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13753OCEAN CITY WA 2007-05-09 
1500 sq ft 3 br 2 ba pole house to be built in Ocean Shores WA. Completion date September 2007 
13752GENEVA OH 300 800 2007-05-09 
A resturant,40x60,2 resrooms, ventilation system in kitchen . somewhat to amcdonalds smaller kitchen. dining area,2 small rooms in the back possiblyanother bathroom and a office. Im open for suggestions.Meeting with realator on friday,to look at property 
13751LITTLE CANADA MN 150 600 250 500 2007-05-08 
We are looking for a contractor to provide us information on how to start the process of building our own home. We would like a sidexside style of a twinhome/duplex with atleast 2 bedrooms and 1 bath on one side and 3 bedrooms & 2 baths on the other side. 
13750STAFFORD TOWNSHIP NJ 2007-05-08 
Re-tile tub/shower 3 walls 
13749CARBONDALE KS 2007-05-08 
Estimated total sq feet is 5400. We are building a long term care home for the elderly in Carbondale, KS. We would like to work with a general contractor. Please email for more details or interest. 
13748NORTHFIELD TWP MI 2007-05-07 
Remodeling a two car barn and converting it to a horse barn, the sq ft are 462sq ft. it had to be gutted then we are going to remodel it putting a normal size entry door in one of the garage doors and a 4ft wide 7ft tall dutch door in the other. Kick boar 
13747WALDWICK NJ 90 2007-05-06 
Would like to extend kitchen out. 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 feet. small deck there now. Need Roof, two windows, door. Area just for Table & Chairs no moving appliances. Add 1 electrical outlet. 
13746MODESTO CA 400 2007-05-06 
Remove fireplace and chimney, replace with window, as was originally.Re-do burned patch of wood floor. New front window(s); baseboard and paint in living/dining room. Reset windows in front bedroom. Paint outside of house and garage; may need stucco finis 
13745ASHLAND OH 2007-05-05 
Tile shower leaking into crawl space under it. Damage to subfloor under the shower. House one floor ranch built in 1959. Leak in shower needs to be fixed and subfloor repaired 
13744AVONDALE MD 130 2007-05-05 
13743SANFORD NC 2007-05-05 
Would like to get a price quote for a full basement foundation for this home i would like to get built. 
13742SAINT PETERSBURG FL 2007-05-05 
Stucco exterior one story house. approximently 1600 sq.ft. 
13741SAINT PETERSBURG FL 2007-05-05 
Need price to lay ceramic tile ( 2 small baths, kitchen and dining area) remove some carpet and some old tile. Total square feet approximently: 329.7 
13740MARYSVILLE WA 597 2007-05-04 
Extending side of house out 8' wide, 22' long. adding an office down stairs. we have vaulted ceilings now. want to add 2 rooms upstairs, a childrens play room 240 sq feet, and a theater room 256 sq feet. we need to get ride of the vaulted ceilings and mak 
13739MARYSVILLE WA 597 2007-05-04 
Extending side of house out 8' wide, 22' long. adding an office down stairs. we have vaulted ceilings now. want to add 2 rooms upstairs, a childrens play room 240 sq feet, and a theater room 256 sq feet. we need to get ride of the vaulted ceilings and mak 
13738JACKSON MS 185 935 305 485 2007-05-04 
this is a new construction, we will supply the lumber for framing, insulation,sheetrock(drywall),roofing materials, all windows and doors, and kitchen cabinets, and bath vanities,the total square feet is 3500 including garage 
13737CLINTON TOWNSHIP MI 100 2007-05-03 
basement refinishing, walls, drywall, paint, doors, ceiling, electrical, plumbing & fixtures including all underground plumbing for bath 
13736DALLAS TX 2007-05-03 
shower pan repaired/replaced, sliding glass door replaced, broken window in garage door replaced 
13735TULSA OK 50 400 2007-05-03 
20x20 room addition including bath 
13734CORONA CA 2007-05-03 
We would like to remodel our staircase #1 to add more living space #2 iron type material to replace the existing wood. Please either call or refer someone who can do this work: David Kirsch 951-735-1969. Thanks!!! 
13733GLEN ELLYN IL 2007-05-02 
What is the total cost to build an inground pool in florida 
13732GLENWOOD SPRINGS CO 100 200 200 500 2007-05-01 
13731OAKVILLE CT 2007-05-01 
13730MOBILE AL 60 140 2007-04-30 
Need to combine a bedroom, an office (11X11), a full bath & a walk-through closet to create a master suite, on second floor. Prefer to move toilet approx. 2-3 ft., but consider other options. 
