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14074CENTRAL CT 144 834 344 478 2008-02-19 
3 bedroom house totally gutted out. Needs to be compeletly renovated.  
14073GRANBY CO 2008-02-19 
We are building a 1000 square foot home in Hartsel. The plans are being finshed as we speak. We are planning on being the contractor ourselves, however we are interested in the possibility of hiring a contractor to work in a supervisory capasity. This  
14072KILLEEN TX 4500 2008-02-19 
I'm building an interactive childrens museum and need some approximate prices on how much land i would need and how much it would cost to construct the building  
14071RIDGE MANOR ESTATES FL 2008-02-19 
slab for pole barn land is up us 301 north of 50 to 476 in sumter county 10 form 50 out of brooksville. slab is going to be done in areas of the barn. 12' x 48'
three 12' x 12' areas and one 24x24 area i can form it or give me one price to do it all 
14070DEMING WA 72 400 2008-02-18 
looking for contractor to rebuilt kitchen, remove old island and counters and replace  
14069ELLISBORO NC 2008-02-18 
looking to add on a garage...maybe even a smaller one with some storage space. Our home is app 1500 sq ft and was designed to add one on eventually. Just want a good idea of the costs right now. 
14068ABBEVILLE LA 300 1400 2008-02-18 
14067FRONT ROYAL VA 400 700 200 2800 2008-02-14 
I would like to build model Huntley. The house is 4175 sq ft. It will have 2 car garge I want 3 bath upstair, 4 bdrm, 2lving rm, 1 dining rm,and unfinished basement. I would like to built is house in Front Royal Virginia. Thank you 
14066FRONT ROYAL VA 2008-02-14 
I would like to built model Huntley. The house is 4175 sq ft. It will have 2 car garge I want 3 bath upstair, 4 bdrm, 2lving rm, 1 dining rm,and unfinished basement. I would like to built is house in Front Royal Virginia. Thank you 
14065FRONT ROYAL VA 2008-02-14 
I would like to built model Huntley. The house is 4175 sq ft. It will have 2 car garge I want 3 bath upstair, 4 bdrm, 2lving rm, 1 dining rm,and unfinished basement. I would like to built is house in Front Royal Virginia. Thank you 
14064BRIGGS OH 2008-02-13 
7000 square foot home. need a rough estimate for painting interior. 11 different colors overall. there are two 20 ft. ceilings and the rest are 8 ft. 
14063ELIDA OH 2008-02-13 
I need a stick built carport coming off of our mobile home , its for one car only & its not hard at all , I just want a plain jane . I have a budget of $ 700.00 since my husband has been in the hospital in Columbus with a transplant . Im just looking for  
14062ARLINGTON TN 500 2008-02-12 
Would like to get a qoute to have the unfinished bonus room above the garage finished. I believe the room is approximately 500 sq ft. 
14061MONTEREY PARK CA 2008-02-12 
medical office building, stick build, two stories bottom floor approximately 666sqft and top floor 3331 sqft, with 906sqft common area, lot size 10,300 sqft, level lot with 22 parking spaces second floor covers portion of parking lot, site will need to b 
14060SACO ME 100 400 100 100 2008-02-10 
I have a cottage by the ocean, it is about 800 sq feet I have the builing permits( all planning and zoning approved) and plans (floor plan and blue prints)and enginer plans (piers/pylon) I just need estimates for cost of building/remodeling the cottage
14059SACO ME 2008-02-10 
I have a cottage by the ocean, it is about 800 sq feet I have the builing permits( all planning and zoning approved) and plans (floor plan and blue prints)and enginer plans (piers/pylon) I just need estimates for cost of building/remodeling the cottage
14058MILPITAS CA 2008-02-09 
How much would it roughly cost to build a two story single family house of 4,000sq. ft.? 5-6 bedrooms, 3.5-4.5 baths, including the partial demolition of an older house, which currently exists on the lot. 
14057ALBANY NH 2008-02-08 
This link is the house I would like to build with the basement unfinished but have the plumbing roughed. 
14056BLYN WA 200 700 350 350 2008-02-08 
Master bedroom, walk in closet, master bathroom, 2 guest bedrooms, main bathroom, kitchen, family room, laundry area when you come in from the garage, 1 car garage, all one floor 
14055E NORTHPORT NY 2008-02-07 
Build a new house in new foundland, pa about 1500 square ft.  
