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13362JENKS OK 2006-11-16 
Ihave no Specific Sqft on each room. Iwant to start out with a total of 1500 to 2000sqft home and eventually add on. 
13361OCALA FL 360 2006-11-16 
I am wanting to take out some sliding glass doorsand replace them with a wall, and also put in a new fireplace with shelves and a place to put a tv above it.This is in my living room.  
13360OCALA FL 2006-11-16 
I am wanting to take out some sliding glass doorsand replace them with a wall, and also put in a new fireplace with shelves and a place to put a tv above it.This is in my living room.  
13359CHINA GROVE NC 2006-11-16 
Building new single level 2100 sq. home. Need builder to sub-contract all framing and finish work. Would like to work on sq. foot price. Get in touch with me for further information. 
13358LITTLE FALLS WV 2006-11-15 
I need my bathtub and surround replaced (garden tub in mobile home) due to water damage. Also, the subflooring that has dry-rotted in the bathroom and bedroom needs to be removed and replaced, as well as the drywall connecting the two rooms. 
13357JACKSON NJ 1000 1500 1000 1500 2006-11-14 
Homeowner seeks framer; already closed on construction loan; clearing and foundation were over budget and bank will not approve another draw until house is framed (sticked out only). Need someone who will provide material and work with very little $ down; 
13356NASHVILLE TN 300 600 2006-11-13 
Second story addition of an existing 1600 sq ft home. Original home built in 1900 and remodeled in the 80's. The approx. 1600 sqft second story addition will contain the master suite with master bath, laundry room, 3 bedrooms, and full bath. The existing  
13355NASHVILLE TN 2006-11-13 
Second story addition of an existing 1600 sq ft home. Original home built in 1900 and remodeled in the 80's. The approx. 1600 sqft second story addition will contain the master suite with master bath, laundry room, 3 bedrooms, and full bath. The existing  
13353ROSELLE PARK NJ 2006-11-13 
need basement refinished and drain system put in  
13352BARRETT TX 3342 2006-11-13 
bdrms -4 bath - 3.5
width of house - 97 feet
depth of house - 70 feet
bonus area above garage - 420
garage - 3 car 
13351LOUISVILLE KY 150 850 2006-11-12 
Interested in adding second level to existing brick ranch  
13350MIDLOTHIAN VA 2006-11-12 
We want to add a 20x18 attached garage and would like siding on a 1976 square feet house 
13349FONTAINEBLEAU MS 300 2006-11-11 
Would like to get estimate on the following: Need to finish odd jobs on existing structures, floors, countertops, master bath, and add media/game room on back and covered patio. 
13348KIHEI HI 200 700 2006-11-11 
Want to build in Chino hills, ADA accessible home. Have not found lot yet, but eagerly searching.We have a house in Kissimmee Florida appraisal $336,000.that we can trade to start now for new construction already underway, or a presale (not yet started). 
13347FULLERTON CA 120 275 2006-11-11 
1950s ranch house - looking to expand garage from 2 car to 4 car tandem, then add master suite with bathroom, closets and sitting area/nursery over garage. 
13346TUCSON AZ 2006-11-11 
I would like a 315'long x 6' high straight run block fence on level ground.  
13345CALUMET CITY IL 220 2006-11-10 
open ceiling to create dormer in existing room and roofing approx; 800 sqft  
13344JUNIPER HILLS CA 2006-11-10 
13343LEOMINSTER MA 2006-11-09 
shed dormer addition on cape style home with a 24x36 wide foundation. ruff and finish outside, frame, side, windows, shingle etc. leave inside unfinished. 
13342LEWISVILLE TX 4000 2006-11-08 
Need Foundation poured for 4000 sq ft addition approx 30 footings 23' down. Also Need framers to frame, have plans and am ready to start. Framers please bid per sq ft. 
13341WASHINGTON DC 1080 1224 360 1116 2006-11-08 
3 Townhouses in Wash., D.C.: (each) 3-stories, brick front, 1-car garage, 3-br's, 2 1/2 baths, finished basement, laundry rm, 2,160 s.f. per townhouse 
13340MANCHESTER TN 2050 2006-11-08 
13339WINCHESTER VA 2500 2006-11-07 
13338ALGONA WA 900 2006-11-06 
I am thinking about building an 8 plex in the Tacoma, WA area or south of there, with each unit approx. 900 square feet. The units will all be rentals. Two bedrooms for each unit. Each unit identical. Two bathrooms for each unit. Gas fireplace for ea 
13337FRANKLINVILLE NJ 100 200 200 500 2006-11-06 