13729BLACKSHEAR GA 30 500 300 1100 2007-04-29 
entire house needs remodel/repair. Our 2nd home, may rent. No rush. Pure guesses on size. 
13728BLACKSHEAR GA 1100 2007-04-29 
entire house needs remodel/repair. Our 2nd home, may rent. No rush. 
13727SAINT PAUL MN 40 200 300 2007-04-28 
want to add on to existing home a 16'x 22' area on ground floor including second story to match existing sloped roof. Also a deck to be put on the addition of roughly 200 sq ft. start time and end time are flexible 
13726EAST CHICAGO IN 2007-04-25 
I have a unfinnished loft I would like to have drywalled I will do the painting.A little electrical work would be required for outlets the area is rather small but could be a great spare room it is 13ft by 8 ft it is already framed. 
13725PARKESBURG PA 2007-04-24 
My wife and I are looking to build a deck off the second floor of our townhouse. The deck will be about 300-400 sq. ft.  
13724SAINT JOHN ND 20 27 52 2007-04-24 
Full addition will be 26 wide and 60 long, added to existing home, that the addition will be attached to the house which is 24 ft width. with regular ceilings in bedroom and bathroom, with a higher ceiling in the living room. 
13723HOUSTON TX 300 800 400 800 2007-04-24 
13722ROCKY GROVE PA 67 168 203 247 2007-04-24 
#2 bedroom-118 sq.ft.
#3 bedroom-162 sq.ft.
utility rm-77 sq.ft.
mudroom/porch-54 sq.ft.
porch-96 sq.ft.
pantry-42 sq.ft.
permanent stairs to attic.
39'x39',single story on pilings
gable or hip roof. 
13721ALTA LOMA TX 2007-04-24 
2000sq ft empty metel building i have all the studs in place just needs drywall installed or wood walls have to see witch is cheeper. and it also needs a drop ceiling installed 
13720BOSTON MA 2007-04-23 
Build out 2 bedrooms, add bathroom on 2nd level, open up/widen stairs 
13719SAINT AUGUSTINE FL 300 2007-04-23 
Converting existing 10x16 covered patio to new 20x16 enclosed play room. 
13718DRACUT MA 2007-04-23 
Want to add 12x14 screened porch. A-frame roof. Basic traditional. Off back yard... 
13717SAN MATEO CA 2007-04-22 

I was wondering if I could have an aproximate quote (just the price range I am looking at) for a new house construction in a lot in Belmont. The lot is on a relatively steep slope (Hills). We were thinking about a 3 bed/2 bath, about 1500 sq2. A tw 
13716AGNES GA 10 100 10 500 2007-04-22 
24 x 28 garage apartment. Cape cod style. Studio apartment upstairs. Unfinished garage downstairs. 
13715PROVIDENCE RI 40 2007-04-22 
I have two rooms, one bedroom and a living room. I want to knock down the wall in between the two rooms to make it one room. 
13714BASTROP LA 1800 2007-04-22 
13713ALTA LOMA TX 2007-04-22 
2,000 square foot building empty needs drop ceiling, walls ,electical,and 2 car garage atatced to house needs drywall work. must be bonded 
13712CORINNA ME 200 400 600 2000 2007-04-21 
nice house needed in Corinna maine
need guidance and site evaluation!!
I hve 70 acres
207-356-5540 cell
Robert Berg berg sportswear 
13711WILMETTE IL 2007-04-21 
13710CRIMORA VA 2007-04-21 
pole barn and or addition to outbuilding
13709REDWOOD CITY CA 2007-04-21 
This is a new construction of a 3,300 sq. ft. four story SFR in the Oakland hills, in California. The home to be built on an upslope lot. 
13708GIRARD OH 2007-04-20 
13707HAMPTON VA 77 276 100 169 2007-04-18 
I am looking to install wood laminate and carpet in my home.
laminate 425 sq ft
carpet 92.8 sq yds

I only need labor but if you could supply materials and labor for $2500 total that would awesome. The payment would be in cash. 
13706DAYTON OH 2250 2007-04-18 
need new lawn established for new home (looking at sod or plugs) home sits on a hill and has steep slope. area of coverage is 30x75. 2250 sqft 
13705SOUTH VINELAND NJ 2007-04-18 
Looking for a 6 bedroom, 5 bath home to be built in Sioux Falls area.need an eat in kitchen with an island, dinning room, living room, family room. Walk in closets in 4 bedrooms. good size porch in front and large deck in back. Heated garage 3 car.  