14054EAST TROY WI 190 600 240 700 2008-02-07 
Ranch Style House, Fire place. Full Basement. Section of basement exposed. Non finished basement. 3 Bedroom. 3 Full baths. Catherdral ceilings in great room. 4 seasons room Kitchen open to great room. 2 car garage. second story for storage over garage. Bu 
14053FAIRFIELD NJ 200 2008-02-04 
I am looking for an addition off of my house approx. 1000-1200 sq. ft. This are will have 2 garages attached and will have 5 rooms, 1 small bathroom and a lobby area. I am not sure of what the sq. footage for each room would be, but I know the entire area 
14052LAKELAND FL 3200 2008-02-04 
we need a remodeling of a warehouse space (3,200sqft)into office space and a data center, please contact us with some estimates,
Thank You
Vicidial assets
Kerstin Waller 
14051WILDWOOD MO 1204 2008-02-04 
Experiencing sagging floors causing cracks in walls in a 100+ yr old home. Would like sagging floors fixed. 
14050SAN JOSE CA 105 150 100 2008-02-01 
we are adding 1 bdrm/1 bth, 1 walk-in clst to an existing m, 1 family rm; and remodeling 2 existing bths. 
14049PATMOS OH 100 200 250 1500 2008-02-01 
new house built on my land 
14048PATMOS OH 2008-02-01 
new house built on my land 
14047EMERSON NJ 2400 2008-01-31 
I'm planning on possibly buying the land (a bildable lot) and build the house on it. Pls give me an estimate 
14046ASHLAND TX 450 650 350 2525 2008-01-31 
14045MARIETTA OH 2008-01-30 
20'by24' block addon for work shop. 2 exterior ped. doors no windows electric shingle or metal roof 
14044KNIGHTDALE NC 2008-01-30 
Would like to finish the inside of my two car garage. I have already insulated and sheetrocked 95% of the ceiling and 50% of the walls, but it needs finished, so I can paint the walls and floor. Completion of job prior to February 7.  
14043KENNESAW GA 2008-01-30 
I want to finish the basement. It's 2200sq ft. Most of the framing is done some minor framing is needed. The plumbing stubs are there, and most of the electric. I want to put carpet in 2-bedrms, lvrm, and kitchen area tile. The Kitchen should be L-shaped  
14042FRUITLAND MD 2008-01-28 
14041TROY MI 120 350 150 400 2008-01-27 
I want to build a 3 bedroom house 1.5 bath, 1000-1200 sqft with basement in Troy Mi. Preferable 2 story house with living area downstairs and bedrooms upstairs. The lot size is 80x120 and there is a tear down house and a garage. A separate quote for demol 
14040OGONTZ CAMPUS PA 2008-01-27 
Abington wooded waterfront lot with zoning approval by Township for sale!!!! break ground now!!!.............I have been developing the last secluded beautiful wooded 1 acre lot with a creek in Abington township for the last two years. We are just finis 
14039OATVILLE KS 2200 2008-01-22 
framing only 
14038HOUSTON TX 2008-01-21 
My brick mailbox got hit by a car over the weekend.I need another one built again asap. 
14037GROOM CREEK AZ 100 300 170 2008-01-20 
Add master bedroom and bath to existing ranch. Kitchen included in additional space, kitchen remodel re installing cabinets. 
14036DICKINSON ND 60 143 100 220 2008-01-19 
The main thing would be to look at the total house square feet at around 930 square feet with two bedrooms in a multilevel house. This would be for a 2 car garage, but can be quoted for a single car garage also. 
14035FORT PIERCE FL 200 800 2008-01-18 
I am needing a quote. So i can get started on a Mother in Law suite in my back yard. The last request got no response. Maybe the email was wrong. I am using our blackberry emails. Please advise or send to 
14034JACKSON NC 1200 2008-01-18 
2 story SIPS outbuilding, w/elec, approx 1200 SF  
14033BAYONNE NJ 48 300 125 125 2008-01-17 
Looking for contractor to finish taping and mudding drywall in a two bedroom apt.

14032ERIE PA 300 2500 360 400 2008-01-17 
I am purchasing a property and need to give an estimate on most things I am trying to do. I want a roofing estimate 1300 sq ft is the house. Kitchen needs new flooring, wiring work in the whole house, adding a deck and the entire bathroom. 
14031BASKING RIDGE NJ 300 750 200 450 2008-01-16 
14030FORT PIERCE FL 200 400 100 2008-01-14 
We are looking to build a mother in-Law type structure in our back yard. There is no hoa. With a small kitchen in the same room as bed.  
14029GRAY COURT SC 150 350 250 350 2008-01-10 
We would do electric, heating, A/C and plumbing. I would like an estimate for frame, foundation, etc. 
14028PAW PAW MI 2008-01-09 
Not sure how big the house is but it is a old farm house with good size bedrooms, a good size living room, two bathrooms, a laundry room. I am looking to gut out the house all the way to the basement and would like to get an estimate. 
