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12950DETROIT MI 2006-07-09 
My mom needs a wheel chair ramp and possibly a downstairs bathroom  
12949PASADENA TX 2006-07-09 
water damage-remove and replace flooring and baseboards-panel 3 walls 
12948BEAUMONT TX 96 2006-07-08 
redo marble shower and make it a tile shower, 4' by 42'', 7' 2''tall, has 2 full walls, 1 half wall with rest glass, front is glass, floor of bathroom will probably be retiled also (9 by 12)currently has carpet and one small section of tile (3 x 2),also j 
12947MONROE WA 2006-07-07 
new deck
approx. 250 square feet
would like concrete flooring, thick wood stairs,
black railings and gate.
deck is attached to house. 
12946FRENCH VILLAGE MO 2006-07-07 
I need an old septic tank and well taken out and replaced to meet new codes. lot is .42 acres and the house is 1766 sq ft. 
12945TACOMA WA 2006-07-06 
2000sf house, ranch style 
12944EDEN ISLE AR 225 1715 1345 2006-07-06 
This is a restaurant. I categorized the living area sq ft as the dining area.Total square feet is estimated at 3400 +/- 50. 
12943FRANKLIN TN 30 322 2006-07-06 
Replace 14' x 23' deck with family room w/skylights-open into kitchen (remove wall w/windows). Add small bath to bonus room. 
12942GLEN ELLYN IL 80 575 2006-07-05 
25X25,elec. gas, heatand ac duts. d 
12941CRECY TX 96 2006-07-05 
Need a bathroom addition for a school that is also wheel chair accessible. one comode, one sink and one urinal. tiledfloor and sheetrock and tiled wall.  
12940GREER SC 2006-07-05 
Screen Porch addition over existing wood deck. Roof addition required. 
12939RAYNHAM MA 2006-07-05 
Would like to install pull down attic staircase in the hallway of house in Raynham, MA 
12938ELIZABETHTOWN NC 2006-07-05 
1500 sq ft home..2 story. can only be 40 ft wide. Garage..master bed room on bottom floor. tw0 rooms up stairs. Bath and a half down stairs and one upstairs 
12937SHADLE GARLAND WA 2006-07-05 
I need the front porch and columns supporting the porch roof replaced. The home is 100 yers old but is certainly not a CLASSIC old home. 
12936MADISON HEIGHTS MI 2006-07-04 
two car garage attached to house. Currently garage is other corner of lot and will be removed. Single car driveway already exists up to side of house but will need to be widened. Garage slab will neeed to be put down. 
12935HAINESPORT TOWNSHIP NJ 300 2006-07-03 
I need 4 GFI Outlets installed, 1 power supply box for stove and 1 stove range installed.  
12934DETROIT MI 2006-07-02 
15x15 deck wqith 2 small stairways(4steps),step down to a brick pavent15x7 
12933NEWPORT NEWS VA 125 250 250 500 2006-07-02 
Looking to have a wooden fence installed in my backyard. 
12932SAINT AUGUSTINE FL 50 400 400 2006-07-02 
Want to add a mother-in-law suite to the back of my existing home. also looking to add a sunroom 27x15 and a carport 
12931MANASSAS VA 2006-07-01 
I want to whole town home remodel with drywall, painted and windows. The electric needs to updated.A new inexpensive heating/air conditioning unit. I want to put the home on the market to sell. 
12930HOLIDAY FL 300 2006-06-30 
would like advice on the app. cost for adding a 10 x 30 bedroom attached to back of garage 
12929BEACH VA 962 212 1576 2006-06-30 
There is a covered Lania 705 and a balcony of 94sq also 2nd floor lania 469 and 205 total sq under roof 2898 1st floor 2nd floor 2435 garage 1329 I don't know the exact bath sq but there is 5 baths you can see the Mirabella by Weber F2-5333-G it is under  
12928CASHIERS NC 750 2006-06-29 
need space made ready for hair salon. Would require adding 2 walls to make additional storage room possibly shelves and cabinets, and additional wall for tanning room. One solid wall adjoining rooms needs "window" opening  
12927CHAPEL HILL NC 2006-06-29 
24'x36' barn on acreage. Have professionally-designed plan/blueprint. Metal roof, two animal stalls. Approx. 700-800 sq. feet. 
12926BERNARDSVILLE NJ 2006-06-28 
quote on building new front steps, landing, and install new front door. Install bay window - build new mouldings. Front walkway 
12925IMPERIAL BEACH CA 2006-06-28 
Build 2 new homes on R-2 lot 1800 sq ft each
2 story , 3 Bdrm, 2 Bth , 2 car garage
same floor plan, already have plans drawings on level lot 6500 sq ft 
12924BUENA PARK CA 2006-06-28 
want to restucco a 1300 square foot home. Sandblast 1/4 inch and restucco with colored stucco. 