i have a rancher looking to add to the back and 1 side no basement will need plumbing and eletrical looking for a contractor to do all inc. permits will inc. a rear deck kitchen and extend bath 
13336CHARLESTON SC 300 121 110 364 2006-11-06 
1287 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, living room, kitchen, dining and garage which is
312 sqft. Patio included. bedroom one has vaulted ceilings. I would like price for Systems Built Homes. 
13335ORLANDO FL 1000 2006-11-06 
Tear down an old 1950's wood frame, wood floor home (no foundation) and rebuild a small 2 bed 1 bath house (approx. 1000-1100 sq ft living space).  
13334ADELAIDE WA 400 700 300 600 2006-11-06 
I would like to know around how much it would cost to build.  
13333HOUSTON TX 2006-11-05 
Need bathroom tile replaced in two bathrooms 
13332ORLANDO FL 903 2006-11-05 
I need a wood display which also works as storage (cds/magazines/cable box/dvd player) for a yellow painted dry wall which surrounds my LCD wall mount TV. Once installed, the unit must allow the TV arm to rotate in all directions. This is not a difficult  
13331HARMON OH 1000 2006-11-05 
Basement remodel on a manufactured home.
Frame walls and drywall. Drop ceiling.Few othe things 
13330IDAHO FALLS ID 150 300 2006-11-05 
I am interested in adding on a master suite to my current residence as well as possibly a two car garage with a studio apartment on a second floor. I am currently in that stage of collecting bids to determine the possible cost. 
13329HOPEWELL VA 2006-11-05 
We have a room that was built by the previous owners and it needs to be re-done. It is very poor work so I think it needs to be torn down and re-built. We are looking for about 100 sqft. It is attached to the kitchen and will be used for a laundry room. 
13328CUMMING GA 2006-11-03 
building a 16 by 24 garage attached to the house 
13327BARRETT TX 70 280 2006-11-02 
Remodel by adding another story to back side of the house, adding stairs a/c unit 2 bedrom approx. 150 sq ft each and bath approx. 100 sq ft. with a budget of $30,000 
13326BARRETT TX 70 280 2006-11-02 
Remodel by adding another story to back side of the house, adding stairs a/c unit 2 bedrom approx. 150 sq ft each and bath approx. 100 sq ft. 
13325COLDWATER KY 30 80 80 80 2006-11-02 
Looking for an estimate for constructing a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath house. I expect square footage to be between 900-1000 sq ft. Also will need at least a 1 car carport. 
13324MONROE GA 192 518 120 285 2006-11-02 
Total living area 1879 sq ft. 3br, 2 ba 
13323CHICAGO IL 800 2006-11-02 
Commercial vinyl tile to cover 800 square feet -- price installed 
13322INDIANAPOLIS IN 2006-11-02 
We have a walk out attic over the three car garage that I want converted into a bonus room/storage area. Roof over the garage would need to be raised as it currently is only 6 feet or less.Exterior is brick. Apprx sq. ft of 450-500 sq ft.  
13321DENVER CO 160 240 175 435 2006-11-01 
brooks tower condo needs complete redue new carpet hardwood/ kitchen redue granite counters, new tile in baths new sinks and faucets, etc 
13320BURLINGTON KS 2006-11-01 
Building a two story house with 1500sq ft on first floor and 1080sq ft on second. What should it cost for complete wiring no service needed. Just the panel, rough in and finish no fixtures. 
13319GILBERTS IL 2006-10-31 
Interested in the following:
3 bedrooms
2 1/2 bath
around 1900-2000 square feet
grand room (living and dining room combined)
family room
2 car garage 
13317LOWELL FL 2000 2006-10-29 
13316CO SPGS CO 600 600 600 1200 2006-10-28 
new addition to a existing ranch style house with new basement. 
13315SOUTH HOUSTON TX 250 1500 200 1600 2006-10-28 
1 master bedroom downstairs,master bath, seperate shower & tub,all bedrooms with medium sized closets,high ceiling, 2 car garage, 
13314WESTFIR OR 2006-10-28 
Just installed new metal roof. Would like cost estimates for continuous guttering of house and shop area. Estimate 140-150 feet of gutters needed with 4 downspouts and one elbow. We live in Westfir. 
13313BRUNER MO 2006-10-27 
building new house 3550 s.f. finished 1333 s.f. unfinished walk out basement 4 bed 4 bath living formal dinning, breakfast nook, rec-room 3 car garage, my land. 
13312BRUNER MO 2006-10-27 
13311COVINGTON WA 2006-10-27 
turn club house into two bedroom condo. should end up being 1000 sq to 1500 am not sure but could get back to you on the sq ft 
13310TACOMA WA 1600 2006-10-26 

