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10396BELLEVILLE NJ 2005-05-15 
need banister and uprights replaced in the belleville area nj having new kitchen that is going to start 
10395MC DONOUGH GA 30 25 5000 2005-05-15 
Design , permits, & building a retail pet shop. Lighting, heating and air circulation specialist.
Tropical theme inside & out. Size will be determined by cost.5000sf-7500sf- 2 floors 
10394BOISE ID 2005-05-15 
We have a half basement and half crawlspace under our house. Each are about 450 sq. ft. What is the cost to convert the 450 sq. ft. crawlspace to basement? 
10393SAN BERNARDINO CA 100 9999 150 200 2005-05-14 
4 Bdr 3.5 Bedroom one bedroom is formother in law or renter
Cost not to exceed 250K (without lot)
Consider modular homes. I would like to use solar haeting, heat pump etc. And hava a house I can expand 
10392SAN BERNARDINO CA 100 9999 150 200 2005-05-14 
4 Bdr 3.5 Bedroom one bedroom is formother in law or renter

Consider modular homes. I would like to use solar haeting, heat pump etc. And hava a house I can expand 
10391LITTLE ROCK AR 2005-05-14 
Need some foundation work. Replace rotting foundation wood along back of house; was damaged by water so need to be done the right way this time. 
10390BOSSIER CITY LA 120 200 130 330 2005-05-14 
1 story w/FROG, 2 car gar. Brick/stucco exterior. Basic interior for cost. (no crown, inexpensive fixtures, lights, cabinets, counters, flooring) Approx 2200 sq ft. Want less than $95per sq ft including at least 1/2 acre lot. Anywhere in Parkway or Airlin 
10389BATESVILLE SC 2005-05-14 
10388CHARLOTTE NC 144 2005-05-14 
paint all walls/ceiling in same color; repaint trim  
10387FORT WALTON BEACH FL 1295 2005-05-14 
WE NEED A CONTRACTOR - - This is a 36 unit project located off of Beal Parkway in Fort Walton Beach. 2 story town homes, 3 bed, 2 bath, single garage. READY TO START BUILDING the end of AUGUST. PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. 
10386OAK PARK IL 2005-05-14 
We are looking for a contractor to re-screen an existing screened porch.  
10385PINE POINT ME 2005-05-14 
Rebuild stairs in basement bulkhead.
Replace bulkhead.
Replace basement door to bulkhead.
Replace basement door to family room. 
10384BALDY MESA CA 2005-05-14 
25 unit apartment complex, Hesperia, utilities, sewer at site. approx 25,000 sq ft 
10383DESERT HOT SPRINGS CA 2005-05-13 
I'm looking to build a home on a new lot I just recently purchased. I'm looking to build a Santa Fe/Adobe/Pueblo style home. I would like for it to be between 1850sf-2000sf. I'm looking to start as soon as possible. 
10382GLENVIEW IL 2005-05-13 
Need Price estimates on 34' ELM TREE to be CUT DOWN, ground and taken away.
Thank you, MJ 
10381GLENVIEW IL 2005-05-13 
Looking for price estimate on opening up 7 foot ceilings in split level home to 8 or 9 feet.(living room dining room) Also want to know if I would have to put on a new roof.
Thank you, MJ 
10380GLENVIEW IL 2005-05-13 
Room addition to split level.. need a price on excavating patio and laying new concrete foundation. in cook county.Glenview (unincorporated) for room addition about 800 feet. I think it is 18x18x40 Thank you 
10379RENO NV 200 700 300 2005-05-13 
Looking to remove existing addition (approx. 600 sq ft) and add a new 1200 sq ft addition. Will include Master suite, Kitchen, 2 Bed (possibly 1 Bath). 
10378ALVIN TX 2005-05-13 
Lay a concrete slab. Measurements are 12 ft X 20 ft. Just a basic slab, nothing fancy. Slab will be against house. No easements. Will include digging up sod, leveling, sanding, graveling, framing, pouring concrete, leveling concrete, etc. Complete jo 
10377CATAULA GA 25 800 2005-05-13 
Addition to back of home. Two floors can fit under current roofline due to slope in back yard and current walking space under house. Want two floor with stairs living/family room areas with small toilet/sink on bottom floor and exit to back yard.  
10376MARTINSBURG WV 2005-05-13 
20 x 24 attached garage with unfinished bonus room above garage 
10374CUMMING GA 2005-05-13 
Need a reliable carpenter for some basement build out and framing two car detached garage addition. Cost to frame out 20x22 garage with stairs to a storage room above? 
10373INCLINE VILLAGE NV 2005-05-13 
2500 sq ft 2 story home.. Looking for a framing labor bid 
10372INCLINE VILLAGE NV 2005-05-13 
2500 sq ft 2 story home.. Looking for a framing labor bid 
10371BROOKLYN NY 2005-05-12 
i need full info for home "DAISY" builder richmond custom inc in palm coast FL, and floor plan.after this i can have desition,or fon# or e-mail T. Y. 