14027VILLA RICA GA 2008-01-08 
I need to know how much it wiil cost in materials to build a 40x40x10 garage in wood 
14026WILDERSVILLE TN 360 500 270 900 2008-01-08 
approx 3,000 sqft residence. 3 bedrooms, 3 bath,office, laundry, great room, fp, central air/heat, basement 
14025SAINT ALBANS WV 2008-01-07 
victorian farmhouse, wrap-around porch, full walkout basement, full walk-up attic, two stair cases to the second level, 3 car garage, master suite, 4 fire places, all hardwood floors, and built in shelves, and crown molding, soapstone counters in kitchen 
14024ATL GA 2008-01-07 
i have a add-on job that needs framing on a preexisting slab it is 400 square hight is 8ft in front 9ft in rear which will enclose patio area two standard double pained windows will be installed and french doors also also required dry-in and roof thankyou 
14023GRANVILLE MA 100 2008-01-06 
Dry root repair of sill plate, band (rim) joist , floor joists and some sub flooring. THe area is located behind some very large (6' x 5') granite steps (front entry to house). I believe steps would need to be moved to gain adequate access to area of co 
14022ALREAD AR 2008-01-05 
I'm interested in building a new 3 bedroom 2 bath home with approx. 2000 to 3000 sq/ft. w/two car garage. Preferably not just a square box. Basement and multi-level a plus. Looking to have it done in the Clinton, Ar. area. Thanks. 
14021MOULTRIE GA 400 2008-01-03 
16x24 bedroom addition with 2 closets 3 windows bathroom hallway off from existing opening where there is an sliding glass door vinyl siding finish 
14020ISSUE MD 2008-01-02 
22,ooo spuare ft licing space 4 bedrooms full basement 
14019BROOKSVILLE FL 2008-01-02 
I am looking to add a two car detached garage with a rough finished loft above. Rough estamate in size would be 26'x 30'  
14018LORTON VA 2008-01-01 
To build a SFH in Lorton, Virginia 4-5bd,3.5bth home with finished basement. Total sq footage 3200 
14017LYNCHBURG TN 2000 2008-01-01 
14016VIRGINIA BEACH VA 2008-01-01 
want to put a second story onto my house to include, but not limited too : stairs, master bath, and two rooms. If good pirce is given then additional work includes remolding kicthen and downstairs bathroom. 
14015WALLKILL NY 1700 2007-12-29 
I want a 3 to 4 bedroom house with 2 full baths. I am still unsure of size and just looking for ideas. I like capes and colonials but willing to be flexible! We also would be interested a finished basement/downstairs room..I would also like a porch!  
14014OWASSO OK 2007-12-28 
remove popcorn ceiling, replace ceiling, paint ceiling in a one story home @ 1800sq ft  
14013LAKE KITCHAWAN NY 150 500 2007-12-27 
to add a second floor onto a current structure. 
14012CHICAGO IL 1745 2007-12-27 

I have a relatively small fast food restaurant build out project in Chicago. The space is approx. 1745 sf and on the first floor. I would be more than willing to provide more details/drawings about the specifications. Please feel free to co 
14011BALTIMORE MD 2007-12-27 
Hello English, Alan,

How are you today and the family, hope you people are enjoying your holiday? first let me introduce my self to you , my name is Grace Doe am from the family of Doe in Liberia west Africa but now we resided in Republic of Togo due 
14010CEDAR MILL OR 300 800 240 400 2007-12-27 
14009BROOKS OR 400 2007-12-26 
New cuberds and lights 
14008REXFORD MT 100 320 2007-12-23 
a remodel over existing lower bedroom and bath add roofing framin and siding only.. 
14007GAINESVILLE FL 2007-12-21 
NEW CONSTRUCTION: 2 story modern style home. Simple lines. 4 bedrooms. 4 full 2 half baths. 3 car garage. Approximately 5200 sq/ft total. 
14006DOOLIE NC 288 2007-12-21 
This project is to cap off a 2 story living room to add living space above. Space is approx. 16 by 18 feet. Project will consist of adding 14 inch joists, light electrical (4 can lites), HVAC routing, drywall, subfloor, and carpeting. Will do finish ca 
14005HICKORY NC 1700 2007-12-17

We are looking for quotes for the home at the above link w/ an unfinished walkout basement built on our own lot w/ basic upgrades. Tile, laminate floors, formica tops, etc.  
14004GALVESTON TX 2007-12-14 
Need detached garage for older Galv. home. 24x24 slab is already present. Prefer similar build to neighborhood but will consider newer construction. 1 or 2 story cost depending. 
14003NURSERY TX 400 2007-12-14 
needing to add a family room, with a fireplace ,which will serve as the main front entrance of house . I want the popular castle, Austin rock look. 