12923FRANKLIN TN 2006-06-27 
Need 30 x 40 metal building for garage 
12922REDFIELD NY 20 100 150 600 2006-06-27 
Small, but well insulated and good for winter, A- Frame or similar getaway house on property in Redfield NY. Need general idea of cost. 
12921LAS VEGAS NV 2006-06-27 
carports needed 
12920PENRYN CA 60 250 190 2006-06-27 
build a one bedroom quest house in the back yard how much per sq. ft would it cost? If resonable fee I may be interested in making it the max size allowed= 1000 sq. feet with a large living room. Please quote the 500ft 1st and 2nd bid at 1000 sq. ft. than 
12918EADS TN 124 432 216 216 2006-06-26 
3-12x12 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, living rm fading into dining rm, fading into kitchen. 2 car garage with laundry and storage area.
1 story, brick exterior, inssulated windows, AC.  
12917ALEDO TX 112 312 64 253 2006-06-26 
bath-2toliets,2 sinks.2 6x8 walk-in closets. 2 closets 3x5. metal roof, vinyl siding. pier and beam foundation. 
12916POTEAU OK 2006-06-26 
about 3500sq ft. 4 bed e ba two story all brick, wood and tile floors, upgrade counter tops 
12915POTEAU OK 2006-06-26 
about 3500 sqr feet two story all brick wood and tiel floors, upgrade counter tops 4 bed 4 ba 
12914CREST HILL IL 2006-06-26 
150 ft. concrete patio 
12913KENNEBUNKPORT ME 200 300 300 300 2006-06-26 
older home in need of complete rehab 
12912EADS TN 60 550 275 300 2006-06-26 
To be built on existing slab(inspected and termite treated)41' wide and 30' deep. Two story with two car garage and work space down
stairs and living space up.Already have septic and water installed.Underground conduit installed to meter approx.100 feet  
12911LA JOYA TX 300 500 300 300 2006-06-26 
3 bed all with bathroom
1 common bathroom.
lounge kitchen

plot size 6000 sq ft 
12910BONIFAY FL 3029 2006-06-26 
I need to get a house framed and dryed in. It is approx 3029 sq ft. 4 bdrms, 3 full baths, large 1-storey rectangular house with a porch across the width of the front.  
12909GALENA NV 120 2006-06-25 
I would like to add a room to my existing double wide mobile home. 
12908TACOMA WA 20 900 2006-06-25 
I want to build a one bathroom office space in my back yard. only one window will be needed and approx 550 square feet on a Concrete Slab with enough electric ran to it to run a recording studio  
12907GRAHAMVILLE VT 64 720 720 2006-06-25 
We are adding a breezeway, bathroom/laundry and garage (down) and bonus room/bedroom upstairs to an existing small 3 bedroom 2 bath Cape on East Hill Road. We would like a quote on weather tight shell with rough electric to be completed, hopefully, by No 
12906MAYO FL 1650 2006-06-25 
need house on stilts, Suwanee River, not in flood zone. Required to be up 4 feet prefer 8. Great Room - open constuction. Riverside screened / covered deck. outside to match natural setting 
12904GRAFTON WV 2006-06-25 
i need someone to hang drywall in my 11 room house i belive that i need 350 sheets of drywall hung . My husband is over seas right now I would like to finish it before he returns. Everything else is done . Would not have to finish the drywall just hang i 
12903GRAFTON WV 2006-06-25 
i need someone to hang drywall in my 11 room house i belive that i need 350 sheets of drywall hung . My husband is over seas right I would like to finish it before he returns. Everything else is done . Would not have to finish the drywall just hang it .. 
12902CANTON OH 1500 1200 350 5500 2006-06-24 
12901ADAMSVILLE TN 2006-06-24 
Currently there is a 4bd, 1ba, 1500sf home that needs to be completely remodeled and when completed needs to be 4bd, 2ba, 1500sf home. Would like to add a 2 car garage. 
12900HARTFORD WA 144 824 130 897 2006-06-24 
1 1/2 floor farmhouse-style 4br 2-1/2ba with unfinished basement floor(31 x 52 - 1612 sq ft). Also add a (21 x 22 - 462 sq ft) 2-car garage. Fireplace.

Do not include paint, carpeting, electrical, or kitchen/bathroom sinks & tubs. 
12899DOUGLASVILLE GA 250 4635 225 200 2006-06-23 
Simple child care center. 6 rooms, 4 kiddie restrooms 3 toilets each,2 other rms sink only, 1 employee restroom, storage rm, laundry rm, kitchen, office,circular drive 
12898WATERFORD MI 144 2006-06-23 
New Home Construction on approved 2 acre lot.