10370BOISE ID 100 50 2005-05-12 
I would like to expand my current living space by converting linear closet to a walk in closet and adding space to my bathroom to accomodate garden tub- the closet and bathroom are on the same wall of the house next to each other. Total Sq footage includ 
10369REDWOOD CITY CA 2005-05-12 
Want to hook new construction home up to water/sewers in Redwood City. Pipe may be 100 feet away from lot. 
10368BELLE FOURCHE SD 150 500 150 200 2005-05-12 
Ranch style, full unfinished basement, two car garage, about 1400 square feet total living space. The 500 sq. ft. bedroom is three bedrooms. Bath space divided between a 3/4 bath/laundry room and one other.  
10367ELKINS NM 200 300 300 2005-05-12 
have an 80's home needs updating
master bedroom and bath
and kitchen
want to do as much work ourselves as possible
but need help
10366DES PERES MO 120 210 2005-05-12 
We want to convert our existing garage to a bedroom and add a 120 sqft bath plus a 24x24 attached garage.  
10365MESA AZ 300 2005-05-12 
Would like to add a loft to our home... 
10364MESA AZ 300 2005-05-12 
Would like to add a loft to our home... 
10363NORWALK CA 2005-05-12 
10362CUPERTINO CA 200 400 2005-05-12 
Enlarge master bedroom for closetspace 8 x 22
Enlarge/entry/ living room vaulted ceiling 18 x 22
Build Garage 20 x 20
?? enlarge kids room total 26 x 8
need price on basic SLAB foundation,framing,roof,gutters,sheetrock,
painting entire house inside a 
10361COVINGTON GA 6000 2005-05-12 
I Have a basement lot of about 2 acres. Want a 1.5 story tudor style home built with finished walk-out basement. Main level-min. 3000 sqft w/english library and sunroom. 2 teen suites & loft upstairs. In basement-media rm, kit.,3 bdrm, office,wood details 
10360PORT HURON MI 750 2005-05-12 
looking to renovate 2nd half story on sml home--have sml budget- possibly 2 dormers 12 ft-chnge stairs---or raise back of hme and chng stair location-licensed contract only please 
10359HIGHLAND PARK CA 75 600 2005-05-12 
10358HIGHLAND PARK CA 75 600 2005-05-12 
10357FOLSOM CA 275 2005-05-12 
Moving into 1992 Brigg's Ranch, Folsom home. Looking to add addtl bedroom upstairs over family room. No need to move/alter existing walls or adjacent rooms. Need to add floor/remove and replace existing windows/add doorway/closets. Will need electrical co 
10356LAS VEGAS NV 85 144 200 504 2005-05-11 
we would like to add a swimming pool, but we need to have 2 very old large tree removed, also add a master suite with large bathroom, and walk in closet, we would like to about 1500sq ft....and possably add a second story wich ever is cost effective 
10355LAS VEGAS NV 20 130 40 450 2005-05-11 
we would like to add a swimming pool, but we need to have 2 very old large tree removed, also add a master suite with large bathroom, and walk in closet, we would like to about 1500sq ft....and possably add a second story wich ever is cost effective 
10354STATEN ISLAND NY 2005-05-11 
Replace the external wall after a car accident . Everything associated with that. 
10353BOISE ID 150 300 2005-05-11 
I want to add a second story to my existing home to be a bedroom/bonus room and upstairs bath. My current house has vaulted ceilings-pitched roof-one level with approx 1200 SF. 3 bedrooms (2 of them small)2 baths/kitchen/living room. 
10352N PALM SPGS CA 672 2005-05-11 
2 bedroom 2 bath addition with 672 square feet in the floor plan 
10351WEST WARWICK RI 60 425 120 500 2005-05-11 
3 BEDS 11/2 BATHS 
10350HAMILTON NJ 54 1050 2005-05-11 
I'd like to add about an 1100 sq. ft. addtion on top of my ranch home. It will consist of 4 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1 laundry closet, 1 gas heater, 1 new water heater relocated to the upstairs addition, no vaulted ceilings, vinyl exterior, wood frame windows. I 
10349CONCORD TN 2005-05-11 
Repair old greenhouse. About 180 sq ft. Keep existing concrete floor. Replace most glass and rotten wood. New gutter. 
10348INDIANAPOLIS IN 144 240 2005-05-11 
I am interested in finding out how much it would cost for the labor to install 12x12 ceramic tile in the kitchen over solid linoleum and install wood, either laminate or hardwood (prefer hardwood) in my living room which is carpeted currently. 
10347SAINT CLOUD FL 2005-05-11 
Wanting new home built, total 2,736sq.ft. with 3bed/2.5bath. Plan #HWEPL08709 from website
Can modify plans if needed.
10346BATON ROUGE LA 25 40 100 2500 2005-05-11 
