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11071PASADENA CA 2005-07-19 
Want someone to install pull down attic staircase in the hallway of our house in Pasadena, CA 
11070ROSEMOUNT MN 40 2005-07-19 
We are looking for someone to put in a shower. We have tile and would like it replaced with a full shower shell. 
11069HOLLYWOOD CA 2005-07-19 
would like to build a 3200 sq ft home in the hollywood hills,what will it cost 
11068HOLMES NY 60 2005-07-18 
crown molding in two rooms
tooth molding in 12 /12
other rooom basic molding 15/15 
11067BROOKLYN NY 36 2005-07-18 
renovate bathroom, replace bath tiles, minor electrical work, replace vanity, sink and reglaze tub. 
11066TARPON SPRINGS FL 12 12 16 2005-07-18

Cut and paste the link on top to see this web cite and tell me how much would something like this cost to build? but i don't want 3 car garage just 2 car garage. I  
11065NEW YORK NY 528 2005-07-18 
Requesting itemized costs for hanging sheetrock (to include the 12 foot high ceiling) in a 22 x 24 square foot room with 4 standard wall outlets. The room has 2 standard size double hung windows and 1 doorway. Please itemize the cost to hang the sheetro 
11064DENVER CO 300 500 2005-07-18 
Looking to Pop the top of 1929 bungalow and add one bath and master bedroom, maybe small balcony. Just want to add dormers. Need staircase up too. Project not gonna happen for a while trying to get a feel for the cost first. 
11063BLACK EARTH WI 100 2005-07-18 
We want to add wayne's coating to my daughters bedroom. Bedroom includes 2 windows and is approximately 10 x 10. Would also need to remove exisiting paneling and paint the room. 
11062E NORTHPORT NY 2005-07-18 
Bathroom is from the 1960's. Gut and redo everything from walls to floors, vanity, toilet, and tub, window and door.
Bath is approx 6 feet by 6 feet 
11061AULT FIELD WA 150 700 200 550 2005-07-17 
std 3 bed, 2 bath house with nice kitchen and large living area. 1 master bed with master bath, 2 "common" beds, and 1 regular full bath. 
11060AULT FIELD WA 125 500 100 550 2005-07-17 
basic 3br, 2 bath, with nice kitchen and large living area. 1 master bedroom with master bath, 2 "common" bedrooms, 1 extra full bath. 
11059CORCORAN MN 20 144 50 100 2005-07-17 

We are looking for a contractor to finish our basement.

Please contact me via email.