I am contacting you regarding the development of our property at 1202 East 40th Street in Tacoma Wa. 98404 (Parcel 0320153003). This lot is zoned for R-2, One-Family Residential.

We currently own this 35000 sq ft parcel which has a 5 bed r 
13309BALTIMORE MD 2006-10-25 
How much will it cost to hang two new exterior doors and board up two windows? 
13308SULLY STATION VA 1700 2006-10-25 
Looking for Free estimation for Just to Remove the Partitions and make open space for new design. 
13307DETROIT MI 80 2006-10-25 
knock down a single wall 
13306DETROIT MI 2006-10-25 
knock down a single wall 
13305HAMILTON NJ 120 840 2006-10-24 
I'm interested in a second stroy addition for a 24 x 48 ranch in Hamilton NJ
Would like 4 bedrooms, 2 baths 
13304TOLEDO OH 120 2006-10-24 
remove old cabinets and countertop
remove old vinyl flooring
install underlayment for vinyl
install new vinyl flooring
install new cabinets
install new premade countertop

approx. 9 upper and lower cabinets only on one wall. besides pantry next  
13303BASKING RIDGE NJ 2006-10-24 
10'x10' framed/sheetrocked bedroom in corner of existing basement. To include 2 80x32" doors and 1 52X42" double pane window.

No electrical/heating work required. 
13302BASKING RIDGE NJ 2006-10-24 
Would like built a 10X10' room in basement to use as additional bedroom.

Need quote for framing/sheet rock to be built in corner of an existing basement. To include 2 80X30 doors and one 52X42 double paned window. Would like cost to exclude materials  
13301LAKE ARROWHEAD CA 2006-10-24 
upslope lot arrowhead villas lot 1512
wellsley drive 2br 1 ba 800 sq ft 
13300GLENCOE IL 2006-10-23 
13299GLENCOE IL 2006-10-23 
13298NORWALK CT 250 500 750 2006-10-23 
adding on a second floor 
13297NORWALK CT 1000 2006-10-23 
3 bedrooms added with 1-2 baths 
13296TAMPA FL 400 900 2006-10-23 
one bed-room 17x23
one game room 15x17
one bedroom 10x12 
13295CAMBRIA VA 120 2006-10-22 
Screeing in part of existing deck, roofing and tying into house, vaulted ceiling with pine boards. Would accept partial work (frame and roofing), allowing homeowner to finish screen and ceiling. 
13294BASIN MS 168 1000 252 2400 2006-10-22 
i am starting to get prices on building a house . I need a price on a foundation and every thing else. 
13293LOGAN UT 1252 2006-10-22 
Master Bed 17x13 Bedroom 2/ 12 6x11 Bdrm 3/ 9 6 x 9 6 Kitchen 12x10 Dining 10x9 Living Room 21 x 13 6 Covered Porch 8x23
Total SF 1436
13292BRANON NC 390 526 312 374 2006-10-21 
New house with full basement, 2 car garage with 14 x 22 bonus room over garage. Brick exterior. 
13291LEVITTOWN PA 425 187 425 2006-10-21 
I need one bath with shower, and the framing for two rooms only. Inside work not necessary. Considering also framing for second floor over the addition if price is reasonable 
13290KISSIMMEE FL 50 50 50 50 2006-10-21 
I am looking at building a small development of around 35 2 bed 2 bath condo units in the Kissimmee area.

I will also need a comunal swimming pool, some landscaping and a walled entry.

I need them to be around 850- 900 sq ft including terrace. I am  
13289KISSIMMEE FL 2006-10-21 
I am looking at building a small development of around 35 2 bed 2 bath condo units in the Kissimmee area.

I will also need a comunal swimming pool, some landscaping and a walled entry.

I need them to be around 850- 900 sq ft including terrace. I am  
13288PORTLAND OR 2006-10-20 
We own two lots in SE Portland that have a single family dwelling. Do to new zoning we are thinking of buildin town homes 3 or 4 units I would like to have some builders sit down and talk with me about how I may be able to maxamize my space. 
13287CHARLOTTE NC 2006-10-20 
I want to gut an existing two story farmhouse and change the floor plan. The total sq ft is 1850. I want master bedroom down stairs with master bath. Great room with open kitchen, 1/2 bath and small dining area. Upstairs two bedrooms with jack and jill ba 
13286WILLIS TX 2006-10-20 
We had our foundation raised and now 4 windows (2 upstairs & 2 down) won't work. We need to have them removed, the windows reframed squarely, and 4 new storm windows put in.  
13285CHULA VISTA CA 300 900 300 400 2006-10-19 
13283CLIFTON CO 2006-10-19 
13282FONDREN TX 2006-10-19 
Okay, I need help. My home was flooded, Sterling Knoll Subdivision, Webster, TX. Work would include flooring/carpeting for master bedroom, living area, hallway, utility room, drywall repair for bedroom, and possibly exterior siding as well. I estimate  
13281BATON ROUGE LA 80 340 200 3200 2006-10-18 
Want to brick our woodframe house.  
13280AVONDALE-GOODYEAR AZ 200 2006-10-18 
would like to remove carpet fron living rm and hallway and replace with sheet vinyl. 
13278LAS VEGAS NV 2006-10-17 
I am looking for general contrators in Nevada to build residential and commercial structures.