14002SAN JOSE CA 2007-12-13 
building a new home. approx 3000sq ft. Please submit per sq ft charges including materials 
14001ORANGE CITY FL 55 153 118 185 2007-12-11 
4.34 acres vacant land to be developed. Plans approved by city ready to build. 5 buildings and clubhouse and pool. Buildings
28,000 sqft. 1-20x40 ft. pool. Apt buildings
all 2 stories, 2 bedrooms 153 sqft. each and
2 bathrooms 55 sqft. each. You can c 
14000ORANGE CITY FL 153 118 185 2007-12-11 
13999JAFFREY NH 2007-12-11 
Leasehold improvements: approx 2000 SQFT interior walls, flooring, plumbing,electrical, lighting 
13998NEW YORK NY 2007-12-10 
I have 2 adjoining apts in a pre war building and want to remove one front door and add a door way in a common wall. I will do all finish work. Have original metal door frame from another apt. 
13997GILBERT AZ 2007-12-09 
Wanting to add on to a detached garage with a 15X30 addition to the back of it for a workshop. This is stucco/frame with S-Tile roof. Need 1 36 inch door added and 3 windows. No electric or plumbing needed. 
13996GROOM TX 169 256 225 400 2007-12-09 
I would like to see what it would cost to build a 4 bdrm, 2 bath home. The measurements above are for the master bath and bed. 
13995LAKELAND FL 300 400 300 400 2007-12-09 
My wife and I are wanting to build a new home. 
13994SOUTH PLAINFIELD NJ 100 100 4000 2007-12-08 
commercial building refurbishing,exterior,interior,for medical office,basement finishinf,3000Sqft,Remodeling 1st floor,3500Sqft medical office,2nd fl some renovation ,exterior fascade of building needs facial changes 
13993WARNER ROBINS GA 2007-12-06 
We would like to have the wall connecting our living room and "florida room" taken out to make one big living area. Would also need insulation for the florida room which is approx. 400 sq. ft. 
13992ATL GA 2007-12-05 
I buy homes pre-foreclosure 3/month). Looking for investor friendly contractor to work with to get repair estimates for negotiating. I will recommend you be the contractor for the repairs. Whether you do the repairs or not, I will pay you $250 once the t 
13991LOGAN ND 2007-11-30 
We would like to extend house out into our back yard about another 700-800 square feet total? I could be way off.... The new portion would include hallway, large living room, master bed room, and small office. Our exsisting bathroom would have to gutted a 
13990PHILA PA 105 240 2007-11-27 
i'm thinking about purchasing a house, however, the kitchen is a mess. the sink leaks and the cabinets are old. im not sure about the stove/oven. i also wanted to make the counter into a bar. i also wanted to soundproof the basement so for a music studio. 
13989PALMDALE PA 2007-11-27 
Want finished garage converted into living space. Has one double and one single garage door entries, located under house. Located in Hershey. 
13988YOUNGSTOWN FL 600 900 300 25000 2007-11-26 
wanted contractor to build an two story house on my land 
13987DALLAS TX 3000 2007-11-26 
13986EATONVILLE FL 150 400 2007-11-24 
adding master bed/bath  
13985FERNBANK AL 300 912 192 256 2007-11-23 
new house 3 bedroom 2 bath  
13984SOUTHERN VIEW IL 2007-11-19 
daycare big enough for 50 kids and 8 staff members 
13983NEW YORK NY 120 100 100 40 2007-11-19 
install new shower, build new closets, build new changing area adjacent to master bath, take out existing built-in furnature 
13982DULUTH GA 300 975 250 600 2007-11-18 
The desired house will be between 2300 sq feet and 3000 sq feet. The front has to brick.  
13981SOUTH HAVEN MN 230 407 144 320 2007-11-17 
My wife and I are looking to build a new home within the next 12months. We are just starting out our research now and could use some direction. Interested in a 3000sq. ft. ranch home (details still open at this time) and wondering what the cost per sq. ft 
13977TALLAHASSEE FL 115 2007-11-17 
13976NAVY SHIPS PA 2007-11-14 
13975HOUSTON TX 150 250 120 1000 2007-11-13 
I need drwings for submitting to permit department in Houston, TX. 1000 sqft house on @2200 sqft lot 
13974DURHAM NC 3396 2007-11-11 
1 level, 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 1 half bath, slab 2 car garage 
13973SAN CLEMENTE CA 400 2007-11-11 
Would like to remove approx 8' length of wall, build new 10' long wall - all non bearing to enlarge master bedroom 
13972DRIVER VA 150 400 2007-11-08 
2nd floor 


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