Would like to build a modest home (1400 sq.ft.+) w/a "guest house" (800-1000 sq.ft.) on same property but separate quarters for mother. Later I would like to add a small inground pool. 
10345ORLANDO FL 300 3000 2005-05-11 
Need to build new 4-unit town-home on my own vacant land. Builder shall bring architechure design and some minor land development  
10344NAVASOTA TX 2005-05-11 
20x24 driveway 
10343COLFAX WA 2005-05-10 
Do not call phone number referenced. Please provide prompt reply to email address only.
Property has existing attached two car garage.
Please include all labor and materials to accomplish the following Job Scope,  
10342CLIMAX NC 2005-05-10 
1928 Farm house, need some floor leveling and floor finishing 
10341FAYETTEVILLE GA 650 1000 550 600 2005-05-10 
about 2700 sq ft ranch all brick with nice porch front and back maybe bonus upstairs with balcony 
10339HIGHLAND PARK NJ 2005-05-10 
Need egress pit/window installed in basement 
10337PRESTON MS 2005-05-10 
Need a price estimate on building a 2600 sq ft single level home on 2 acres. I can fax floor plan and I have building plans and materials list. 
10336FLOWERFIELD IL 1000 2005-05-10 
Need a room extention done to exisitng family room. This new extention is aprox size of 16'x40'. 
10335LOS ANGELES CA 71 2005-05-10 
Remove old tile/backing around tub, dispose of waste, and replace with new tile/backing reparing any damage to surrounding drywall, repaint and clean-up as necessary. Total sqft of tile = 71. Must tile around window opening. 
10334AYNOR SC 200 400 320 400 2005-05-10 
10333DUNCANVILLE TX 150 350 350 3000 2005-05-10 
The house must have at least bathrooms and a
3 car garage. I would also like 3bdrms./study and an island in the kitchen. 
10332DUNCANVILLE TX 3000 2005-05-10 
The house must have at least bathrooms and a
3 car garage. I would also like 3bdrms./study and an island in the kitchen. 
10331DOVER NJ 2005-05-10 
We have added a 2nd floor onto our ranch home and need the staircase built connecting the 2 floors. Specifics:
Standard tread/riser; oak or similar treads; staircase open on one side with classic railing that wraps around aat top of stairs; nice baniste 
10330BRIGHTON OR 2005-05-10 
metal roof for a 1248 home at 1004 charlotte in rockaway, will be moving their next month. 
10329HAZELWOOD MO 120 2005-05-10 
10x12 sunroom bounded by 2 existing walls of the house. 2 sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling windows on each side. Roof will frame into existing roof approx. 10 ft up. Will sit on existing slab/patio. 
10328LA MESA CA 150 330 2005-05-10 
Add 2 bedrooms with jack and jill bath above our existing garage. A Frame Roof will have to be lifted as existing construction has only five foot walls and must be brought up to code. Home newly remodeled throughout, but need more space. 
10327BROOKSTON IN 156 360 2005-05-09 
10326ALPHA NJ 100 400 300 2005-05-09 
Doubling the size of a small house, basically, adding full bath to the downstairs, nice quality but not extravagent, drywall, painted white, maybe with skylights upstairs. 
10325SILVER SPRING MD 2005-05-09 
Need to have at least two possible more joists replaced in living room, caused by water damage. Will need to look at all joist and may be more damage. Since only a crawl space under the floor, will probably have to get to joist by removing hardwood floor 
10324DENVER CO 12 2005-05-09 
need to make a building that is at least 40'x40'. and as high as a normal house. needs to have at least 1 half bath, and an entrance. there need to be some sort of a queue as well. The main area will be a big open area with lots of outlets for power. 
10323PORTLAND OR 2005-05-09 
Looking for a contractor to repair a rotten 8x24" outside beam and to repair/tear down and rebuild a suspended walkway at a 16 unit condo in Portland. No subcontractors allowed. Will provide more info upon request. Steve 503-516-4978 
10322CUCAMONGA CA 2500 2005-05-09 
Looking to build a single story home on appx .51 acres of land. Just need a range for the cost per square foot for an average project. Thanks! 
10321LOCKHART FL 2005-05-09 
A duplex with 2bed/1bath, approx 900 sq/ft on each side. So the duplex would total 4/2, 1800sq/ft.  
10320ROCKFORD IL 2005-05-09 
I am looking for installation of an EGRESS window in my basement. I have looked at buying a Bowman-Kemp Egress window, and would like to begin as soon as possible. 
10319SHEPHERDSVILLE KY 2005-05-09 
Im building a New Home in Mt Washington KY
1800 sq ranch with walk out 1000 sq finish basement