13704GENEVA FL 2007-04-18 
Looking for a general estimate of the cost to build a 2000 square foot house in Geneva, Florida. Site is currently wooded without utilities. 
13703GRANITEVILLE SC 300 648 192 500 2007-04-18 
I want a one story house that has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom. size bedroom:14x14,14x14,16x16 livingroom 20x25 kitchen 16x16 bathroom 10x15 also need a small laundry room, size 8x8, small pantry, size 10x10, fireplace sizes are estimations 
13702AUTRYVILLE NC 2007-04-17 
2 car garage - spray stucco onto wood 
13701OCEAN SPGS MS 2007-04-16 
We r wanting a 2000sqft house w/5bed & 3bath
We need the outside and roof and slab done. We can complete the inside. I am looking at floor plans like a mobile home. We really need help Katrina messed us up bad. Thank you so much for your help.228-990-354 
13700NEWCASTLE OK 2007-04-16 
Anywhere from 2200 2300 sq ft 4 bd 2 dining rooms, 1 living, vaulted ceilings and that can be built within 6months. We've already purchased our land which is located in Newcastle, we really don't want to spend over 165,000, anything under 160,000 would be 
13699FORT PAYNE AL 2007-04-16 
would like a new home at least 1500 sq. ft, 2 car garage, 3 bed, 2 bath 
13698CAMPVILLE NY 2007-04-15 
I need a 30' by 40' garage to work on my cars how much wood and stuff would i need and around how much it would cost 
13697FAIRMOUNT GA 2007-04-14 
i want a room built on a 20x20 existing concrete slab. no plumbing just outlets. 1 door 
13696PALM RIVER FL 100 450 144 2007-04-14 
To add second floor to existing wood frame home which is 1250sqft 1 master bedroom and master bathroom walk in closets second bedroom with closets and bonus room 
13695FAIRVIEW NC 1200 2007-04-13 
Looking for a 30 x 40 pole barn, one large roll up (12-16') one 8' roll up and one entry door. 12' sidewalls, insulated. No electric or drywall, just a finished, insulated shell. With or without concrete, could sub that out. In fairview, nc. Looking towar 
13694LAFAYETTE CO 1900 2007-04-13 
I need to raise a 100 yo home off it's foundation and raise and pour a new foundation. The home is also double walled brick and will need stablizing before lifting off the foundation. I am currently looking for a rough estimate. 
13693DULLES VA 2007-04-13 
13692RALEIGH NC 2007-04-12 
extend my drive way about 6.6" wide 
13691FRENCH CAMP CA 2007-04-12 
would like to have steps built for manufactured home.considering concrete or wood.steps to be 8-10 ft across and each step 2 ft each, about 5-6 steps 
13690AJAX LA 300 300 2007-04-12 
13689NORTHBORO MA 2007-04-11 
Dormer out second floor of cape to add second bath above first floor bath 
13688WILM NC 2007-04-11 
Need an estimate on buliding a new 3500 - 4500 sq. ft 2 story home in Wilmington Area. Waterfront community (Cape Fear or Intercoastal access) on 1/2 to 1 acre. 
13686CONIFER CO 2007-04-09 
2-car detached garage 
13685RUSSELLVILLE AR 2007-04-09 
We are looking to build a country style home. Our floor plans are 1 story, crawl space, approx 1950 heated sq/ft, 2600 total sq/ft. 3br, 2.5 bath, 2c garage. We prefer siding instead of brick.  
13684CHESTER VA 2007-04-07 
2 story colonial with tall columns. Brick and 2x6 exterior walls. Spray in insulation. Use the best quality constructon materials available. 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, house width is 58 feet, depth of house is 42 feet, first floor is 1184 sq ft. Second floor i 
13683DAWSON GA 2007-04-07 
We are looking to build a church in Dawson, Georgia. The building will be 160 x 90. 
13682SIOUX FALLS SD 100 117 100 204 2007-04-06 
we need new plumbing in the bath and kitchen just want to know what estimated cost would be to put new plumbing in the house. 
13681TUCSON AZ 2007-04-06 
Total living area is 3500 SqFt.The home has 4 bedrooms. Each bedroom has a bath. There will be colored concrete throughout the home. It has a great room, an office, a kitchen,a dining room, and a three car garage. We also have an observation deck over hal 
13680COVENA GA 2007-04-05 
Would like to build home on property we own. Aprx 1500 sqft total living area. 3 br, 2 bath, L/R, dining rm, possible fam. rm. Just purchased property and in beg stages of looking for builder. Land is near Swainsboro, Ga. 