Thank You,

11058BROOMFIELD CO 2005-07-17 
I have 1/2 basement finished already. I would like to convert the other 1/2 existing crawlspace to finished basement, appx 300 sf. Please contact if interested 
11057CHALMETTE LA 500 1500 500 2500 2005-07-17 
The total square foot per room is just an estimate. I am looking for an approximate estimate on a home with 2500 square feet of living space. 
11056BILOXI MS 2005-07-17 
I want to close in my carport and make it into a den. The carport is 12 feet wide and 27 feet long. The laundry room is outside now so I would like that to be closed inside the den with some doors. 
11055HOUSTON TX 9999 300 300 300 2005-07-17 
add on to the back of house a bedroom/bath enlarge kitchen & family room 
11054CHESTERFIELD MO 140 340 2005-07-17 
Newly acquired home, planning to gut kitchen, remove recessed ceiling, change layout of cabinetry to open up space, install recessed lighting, new cabinets, granite counter tops, ceramic tile floors (extending into breakfast area), stainless steel applian 
11052BONAVENTURE FL 2005-07-17 
I want to build a structure in my yard that looks like my home, and houses a bbq and bar. I also want a refridgerator built in. Nothing too extravagent but nice, and matching my home.  
11051BONAVENTURE FL 2005-07-17 
I want to build a structure in my yard that looks like my home, and houses a bbq and bar. I also want a refridgerator.  
11050GAITHERSBURG MD 2005-07-17 
Im looking to build a 3br 2ba ranch style home in petersburg,wv. I would like the home to be 1500sq with an unfinished walkout basement and a front porch. I have a level wooded lot in which the lot will be cleared before construction starts 
11049CHATTANOOGA TN 2005-07-17 
convert a single car garage into a finish room. garage is 12ft by 24ft in size. Close off the garage door to match the front of the house and install a window. 
I'd like to tear down a wall in the basement between two rooms. 
11047JAMAICA NY 300 300 1000 1000 2005-07-16 
Bed n Breakfast new construction 5 Bedroooms with 5 Full Baths, A Large Formal Dining Room w/separate kitchen. In ground Swimming Pool desired 
11046JAMAICA NY 300 300 1000 1000 2005-07-16 
Bed n Breakfast new construction we are leasing the land 
11045GAINESVILLE TX 2005-07-16 
I would like to get a quote on a new garage/shop. It needs to be 60'X 20' with a garage door on the end big enough for two cars to enter. I want one wall to seperate the 20X20 garage from the 20X40 shop area. Slab will need to be poured. More infromati 
11044SAINT LOUIS MO 80 202 2005-07-16 
have purchased shower, toilet, sink for new bathroom in basement. Looks like there was some water and possibly sewer in this part of the house sometime before. Also, need to put new ceiling in kitchen, and remodel bathroom that is on first floor. 
11043TORRANCE CA 250 2005-07-15 
demo relocate toliet drain shower drain vanity sinks drains tub drain new shower &juccuzzi tub tile floors and walls granite sinks  
11042ODESSA MO 335 890 295 530 2005-07-15 
30 minutes east of Kansas City. Total new home construction to include 9 ft. basement and 9 ft. first and second floors. Total sq. ft. = 2860 plus a 840 sq. ft. three car garage and 230 sq. ft. covered porch. Lot lends to a walk out basement on one end. 
11041FORT WORTH TX 100 150 2005-07-15 
would like to add-on to back of house approx.400sq.ft. add-on bedroom, bath and enlarge kitchen area. 
11040TULSA OK 125 2005-07-15 
Convert garage storage room (old servant's quarters) in detached garage to a home office.  
11039MOULTONBOROUGH NH 120 625 125 435 2005-07-15 
Approx 1800sf 2 floors post and beam 800sf attached garage lake front level lot 3 bedroom 2 baths 2nd floor master bedroom and loft 
11038EUCLID FL 2005-07-15 
'22 x '12"6 garage to be converted to bedroom and bath. Has shower and toilet in place. 
11037FORT LAUDERDALE FL 200 300 200 1684 2005-07-15 
ID: chp-19643
Residential building plot is located in 33811
Please estimate the cost of this construction.
Thank You
Bob Woods 
11036FORT LAUDERDALE FL 1684 2005-07-15 
ID: chp-19643
Residential building plot is located in 33811
Please estimate the cost of this construction.
Thank You
Bob Woods 
11035ROSWELL GA 2005-07-14 
4500 sq ft total 
11033FORT LAUDERDALE FL 48 300 60 300 2005-07-14 
add on 2nd floor over west wing of house; consisting of bathroom, kitchenette, bedroom and living space, french door leading to deck 
11032AUSTIN TX 2005-07-14 
2 car garage apartment approx 25' x 25' footprint on slab. Use ICF. Apartment will have living room, bedroom, kitchen and bath. Garage will have workspace and washer, dryer nad sink. Plumbed for gas and electric. 
11031SCOTT LA 115 635 2005-07-14 
Looking to build backyard apartment/outdoor kitchen. 25'x30', 750 sq ft. 14'x8' bath/laundry room. Open floor plan, sheetrock walls, septic and AC needed. Kitchen cabinets and sleeping area closet space needed. 
11030FORT WORTH TX 2005-07-14 
11029SCOTCH PLAINS NJ 2005-07-14 
adding a 23' x 10' front porch, 2 electr outlets, mahogoney floor, 3 lite fixtures, railing  
11028EAST FLAGSTAFF AZ 3000 2005-07-14 
We are building on a sloped lot in Kachina Village, we have basic plans we will modify to accomodate a Mother in Law and an additional office. 
11027CORDOVA TN 2005-07-14 
I am considering building my home from bottom up. I am looking for my home to be approx. 2400-2800 sq feet. I looking to build on approx 2-4acres of land. So I would like the home to be built in the middle of the property, giving the illusion of space.  
11026LA FAYETTE IN 150 8000 2005-07-14 
THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL REQUEST-I am working on a project for a class where I need to make a proposal to build a new building for a company. I just want an idea of how much it would cost to build an 8000 sq.ft. warehouse with a 500 sq.ft. office a showroom 
11025FLINT MI 2005-07-14 
24x22 foot attached garage with no windows, no electricity, no siding just the rough frame with firewall 
11024ALOHA OR 2005-07-14 
Add 2 dormers to an attic avotu 10x6 dormer with 6-10 pitch regular gable end 
11023UNION GROVE WI 2005-07-14 
I would like a bid for this house. Here is the link:

I am looking to build on my lot(4.5Acres) in yorkville, wisconsin(racine county). I am looking to start within the ne 
11022KATY TX 2005-07-13 
45x70 metal building new construction used car lot. 
11021WOODSTOCK GA 80 180 180 180 2005-07-13 
adding 15X12 box to back of existing home to all 3 levels, for a total of 540 sq. ft. Part of the addition will be moving a bathroom and remodeling a closet to become an additional bath. 
11020GLEN ALLEN VA 200 100 200 400 2005-07-13 
I need an addition added on to my existing rancher. 
11019ALGONA WA 300 600 400 2005-07-13 
11018ALA COUSHATTA IND RES TX 300 600 500 1000 2005-07-13 
Lot is 40' X 100', about 1 mile from lake livingston; near town of livingston, TX. Lot needs to be cleared but is flat and buildable. 
11017WAUKESHA WI 150 200 150 300 2005-07-13 
looking for 2000sf with 2-1/2 garage connected. 4 bed, 2-1/2 bath. master w/bath and walk-in. 1 story exposed, finished basement. do you also have lots? 3/4 acre or more 
11016WASH NC 169 2005-07-13 
1 door, no windows, just walls and baseboards I am looking for painter not builder please excuse my illiteracy 
11015JAMAICA NY 120 240 2005-07-13 
adding 10' X 20'=200sq ft to 2 floors (400sq ft total); 2 new baths; 2 new kitchens; some interior remodelling; independent lighting for each floor.  
11014HILLSBORO OR 2005-07-13 
Here's a link to the house I want built. I don't want the garage built on this house, so please ignore that.. Thanks 
11013DERRY NH 200 500 180 2100 2005-07-13 
I am looking to build a SUPER energy efficient home on a one acre + lot in in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood with a two to three bay garage in SOUTHEAST N.H.WITHIN A 40 MIN. DRIVE OF METHUEN ,MASS 
11012CHESTER VA 2005-07-13 
all brick, 3 bed rooms, 2 baths, garage, cathedral celling, 1700 to 2000 sq feet total. Ranch, cape cod, country or european style. wooded lot for privacy in Powhatan subdivision. 200,000 to 300,000 dollar range. would like to see house plans and deal  
11011CONCORD CA 2005-07-13 
I am looking to build an 18 foot x 12 or 10ft shop in my backyard. I want electrical and possibly plumming 9like a sink and toilet. I would like it to look nice, go with my house. 
11010LAKE ARROWHEAD CA 100 2005-07-13 
Looking to add a 3 car tandem garage with home office and family room above it with a non burnable (Class A) wood deck on top. Project to also have a lap pool in back of garage. 
11009GRETNA LA 360 2005-07-12 
11008GLENDALE WI 2005-07-12 
2 car garage 
11007CHICAGO IL 300 1400 400 2000 2005-07-12 
5 Bedrooms, 5.5 baths. 5500 sf two flat on a 25'x 116.12' lot at 656 W. Melrose St., Chicago, IL 60657. No alley. Parking underneath. Basement + 3 floors. True masonry const. 
11006ASTI CA 300 400 150 400 2005-07-12 
New, 1850 sq foot mediterranean, two story house on the best view lot in Cloverdale, CA. Desire expertise in higher-quality materials, with turn-key services. General layout is found on this URL: 
11005ASTI CA 2005-07-12 
New, 1850 sq foot mediterranean, two story house on the best view lot in Cloverdale, CA. Desire expertise in higher-quality materials, with turn-key services. General layout is found on this URL: 
11004ORLANDO FL 150 150 100 600 2005-07-12 
I would like to get crown molding installed in my family room. The room is approx. 600 sq. ft. 
11003ORLANDO FL 2005-07-12 
I would like to get crown molding installed in my family room. The room is approx. 600 sq. ft. 
11001DENVER CO 300 645 108 294 2005-07-12 
Paint entire inside of home. 1347 total sq ft. 3Bd, 3Bth, two story. 
11000DALLAS TX 2005-07-12 
Build a new commercial loading dock door in a wall of a commercial warehouse. Project including open the hole in the wall and build the loading dock door. 
10999NORRISTOWN PA 80 120 144 160 2005-07-12 
10998CO SPGS CO 80 204 1088 2005-07-12 
Remove existing carport--replace with one car garage and peaked second story just above the garage. New features will include: small entryway on main floor, stairs to new second story to bedroom, closet, and bath. 
10997HOLLYWOOD FL 2005-07-11 
Remove pop-corn cieling from 1500 sqft house. 
10996WEATHERFORD TX 2005-07-11 
concrete slab for pool 25x25 
10995WEATHERFORD TX 2005-07-11 
concrete slab for pool 25x25 
10994CHULUOTA FL 2005-07-11 
Need a concrete slab 30x30 
10993TEMPLE TX 2005-07-11 
house built 1952, replace 15-16 windows, 4 doors (some to french doors, level floor in one room (approx 15x20')- needs sub- flooring and may install ceremic tile, repaint living room, cut out small, single window and small wall area in kitchen (room added 
10992ZIMMERMAN MN 96 750 2005-07-11 
finish a family room and bathroom, all framed, just need sheetrocked, electric and trimmed.  
10991LAWRENCEVILLE GA 25 2005-07-11 
kitchen cabinets 30 raised panel oak doors and 12 drawers. i would like to have these resurfaced with paint and glaze.  
Mobile home (720 sq. ft.) now with crawl space to be converted to slab foundation. How much? Quote separately addition of 45' to front side to include 1 bay and 1 front door, 2 additional windows front and 1 window each on side. Rectangular, hardee boa 
10989APOPKA FL 1600 2005-07-11 
Lay sewer line.
Two options are available:
1. A gravity line, Manhold is 700 feet from lot. Need 1% slope
2. A forced line, Manhold is 500 feet from lot. Would need a pump. 
10988SADDLE BROOK NJ 75 300 1200 2005-07-10 
I presently have a cape cod with 2 dormers in the front and a shed dormer in the rear. I need to have more head room on the 2nd floor since the ceilings are only 7 feet high.I wish to add a level /convert 2nd story to a 'colonial' and add a room over the 
10987SACRAMENTO CA 2005-07-10 
Have a single story home approx 1,379 sq ft want to add second floor with three bedrooms and 1 possibly 2 bathrooms upstairs. Downstairs we want to remove one bathroom to extend the living room and one wall between the two smaller bedrooms to create one l 
10986DOLTON IL 330 2005-07-10 
would like tray ceiling installed in master bedroom thats appr. 18*18 sq ft. 
10985CLARKSVILLE TN 120 270 80 999 2005-07-10 
Looking to build a small cabin/house on Kentucky Lake. The lot is level and on a main highway. I would love any estimate on what it might cost.

