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12116NORTH PROSSER WA 2006-01-11 
two story home, 2 bath, 4 bedroom 2 car garage - how much do you charge per sq. ft.? Est. 2000 sq. ft. total
Does this include sub-contractor charges? (electric, plumbing, etc.) 
12115KILA MT 72 144 196 640 2006-01-11 
two story with basement well and septic 4 bed 2.5 baths dining room 2000 sqft total 
this is for an insulated garage door, need 2 bottom pannels plus the door insulated (double) or if this cannot be done a new insulated garage door. thank you, Jeri Moore 
12113MONTEAGLE TN 256 1548 225 1977 2006-01-11 
my house is old and im not sure if i should remodel or rebuild. it's about1440 sq.ft. i want 4800 the end. 
12112NEW BALTIMORE NY 2006-01-11 
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12111DEWITT VA 100 301 81 518 2006-01-10 
New construction of 1000 sq. ft. maximum to be connected to existing house via breezeway or porch. Have house plan considering. 
12110TEMPLE GA 2006-01-10 
I need a large two car garage with a loft. 25 feet wide 30 feet long 
12109LAREDO TX 300 2006-01-10 
12108LAWRENCE KS 64 120 120 2006-01-10 
Additional bedroom/bath for elderly parent, possibly small den. Start and end dates are flexible, room sizes flexible. 
12107AVON PARK FL 300 900 300 300 2006-01-09 
i want a 3 bed 2 bath with regular living room and reg kitchen with central heat and air and a dining area. block home 
12106REYNOLDSBURG OH 1000 2006-01-09 
Finish basement in new (2003) built home. Partition into 3 rooms; Media, Office, exercise. No plumbing. Basic walls with basic trim.  
12105DALLAS TX 100 300 225 300 2006-01-09 
Addition to home measuring 35x15, 2 story. simple attachment to existing structure. 
12104SNELL VA 2006-01-09 
having log home dried in on Lake Anna. Need someone to do the electrical and plumbing work. 3 bedroom/2 bath house approx 1580 sq ft. 
12103SNELL VA 2006-01-09 
I am having a 36x28 log home dried in in Spotsylvania county on Lake Anna and need a price to do the electrical and plumbing work. 3 bedroom/2 bath. 
12102FREDERICK MD 240 2006-01-09 
two story commercial hvacr business 36' by 60'. on the second story i need three 20' by 24' rooms and four 12' by 20' rooms and two on the first story i need five six foot by 24' foot for garage and two 12' by 24' rooms for work area and 1 12' by 12' for  
12101DALLAS GA 100 250 2006-01-09 
Finish one room, closet and bath in basement. Stubbed for bath already. two entrances from garage area. Need walls, sheet rock, ceiling (hanging or sheet rock), electircal, plumbing, heating & air. Heating and Air ducts are currently overhead. I will inst 
12100LEAGUE CITY TX 2006-01-08 
Want to install a stair rail with banaster where a short wall presently exsists. 
12099HAPPY VALLEY OR 2006-01-08 
plan to build a 50x80 one story vanilla shell commercial building on a 100x150 corner lot, need to know the est cost 
12098EAGLEVILLE MO 2006-01-08 
building-12ft.by16ft.with front porch 
12097DEWITT VA 100 321 100 479 2006-01-08 
Project would be connecting 1000 sq. ft. maximum new construction to existing house via breezeway or porch. Project would connect to existing well and sewer, to be on slab foundation. Separate utilitity connections (phone,electric, heat/ac, etc.) would  
12096BAY HEAD NJ 2006-01-08 
3800 sq ft 3 story brick & stucco home fire damaged (main fire in roof). Need full remodeling of ENTIRE house + add a level. Use shell, add full 3rd floor, rehab remainder 
12095KENNESAW GA 2006-01-08 
I want to build a 16x16 storage "shed", 10x16 is enclosed, with a large door, 6x16 is open, similiar to a rocking chair front porch. Land is slightly sloping, prefer gable roof to match existing house, I have a sample picture I can email someone. Thanks,  
12094DATELAND AZ 2006-01-07 
want to build foundation for 36' by 72' metal building to be used as living space/workshop/garage - would like to get a rough idea of cost with a few different options in mind
1. foundation with basement
2. foundation without basement
3. foundation wit 
12093DATELAND AZ 2006-01-07 
want to build foundation for 36' by 72' metal building to be used as living space/workshop/garage - would like to get a rough idea of cost with a few different options in mind
1. foundation with basement
2. foundation without basement
3. foundation wit 
12092SAIPAN MP 300 300 400 400 2006-01-07 
I would like to build a concrete home and I need estimates on how many concrete blocks to purchase. 