13679NEW YORK NY 2007-04-05 
build front of house entrance brick stoop. 
13678SALEM OR 360 2007-04-05 
expand one outside wall 12'wide by 30'deep to match the rest of the houses exterior to become an extention to the master bedroom 
13677COLUMBUS OH 50 100 120 150 2007-04-04 
work under 203k loan heating and air, electrical, plumbing, siding, drywall, windows and carpentry and carpet install 
13676W JORDAN UT 100 900 40 2007-04-03 
need to add on a master bed and bath,1 car garage, and extend the back side of home 4 feet, require kitchen remodel. Also, need to finish 2 basement rooms ( mud and tape ) Need a bid asap. 
13675W JORDAN UT 2007-04-03 
need to add on a master bed and bath,1 car garage, and extend the back side of home 4 feet, require kitchen remodel. Also, need to finish 2 basement rooms ( mud and tape ) Need a bid asap. 
13674ALLENDALE IN 50 2007-04-02 
Adding a bathroom to the basement 
13673BOOGERTOWN NC 2007-04-01 
remove existing outdoor 25 X 15 deck and replace with new 20 X 30 Deck 
13671MERRIAM KS 300 1200 300 1500 2007-03-31 
13670HIGHLANDS TX 2007-03-30 
I want a 3 bedroom 2 bath house with a garage built on my property. 
13669MILFORD MA 100 2007-03-28 
cabinets counter tops tile floor dishwasher microwave etc 
13668TRACY CA 600 2007-03-28 

13667MILFORD MA 100 2007-03-28 
new cabinets,tile floor 
13666COEUR D ALENE ID 2007-03-28 
Tape and texture (heavy orange peel or knockdown) 6000 sq ft of drywall. Aprox. 20 outside corners ceiling height 9'6". 
13665DEER PARK TX 90 110 2007-03-27 
Add an addition outside current bedroom that will have a bathroom in it. Will need foundation work and plumbing for the bathroom. Bathroom will contain a shower, toilet and double sink vanity.  
13664NEWPORT TN 200 400 400 500 2007-03-27 
13663PHOENIX AZ 160 928 75 1000 2007-03-27 
Major re-build of home 
13662PHOENIX AZ 160 2007-03-27 
13661GRAY ME 156 323 100 156 2007-03-25 
28'x 46' chalet on sloped waterfront lot at little sebago lake in gray. 2 baths 3 bedrooms 13'x11',9'x10',& 9'x10'living room 13'6"x12'4",dining room 11'6"x8'8",kitchen 10'x10'4" house to have daylight basement 
13660GRAY ME 2007-03-25 
28'x 46' chalet on sloped waterfront lot at little sebago lake in gray. 2 baths 3 bedrooms 13'x11',9'x10',& 9'x10'living room 13'6"x12'4",dining room 11'6"x8'8",kitchen 10'x10'4" house to have daylight basement 
13659COUNTRY PARK ACRES NC 200 450 135 1698 2007-03-25 
I can email you photos of the front, rear, and floorplan. Interested in the Julian/Liberty area but willing to look in other areas. Prefer a country setting.

Stories: 1
Total Living Area: 1698 s.f.
First Floor: 1698 s.f.
Second Floor: 0 s.f.
13658NEWBERG OR 150 300 2007-03-25 
Would like to add a 2-car garage with a master suite above it, connected to existing home. Garage will need to be slightly behind existing home. 
13657LOCKPORT NY 2007-03-25 
a 4-bay garage for a 4 unit apartment building with electric doors. 
13656ANCHORAGE AK 2007-03-24 
I'd like quotes on remodeling bathroom and kitchen and laying laminate flooring throughout a mobile home. The bathroom needs all new fixtures, and the kitchen needs all new cabinets - new designs for both rooms.  
13655BENDALE SC 2007-03-23 
900sq feet of fber cement siding that I have already purchased just need it installed 
13654CHICAGO IL 2007-03-23 
Own land in the city and am looking to build a house from the ground up and would appreciate any information possible. 
13653PALO ALTO CA 50 50 50 50 2007-03-23 
I am writing to submit a request for an estimate for a carport post that was damaged by a shuttle bus that backed into it. My name is Michael writing from The Montage Apartments in Palo Alto, C.A., and would like to have someone come to give me an estimat 
13652PEACHTREE CITY GA 25 20 30 100 2007-03-22 


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