA FL 2008-09-18 
Want to close in a garage. Have plans for a bedroom, bath and laundry room 
14308GRAPEVINE TX 300 2008-09-15 
Add on a high quality new addition consisting of a 10x15 Bathroom and a 15x20 Bedroom 
14307JEFFERSONTON VA 3166 2008-09-14 
Want a builder for an 84 Lumber home on my lot. Owner of property has done soli test, land surveyed and permit is in motion to build. Owner will be contractor 
14306PHILA PA 2008-09-14 
i would like to know how much it would cost to build a cafe that if 10 ft by 10 ft and an information desk that is 6 ft by 8 ft thank you. 
14305PHILA PA 2008-09-14 
i would like to know how muuch it would cost to build a cafe that if 10 ft by 10 ft and and information desk that is 6 ft by 8 ft thank you. 
14304SYLACAUGA AL 258 800 169 2207 2008-09-13 
2 story farmhouse style, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, master bedroom on 1st floor, hardwood floors 1st floor, carpet 2 floor, 2 fireplaces, wrap around porch on all 4 sides, island in kitchen, square footage on first floor 1466, square footage 2nd floor 741.  
14303GRAND PRAIRIE TX 180 2008-09-12 
add additoinal bedroom  
14302DULUTH GA 2008-09-10 
Dear All,
I would like to receive a bid on an installation of a drop ceiling under my existing deck, 12X11' with 5'' super gutter white. Reuse of existing downspout. plus: removal of existing gutter, roofing.
14301PORTLAND OR 2008-09-10 
Looking to build either a duplex, 3-plex, or 4-plex on a property I own on Norway Street in Salem, Oregon.  
14300BROWN MOUNTAIN BEACH NC 900 2008-09-09 
need walk out basement footers poured and first four rows of block put up 
14299DUMFRIES VA 2008-09-07 
Install a basement egress window to Virginia code. Concrete foundation. 
14298TAYLORS SC 150 300 2008-09-07 
add master bed&bath to house with 1500sq ft 
14297BLUFF ESTATES SC 2008-09-07 
200 room hotel.
4 floors, 17,500 sq. ft per floor= 75,000 sq ft.
75,000 sq. ft parking lot.
need everything, i have a wiring crew though 
14296CAPE CANAVERAL FL 2300 2008-09-06 
2 story masonry terra-cotta roof 
14295GRESHAM OR 2008-09-05 
1-2 car garage. 
14294PEGRAM TN 250 620 300 335 2008-09-01 
Need a 3/2 with 2 WIC in master. Guest beds 12x11. Want a Sunroom to be 925 sq.ft(say 30x30). Laundry room near kitchen.French doors to sunroom from living rm. Need Covered outdoor space accessed by sunroom. Outdoor covered space to be about 900 sq ft. W 
14293GROVETOWN GA 247 2008-08-28 
14292TRACY CA 1200 2008-08-28 
i have a flat roof i need a Aline roof the whole home is only 1200sqf  
14291FRESNO TX 2008-08-27 
Selling my home and inspector found a duct that needs to be re-connected in the attic. He said it is an inexpensive fix, but the buyers are working with a down-payment assistance program that is requiring it done. Just need someone that is certified in d 
14290BAKERVILLE WI 200 902 216 408 2008-08-27 
Master bedroom 15x15 with ensuite bath/shower Open concept lv,dr,kitchen; 2-3 bedroom ranch, interlocking stone patio with garden room opening onto it. Full basement.2 car garage 
14289FARMINGTON MN 2008-08-26 
Licensed electrician fix exposed wire above the sink and install ground wire to all three first floor three hole outlets and laundry room outlet

Install metal liner out of the top of the chimney to address the potential health hazard

Have a well  
14288MABLETON GA 2008-08-26 
We are looking for someone that do good work on completing basements. 
14287HANFORD WORKS WA 420 2008-08-26 
would like a 14x30' addition to west end of house on corner lot to be a family room with vaulted ceiling entry thru existing window converted to arched doorway entry from existing living room reuse removed window on new addition on north end and add doubl 
14286GREAT FALLS VA 2008-08-25 
additional front load 2.5 car garage with storage space in attic. 
14285BUNKLEY MS 2008-08-25 
need a 5 bed room, 3 1/2 bath two story house built. Completed with brick and circular drive 
14284BELLE HAVEN CT 300 300 1000 2008-08-25 
Simple, Efficent to build, Big box or rectangle,spec type home. 
14283CHEVERLY MD 150 200 2008-08-24 
remodel both/bath new tub, tile on wall and toilet only 
14282ARDMORE MD 400 2008-08-24 
Im moving in a small house, attic is wood paneled on wall and roof but don't know if insulated. has stair case leading to attic and seemed to be study floor. Would also like an sepearate estimate to include a small bathroom with toilet and vanity only 
14281LAWRENCEVILLE GA 2008-08-23 
We are a small veterinary hospital and want to remodel our boarding kennels. The area is about 2000 sq ft; it will probably need to be completely gutted and re-done. We would like to do it eco-friendly using recycled materials as much as possible. Our a 
14280NEW FRANKLIN PA 144 2008-08-23 
3 floor joists partially rotted where resting on block wall, Subfloor rotted in approx 3'x 3' due to water damage from improperly installed ext. door. Old termite damage in same area (has just been treated)Bottom 2" of rim joist rotted 4 linear feet 
14279SCENERY HILL PA 200 352 90 1700 2008-08-22 
cottage for almost emptynesters. 2 bedroon 2 bath, first floor laundry. Sq. footage includes finished basement. 
14278OAKVIEW PA 120 2008-08-22 
Would like to have cement patio in the front of the house. All trees and shrubs have been removed. 8'x15' area is all that is needed. 
14277OAKVIEW PA 2008-08-22 
14276ALBUQUERQUE NM 2008-08-22 
Need to re-build an external balcony that also serves as cover for downstairs patio. Want wood framing with stucco finishing. Balcony will also need a partial roof/cover with flexibility to add screen or glass enclosures later. 
14275ALBUQUERQUE NM 2008-08-22 
Need to re-build an external balcony that also serves as cover for downstairs patio. Want would framing with stucco finishing. Balcony will also need a partial roof/cover with flexibility to add screen or glass enclosures later. 
14274HOUSTON TX 2008-08-19 
Can a second floor be added to a home with foundation problems? 
14272SAINT PAUL MN 2008-08-18 
We are looking to build a modified 2 story walkout, with 3 bedrooms, master bedroom/suite, likely unfinished basement, 2500-3000 sqft. We own the land, we want to find a builder and determine cost & appropriate start build date. 
14271PINECRAFT FL 195 2008-08-17 
Want to add Florida Sunroom onto house. 
14270BRIDGEPORT CT 120 300 235 350 2008-08-16 
14269PASADENA CA 175 582 210 733 2008-08-15 
14268EAST GADSDEN AL 2008-08-14 
40x40 garage/out building that has a toilet/shower and small kitchen area . 1/2 will be used for work shop the other will be a rec room. homeowners ass. says it has to be brick and 10/12 pich roof hip but we may be able to get away with a gable 


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