12091ROCKFORD MI 50 2006-01-06 
Want to move a small wall to make closet bigger and shower smaller, install new vanity and sink top, rip out tile in shower to then use swanstone or something similar in shower, tear out top of wall next to sink and move some electric to have a smaller mi 
12090OSHKOSH WI 2006-01-05 
condominiums...1600 sq. feet each with no basement ...only crawl space. 12 to 18 condos...unknown start date 
12089ROCHESTER MN 60 200 340 2006-01-05 
We are thinking of finishing our basement on a new townhouse. It has about 600 sf total. We would like to create 1 bedroom, family room, and 3/4 bathroom, and stairs. 
12088BAY CITY MI 150 480 2006-01-05 
I have a 2 bedroom home and would like to build an upstairs on my home. I would like a bathroom and 2 bedrooms upstairs. My house is only 900 square feet. Please send me your quotes. Thanks. 
12087BEVERLY HILLS MI 13 2006-01-05 
Expand the master bedroom suite to include a walkin closet and space for a lounging area. 
12086COLUMBUS OH 2006-01-04 
drywall for foyer ceiling needs to be hung...also a crack in the wall needs sort of a t-shaped foyer which measures 79 inches on wide end, 32 1/2 inches on the narrow end...other work needed at house also...100 year old home in downtown Colu 
12085FLEMINGTON NJ 150 300 2006-01-04 
New 2 story addition on existing quad level home. Adding ground level home office, new 3 car garage (upgrade or remove existing 2 car garage)with new master bedroom/bathroom above. Plans already drawn. 
12084APO AE 800 1400 400 600 2006-01-04 
Duplex with 2800 sq ft on one unit and 1800 sq ft on the other unit. Both with 2-car garages. 
12083CUPSAW LAKE NJ 82 479 66 2006-01-04 
add a level 1/2 baths 1@10x5 1@4x8
3br 11x12.6 11x14 12.6x15.6
stairs etc = living sq ft 
12082DANIA FL 1200 2006-01-04 
building a pergula, adding an in ground hot tub and paving complete backyard - outdoor living space added 
12081BLEECKER NY 2006-01-04 
4 x 6 side porch with slanted roof. Open all the way around except a railing 4'on both sides. 4 stairs with 2 handrails. Solid roof with shingle. Treated wood. 
12080WOODBURY CT 2006-01-03 

New home 4Beds 2.5Baths, Colonial style, 2 cars garage, Walk out basement 1700-1800 sqft. Hard wood floor lower level  
12079CHICAGO IL 2006-01-02 
Want to Dormer back of house; make two bedrooms out of one. Classis Chicago frame house.  
12078TACOMA WA 60 80 1400 2006-01-02 
Remodel 1400 office space on third floor. Most of the space is empty, with two small offices along the perimeter. Work to be done includes adding 2 bathrooms (connected to plumbing on second floor),four more offices, a kitchen (with cupboards and fridge 
12077BOWERY HAVEN UT 2006-01-01 
New interior for 1500-2000 sq ft open commercial space carpeting, walls, cielings and fixtures. 
12076BRISTOL WI 2006-01-01 
Need a contractor to dig and set up basement and need a contractor to set up 28x60 manufatured home on the basement. 
12075FRANKLIN MA 2005-12-31 
I want to add a 23'x40' second story addition to existing ranch house. I hope to add three bdrms and 1.5 or two baths in the second story addition. 
12074ELGIN SC 600 913 300 1187 2005-12-30 
Single story - 3 car garage w/wrk area - lg mstr bedroom with two walkin closets - lg master bath - 21/2 adl baths Two additional bedrooms, study and large great room. open to kitchen and dining area. Fire place  
12073BLOOMFIELD NM 300 2005-12-30 
remodeling garage into existing livingroom 
12072WARWICK RI 2005-12-30 
Project is 2904 s.f. of living area (1-story)with attached 2-car garage on a slab foundation. This is a panelized home, walls and roof trusses will be supplied. Home to be built in Sterling, CT. 
12071CLEVELAND OH 2005-12-29 
replace 2 car frame garage w/overhead door & operator on existing pad 
12070CLEVELAND OH 2005-12-29 
2 car frame detached garage on existing concrete pad with overgead gaeage door 
12069CLOVER SC 2005-12-29 
I am looking to turn my outside porch/deck into an inside sunroom with glass pannels to replace the small wooden gate around my porch/deck, I will need a door coming from the inside to the deck, I will probably need new floor, need electricity, and that i 
12068CLOVER SC 2005-12-29 
I am looking to turn my outside deck/porch into a sunroom, I am not looking to make a deal or appointment I am just looking for a price that it might cost to turn my outside deck/porch into an inside sunroom. Everything on it is totally outside, there is 
12067NIANTIC CT 2005-12-29 
currently we live in a 1350 sqft one level 3bdr ranch. unfinished basement w/ attic. we would like to add on a second level consisting of 4 bdrs & 1 bathroom. I would like to convert the downstairs into a kitchen/great room .  