Audwin Whitmore 702 235-1582 
13277LAS VEGAS NV 2006-10-17 
I am looking for general contrators in Nevada to building residential and commercial structures.

Audwin Whitmore 702 235-1582 
13276FREEPORT NY 2006-10-16 
Need only a dormer shell and/or attic lifted to be turned in Master Bdroom in a Freeport, NY Colonial. 
13275WOODSTOCK VALLEY CT 2006-10-15 
I currently own a cape built in 2004 the master bedroom which is located on the main level,above the built in garage has cathedral ceilings, I was considering adding a loft above the master bedroom, there is already lighting up there, how much roughly wou 
13274WOODSTOCK VALLEY CT 2006-10-15 
I currently own a home in Woodstock Valley Connecticut I was thinking of having the basement finished, it is 446 square feet, I wanted to knock down the stairs and the wall put up a spiral staircase that way the basement is wide open how much would this  
13273BOGALUSA LA 250 600 160 400 2006-10-15 
about 1900 total living area 3000
for a concrete foundation 
13272BOGALUSA LA 60 144 160 400 2006-10-15 
about 1900 total living area 3000
for a concrete foundation 
13271NORTHWOOD NH 100 437 176 1200 2006-10-15 
existing home - need complete renovation
1 bath, kit, 3BR, living, dining, entry
roof, insulation, siding, floors
possible foundation work  
13270DETROIT MI 2006-10-15 
I'm interested in knowing how much it would cost to completely remove my old house and rebuild a new one from scratch. This is happening alot in my neighborhood. approx. 1500 or 1800 sq feet 2 baths 4 to 5 bedrooms. We are just nailing down our options. 
13269MC DONOUGH GA 700 300 600 2006-10-14 
House approx. 1600SF
1)Minor demolishing and rebuild inside and outside home, remove and re-install kitchen tiles,cabinetry, windows,lighting fixtures, minor deck repair and finishing. Master bedroom sheetrock and install french doors. Minor cem 
13268LORIS SC 2348 2006-10-14 
I have no idea the square feet of each bathroom.The total is 2348 for whole house.Plus 860 unfinished area upstairs.And 579 sqft in a garage. 
13267SACRAMENTO CA 400 1400 2006-10-13 
LDim: 35'X 80'=2800 square foot=.064 Acres.The city require for 250 square foot for one parking . I want two parking and around 1200 square foot for salon space. Is that enought space to build .If it is enought, Can I build one more space for 600 squa 
13266ANDICE TX 64 300 2006-10-12 
This is for a home office. The main room would be 12x25 and the bath would be 8x8. I
would like a rough estimate.  
13265LOS ANGELES CA 300 1200 2006-10-11 
Second story addition to existing house build in 1948. Approx 1500 sqft. Master bedroom & bath, 2 addl bedrooms & 1 bathroom.
13264SEGUIN TX 40 200 60 240 2006-10-10 
very small 2 bed, 1 bath 
13263DOVER FL 2006-10-09 
looking to build an attached 2car garage and concrete shell onto existing slab for a master bdrm. app. 70 feet of concrete block for a shell. prefer to do interior myself if possible. 
13262PASADENA CA 2006-10-09 
amerpaneling to be added onto existing property which already sits a house and garage we have not got the sqaure feet checked yet.We live in pasadena,california 91103 
13261CHESTER VA 2006-10-09 
24x24 garage attached to house with a walk in area from existing front porch. also a room at the top of the garage with a small bathroom. 
13260BUFFALO KY 140 458 121 1400 2006-10-08 
3br, 2ba, eat in kitchen, 6x40 covered porch, 10x20 deck, master bath with standup shower and whirlpool tub 
13258MONROVIA CA 2006-10-07 
Hi - i'd like a bid for a T&M job for 2 baths, 1st would be a shower hot mop, lite framing/blocking, tile/float, plaster/drywall ready for paint, floor tile
and install toilets, sink, etc

the second is install a jacuzzi tub, electrical, plumb, float / 


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