Total Square feet 2366
Main level Sq FT 1701
Upper Level Sqft 665
3 bdrms
2.1 bath
2 levels

Property is Ray toownship, MI 
12897PGH PA 2006-06-23 
We are building a new home in Greentree, Pa. 
12896ENFIELD CT 300 2006-06-23 
installation of @ 15 sheets of 3/4 sheet rock to walls & ceiling of living room 
12895ENFIELD CT 2006-06-23 
installation of @ 15 sheets of 3/4 sheet rock to walls & ceiling of living room 
12894JACKSONVILLE FL 350 2006-06-23 
remodel kitchen, take out walls, new counter tops,inline hot water, dishwasher, new cabnets 
install a shower into a 1/2 bathroom that only has a sink and a toilet on the first floor of a house. 
12892OMAHA NE 2006-06-22 
replace concrete steps leading to front door. Larger landing, brick look to match front of house 
12891CANAAN LAKE NY 2006-06-22 
wood deck cca 8ft.x12ft. off ground about 2ft. attached to back of house. lower deck two steps down 8ft. x 8ft. lattice railing (vinyl ) 
12890MUKWONAGO WI 2006-06-22 
looking to add addition to home. Need kitchen and bath remodeled and adding inlaw addition to include living area bathroom, bedroom. Also need laundry area and new attached 2 car garage. Whole house needs new siding and new furnace to handle addition.  
12889BEL AIRE KS 156 2006-06-22 
Framed unfinished bedroom w/daylite window in basement to be finished including electrical to code, framing in a two-bifold door closet, hanging a door, drywall, painting and floor covering. Not in a hurry to get the job done but want to locate an accept 
12888LINCOLN HEIGHTS CA 3000 2006-06-22 
need contractor to raise land to flood level(100'x220'),lay asphalt parking lot (50'x100'), prepare foundation for new building (40'x80')cinder block building OK. Building consist of 2 (8'x10') offices, 2(5'x10')bathrooms, 1(5'x7')den. please itemize  
12887JACKSONVILLE FL 2006-06-21 
An approxiamate cost to put siding on a 1800 sq ft home and windows(4@ 48inches wide & 13 @ 36 in wide). 
12886HARLEYSVILLE PA 375 2006-06-20 
Current house (twin) is on a slab. Looking to add a basemnet 25 by 15 feet. I am interested in just the unfinished basement, framed out walls and ceiling and cement floors. What would be the difference beteen an 8 foot ceiling comparted to a 10 foot cei 
12885HOOKSETT NH 2006-06-20 
cost per sq. foot to build a basement apartment. approx 1000 sq. ft 
12884HARTSDALE NY 300 300 2006-06-20 
We are interested in rough estimates for building an extension to a two-story home. The extension will include a garage with a dining room above and a bedroom above the dining room.  
12883MONTGOMERY TX 300 1200 400 400 2006-06-20 
I am building in the Conroe area. Thank you for the bids. 
12882HARTSDALE NY 600 300 2006-06-20 
We would like to build an extension to the left side of the house (top and bottom)extending three current existing rooms (extend kitchen on first floor and 2 bedrooms on second floor). Depth of room is 20x15. Total addition would be approximately 900 squa 
12881MIDDLETOWN DE 2006-06-20 
2000 sq ft vanillia box. Turning into store front, offices, storage, and shipping. Have layout for more information. 
12880NESCONSET NY 2006-06-20 
I have found a piece of property that I would like to build a house on. I am in the beginning stages of finding out if it would be feasable to purchase the land, build a home on it, and sell my current home at the same time. Obviously it is dificult to  
12879NEWNAN GA 2006-06-19 
Need a quote to build a 22' X 24' detached garage w/ 16' metal door, brick front, hardiplank siding in subdivision that requires these guidelines. Would also like price with & without finished room upstairs. 
12878AMHERST NY 2006-06-19 
looking company to build home in claren es ny.i have lot 100*485 and blueprints2535f2 contemp.,3bedr.,2,5bath,up to 230k. 
12877NORTH WALTHAM MA 45 100 2006-06-19 
12876CLYMER PA 2006-06-19 
Block basement with two windows, 13 blocks high, 60'x27'5 1/2"; sewage system with 3-4 ditches, 100' long 
12875DOTHAN AL 2006-06-19 
possibily want to build log home on Walnut Mtn. Desire main level, upper level with loft and full basement (set up for laundry/bedroom/bath and other storage. must have large pine and cathedral ceilings,metal roof, stone fireplace. Lots of plank and pine  
12874BEAUX ARTS WA 160 192 80 225 2006-06-18 
a breezeway from the house to a building with a garage downstairs and in-laws quarters upstairs.the breezeway is 10x15 and will have a laundry room.the garage is to be 24x24. there is to be all plumbing and electrical to all additions.excavation for garag 
12873DEL CITY OK 2006-06-18 
build a aluniium carport onto garage 
12872KATHLEEN GA 200 782 180 180 2006-06-18 
Additionally, patio sq ft @ 360; family room or den at 340 sq ft; and three car garage. 