12066SPOKANE WA 60 270 300 300 2005-12-29 
In-law dwelling total 950 sq ft. attached to existing house with full kitchen, heating and A/C, laundry with washer and dryer pre-wired and plumbing-ready, a new one-car garage (about 500 sq. ft) attached to exsiting garage, and a 14'x8' back deck; Some b 
12065BIRCH BAY WA 2005-12-29 
sheetrock,tape and mud frontroom,bedroom,bathroom, hang kitchen cabinets (I HAVE). Need back porch and front porch built 
12064LODI CA 50 500 150 500 2005-12-28 
I have a kitchen that needs entirely redone,10ftX6ft,cabinets 10ft,6ft and 8ft long, I need grantie or corian counters. A master bath that needs a double sink added w/vantiy,shower w/tile and tile floor (50 sq ft). Hall bath that needs reglazing/cleaned  
12063HOUSTON TX 2005-12-28 
Remodel 13 step staircase. Will need new treads. Existing hand rail needs to be tightened up. Hand rail, spindles & stringer will need to be refinished.  
12062NEWCASTLE OK 300 2005-12-27 
Turn garage into bedroom/bath and add on a garage. 
12061CARROLLTOWNE MD 2005-12-27 
Need a Basement Egress window and escape well installed.

Will require excavation, cutting a hole for a casement window in a poured concrete foundation
Rough size estimate 30" wide by 54"" tall.

Would like like something similar to Well craft Mode 
12060TAFT CA 2005-12-27 
Would like to add a master bedroom and master bathroom on to house.  
12059CLARKSTOWN NY 2005-12-27 
I need to have two shower doors install (one panel)plus a sliding door on a bathtub. 
12058CHICAGO IL 230 1000 500 2005-12-27 
Existing renovated 1400 sq ft, 2 story 2 bdrm, 1 bth brick home in Chatham area. I want to add matching levels to back w/3 bdrms on 2nd level; 1 mstr w/mstr bth, dining, family and 3 season room on 1st main level 
12057KEWANNA IN 2005-12-27 
wanting to know what it would cost to build a full size basement under my home 
12056EL DORADO HILLS CA 1000 2005-12-27 
would like to add approximately 1000 sqft to existing home. I need an approx price. 
12055ORANGE PARK FL 118 456 192 2005-12-26 
Single story residence, eliminating existing shared wall in kitchen/mbath to open kitchen. Extending front entry/dining 11' to square up front. Adding 2nd story consisting of 11'5"x18' bonus room and 14'x28' master including bath and closet.  
12054HENDERSONVILLE NC 850 2005-12-26 
Finish basement into playroom, including: tile floors; sheetrocked walls with paint; finished ceilings; recessed lighting; three metal poles enclosed with wood; inexpensive heating, with own thermostat. Already have outside entrance.  
12053DAVENPORT FL 175 721 391 437 2005-12-26 
With a sepearate Quote for a one bedroom one bath apt. in back (Not ATTACHED). hooked into the main water and electric. Bath =100 living sqft = 289 Entrance area = 50 
12052ALBANY NY 2005-12-25 
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12051ALBANY NY 2005-12-25 
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12050HUME NY 2005-12-25 
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12049FITCHBURG MA 120 144 300 270 2005-12-24 
12048SPRINGFIELD VA 150 210 176 225 2005-12-22 
looking for a rough estimate of the price per square foot to build a new home on a wooded lot in the manassas, va area. any info on estimated costs to bring in untilities, sewer, etc. would also be appreciated. I'm just trying to get the ball rolling on 
12047PARADISE MO 2005-12-22 
new home wanted in Smithville. Would like a modified reverse ranch - must close by 5/31/06 If you can meet this deadline, contact me.  
12046LEBANON CHURCH VA 198 165 1680 2005-12-21 
Archway Press Plan #HYG-1052/Country Victorian. 900sq ft 1st level/780 2nd 21/2
baths. Stone fireplace/wooden floors-wrap
around porch-roughed in 15x
11. Dining/Living26'6x12'
12045LEBANON CHURCH VA 18 15 1680 2005-12-21 
Archway Press Plan #HYG-1052/Country Victorian. 900sq ft 1st level/780 2nd 21/2
baths. Stone fireplace/wooden floors-wrap
around porch-roughed in 15x
11. Dining/Living26'6x12'
12044CHERRY RUN WV 1500 2005-12-21 
Approx. how much would it cost to build a 1500 sq ft home on a 1500 sq ft unfinished basement in Martinsburg WV.Either a split foyer or cape cod. 3 bedrooms 2 baths  
12043BENTON HARBOR MI 100 500 2005-12-19 
i want a bedroom and a full bath built over my garage 
12042BETHLEHEM PA 150 2005-12-19 
We need to add a bedroom (over the garage?) on our 1980ish Colonial. 