10984TUCSON AZ 80 512 160 320 2005-07-10 
1500 Sq ft (36 X 42 ) adobe style home. We want to do the following e.g. interior walls,interior painting, install light fixtures,cabinets,countertops, appliances. 
10983TOWNSEND MA 50 164 150 175 2005-07-10 
add a 2 car garage which would connect to house.We then need a small 2 bedroom ranch inlaw apt. to extend into the backyard. in law connected to the back of gar. Garage 24', in law 25-30'long. new/updated septic, mbr suite above garage. sum earth to be m 
10982HAMMOND LA 300 2005-07-10 
I need to add one more room with a closed,wide door,celing ventilator,a window,can be add at the side of the house or if posibe on the attic 
10981FALLS CHURCH VA 200 600 700 2005-07-10 
Looking to build a second floor addition on a rambler, building on existing footprint of 1800 sq feet. 2 beds, 2 baths, open living space. References essential. 
10980SAN FERNANDO CA 100 250 2005-07-10 
add 1 bedroom + 1 bathroom +1 closet+ one door + one window + foundation + permits + blue prints and other cost 
10979FLUSHING NY 2005-07-10 
want to build a farmhouse with everything inside in much would it cost me to do this in vacant land. and how lond would it take. 
10978FREMONT CA 900 2005-07-10 
Remove popcorn from ceiling in condo 
10977CORVALLIS OR 150 300 300 2005-07-10 
small family room with sliding glass doors, small deck, second bath with shower and toilet and possibly a small extra room. I also need new kitchen and 1st bathroom flooring and two new windows. 
10976ALA COUSHATTA IND RES TX 2005-07-09 
10975OAKLAND CA 2005-07-09 
I want to have 1000 square feet of pavers installed in my backyard. 
10974NORMAN OK 2005-07-09 
We live in an older mobile home, 83 Solitaire, with an addition. Needs roof, new floor in livingroom, plumbing work in bathroom, exterior cosmetic work.  
10973CAIRO GA 2005-07-09 
I get people funding for their residential homes. Looking for interested builder(s)who are interested in paying a percentage for each client I get them that have already got approved funding for their home. You can give me a call at 229-377-2433 Mon-Sat 
10972BAYVILLE NJ 2005-07-09 
70 unit franchised hotel in NJ
80 unit modular motel in Caribbean  
10971ROSE HILL TX 2005-07-09 
I am seeking a builder who is capable of building a 6plex unit (floors 1&2 with 3,000sq' and floors 3&4 divided into 2 apts.on each floor with approx. 1300 sq'each) with a walkway from that building leading to a buisiness building with 3,000sq' that will 
10970ROSE HILL TX 2005-07-09 
I am seeking a builder who is capable of building a 6plex unit (floors 1&2 with 3,000sq' and floors 3&4 divided into 2 apts.on each floor with approx. 1300 sq'each) with a walkway from that building leading to a buisiness building with 3,000sq' that will 
10968CASTLE ROCK CO 2700 2005-07-09 
Looking to find out average rate per square foot for a new 2700 sqaure foot home with 4 bedrooms 2.5 baths and 3 car garage. 


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