12870ARTESIAN IA 2006-06-18 
To pour a concrete basement (unfinished) for a modular home. The house is 28'X50' (1400sq.ft.) 
12869ABINGDON MD 400 400 3500 2006-06-16 
Paint Two Story Foyer 400 sqaure feet?
Paint Ceiling 3500 sqaure feet
Put crown molding in Foyer, Kitchen
Master Bedroom.

Paint outside touch up (house 2 years new)
Power wash whole house 
12868POWELL TN 300 450 500 2700 2006-06-16 
we have our plans already. it is a frank betz design. we want a big living room. and to add another bedroom on the main besides the master. it has four bedrooms and a bonus room 
12867POWELL TN 2700 2006-06-16 
we have our plans already. it is a frank betz design. we want a big living room. and to add another bedroom on the main besides the master. it has four bedrooms and a bonus room 
12866ENFIELD CT 40 350 2006-06-15 
-We are ready to enlarge an upstairs 1/2 bath by knocking out a wall and extending it into an adjacent bedroom to allow for the installation of a shower stall. New fixtures, floor, venting, etc. will be necessary, and a new wall to close off the bedroom 
12865ASBURY GARDENS NJ 2006-06-15 
I have a one story ranch. I want to build up. I would like to discuss the potential of adding one (1) full bathroom, not sure how big, but pretty nice size, two (2) nice size bedrooms, and, if possible, moderate size living room 
12864PARKERSBURG WV 500 2006-06-15 
2 car detached garage. exterior dim. 28'x32' with upstairs loft. 4 windows down, 4 up. vinyl siding, shingle roof. 
12863BRADDOCK NJ 400 2006-06-15 
just need an estimate on basement for under this new family room. 20x20 will be the size. Digging Foundation & Framing Price Quote? 
12862BRADDOCK NJ 20 2006-06-15 
just need an estimate on basement for under this new family room. 20x20 will be the size. Digging Foundation & Framing Price Quote? 
12861PORTLAND CT 750 1100 350 400 2006-06-15 
new house built custom designed 
12860MARYVILLE MO 1800 2006-06-14 
12859PORT CHARLOTTE FL 2006-06-14 
Out Door Kitchen Cabinets. "Starboard construction. 96" total overall length. Opening for a 24" undercounter ref. Sink base cabinet for a bar sink and a grill cabinet. I will provide all appliances and counter top. Please price job as a pick-up self insta 
12858PORT CHARLOTTE FL 2006-06-14 
An ODK built out of "Starboard" that will have an under counter refrigerator opening, a bar sink, and a grill. I will supply the appliances and countertop. This is a new product I heard about that has a lifetime warranty and all stainless steel hardware. 
12857HIGHLANDS TX 150 300 2006-06-14 
Would like estimates on building a master bath and BR and a 2 car detatached garage onto an existing pier & beam house in Highlands, Tx.  
12856CRYSTAL LAKE PARK MO 300 2006-06-13 
I need to gut and remodel this room for office space for my new business  
12855CHICAGO IL 2006-06-13 
I would like a cost estimate. I would like to tear down our present home and build a 3-BR, 2Bath brick home. 
12854CHESTNUT HILL CT 300 266 228 192 2006-06-13 
please provide a detail breakdown of all the costs 
12853FORT PIERCE FL 3000 2006-06-13 
12852E PEPPERELL MA 2800 2006-06-13 
I'm looking around, no start date yet, on the cost to build a 2800 square foot home. Thank you. 
12851TRAFFORD PA 250 700 200 400 2006-06-12 
Wanted cost estimate for new home: split or 2 story. 3 bedrooms, eat in kitchen, 2.5 bathrooms, family room and den (no formal living room or dining room). 2 car garage. 
12850EAST TN 100 400 2006-06-12 
Add master suite, bath & walk-in closet in attic. Attic has good access and ceiling height. Bathroom can be above current plumbing in downstairs. In historic East Nashville that is seeing much renovation so fixtures & quality must be on par with area.  
12849ALEXANDRIA NH 80 424 2006-06-12 
We are on the side of a hill. Would like estimate on foundation.The addition will consist of living room and bath.  
12848LAS VEGAS NV 40 200 60 220 2006-06-12 
need a guest house,or granny flat 21ft by 28 feet complete with living area,kitchen,bedroom,bathroom and a small area for stackable washer and dryer.not sure how to state square footage. 


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