12041GROVEPORT OH 1200 2005-12-18 
want to install hardwood flooring in entry hallway,dining room,1/2 bath, kitchen and laundry room. approx 1200 sq feet. current flooring is ceramic tile in entry,hallway and kitchen, vinyl flooring in bath and laundry room and dining room is carpeted. 
12040EGG HARBOR NJ 42 264 144 140 2005-12-18 
I have a very small rancher in Galloway w/2 bedrooms and eat-in kitchen. I want to make 1 bedroom part of living room (knock out 1 wall), make other bedroom a hallway, add 2 new bedrooms, remodel the kitchen, and add a dining/mud room. 
12039TRENTON FL 45 2005-12-17 
24x40 workshop garage, 4/12 hip roof (3' eaves, no dripedge, open tail rafters), 26 ga 5v crimp galv roofing, (2) 16' garage doors, full bath, work sink, w/d hookup, unfinished interior, 200 amp service, shiplap siding, 2 large 2 small windows & 1 door 
12038WASHINGTON DC 6000 200 200 400 2005-12-16 
12037WASHINGTON DC 6000 2005-12-16 
12036EVERETT WA 2005-12-16 
We're looking at carpeting about 1,400 sq. ft. of living space within the next month.  
12035PHOENIX AZ 1500 2005-12-14 
Building 8 townhouses 1600 square foot each, 3 stories, looking for cost estimates 
12034CHADBOURN NC 2005-12-14 
not sure of room sizes yet. do want at least 3 bedrooms, & 2 bathrooms. I want at least a 2200 square foot home.  
12033DANIELS MD 2005-12-13 
Adding an attached two-car garage to match existing home, which was built about 8 years ago in Ellicott City, HO county. 
12032GARLAND TX 200 2005-12-13 
remove current shower tile and replace with new pan, tile and enclosure. it's size is 48x32.5 . replace bedwall on other side of shower from leak damage, door trim in bath room. not sure about sq feet. of bath.  
12031TOWNVILLE SC 120 170 710 2005-12-13 
Finish a terrace level about 1,000 sq.ft.
consisting of a recreation room with a wet bar, full bath, heatind and air, 1 bedroom 
12030WASHINGTON DC 40 400 50 300 2005-12-13 
House is currently 996 sqft. Will need to be knocked down and rebuilt. Would like to expand to 1200 total living space with 3Bd, 2ba. 
12029BLUFFDALE UT 200 300 500 1500 2005-12-12 
12028DANVILLE CA 95 300 300 400 2005-12-12 
Build the following home: 3155 total sq ft
12027DANVILLE CA 2005-12-12 
Build the following home: 3155 total sq ft
12026COLTON CA 100 200 2005-12-11 
I have a house with 8000 square feet back yard , ready to build a extra house. This property is in zoning R2.  
12025COLTON CA 80 180 2005-12-11 
Extra house on my land , zoning R2 with an existing house on the front.  
12024ATL GA 168 210 108 2254 2005-12-10 
3 br, 2.5 ba ranch home, hardiplank siding, side or rear entry garage, fire place, walk in closets in bath rooms, 21'x15.8'family room, front porch and 14'x12' deck in the rear. 
12023NORTH KINGSTOWN RI 2005-12-09 
Two floor c.1929 house with 1700 sq ft. (1st flr 1062 sq ft, 2nd flr 650 sq ft). Would like to expand 2nd floor and add 3rd flr for total of apprx. 2800 sq ft. Also eliminate some interior walls on 1st to create more open layout, and redo kitchen and ba 
12022DALLAS TX 2000 2005-12-08 
12021ARLINGTON HEIGHTS IL 100 2005-12-07 
12020SAN FRANCISCO CA 2005-12-07 
Need the frame to our front entrance door fixed. Currently tried to fit in a prehung door but had issues and now door is askew. We need to get it fixed as the cold weather is affecting the interior of our house. Thanks. 
12019NEWTOWN PA 800 2005-12-06 
Need 1 egress window and well (ie, Bilco Scapewell) installed for future basement finishing. Interior townhome with poured concrete foundation. Will accept bids for both egress window and basement finishing from qualified contractor. Basement approx. 8 
12018CRYSTAL RIVER FL 1015 1520 1818 2020 2005-12-06 
i need 5 or 6 bdrm house 
12017SALT LAKE CITY UT 640 2005-12-03 
We are looking to put in a basement under an existing home. We will need the exivating and construction of wall/footers 


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