Need Bids on
Framing Labor (will supply lumber package)
Rough Pluming ( 2.5 Bath and kitchen)
Rough & Final Electric
Rough & Final Heating
10318GILBERT AZ 2005-05-09 
i need a tub/shower retiled. window in bath has some sill damage. 
10316SHEPHERDSVILLE KY 2005-05-09 
Im building a New Home in Mt Washington KY

Need Rough Electric & Final Electric 
10315SHEPHERDSVILLE KY 2005-05-09 
Im building a New Home in Mount Washington KY

Need Framing Labor
(I will supply all lumber package)

1800 Square foot ranch 
10314SHEPHERDSVILLE KY 2005-05-09 
Im building a New Home in Mount Washington KY

Looking for bids for Rough Plumbing 2.5 bath and Kitchen  
10313DIX HILLS NY 2005-05-09 
We need to dormer above my mother's house in S. Huntington. I am not sure of the measurements needed, but I need 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 kitchen, 1 dr, and 1 lr. 
10312DUBLIN CA 1257 2005-05-09 
need to remove popcorn ceiling texture throughout house, then re-texture ceiling to match wall texture, also prime and paint ceilings, house will be empty of all furniture 
10311STONE MOUNTAIN GA 6000 2005-05-08 
want to build custom home 6000sq ft on full basement 
10310EMINENCE MS 2005-05-08

ifc construction  
10308CLERMONT FL 100 2005-05-08 
remodel porch and extend to make dining room 
10306CHARLESTON SC 2005-05-08 
Need to put in skylights in historic condo on King St. Top floor of building.
Need 4 solatube or equivalent (14" diameter) in living room (20 ft ceilings), and 1 in bedroom/loft and 1 in bathroom 
10305JUPITER FL 100 150 250 2005-05-08 
add a bath, bedroom and a family room to existing wood framed dwelling. 
10304DOVER TOWNSHIP NJ 2005-05-08 
Looking for 150'x 100'lot in residential area of north section of Toms River. Erecting new modular ranch 1400 - 1500 sq. ft. with 9' ceiling basement foundation. Nat. gas steam boiler heat install.  
10302SULPHUR SPRINGS TX 200 498 120 1750 2005-05-08 
1750 Sqft aprox. 3 bedroom 2 bath. 
10301LUTHER MI 367 2005-05-08 
Total living sq.ft is 2887 the main floor is 2212 sq ft upper is 675 sq ft it is 3-4 bdrms 3 baths, 2 car attached garage. dimensions are 70'0 wide x 74'2 deep. Ave. ceiling hgt is 10' on main & upper. Roof hgt is 28'4. Foundation is slab. 
10300NO HAVEN CT 2005-05-08 
Add 2 car attached garage with bonus room above to raised ranch. Install new vinyl siding and all new windows on existing home. Also, new roof on existing home 
10299PASS A GRILLE BEACH FL 2005-05-08 
adding 2 car garage 
10298MESA AZ 300 1000 320 525 2005-05-07 
remodel existing building shell - block construction, has new roof. Install 3 apartments, 3 bed 2 bath apprx 1050 sq ft each, room measurements include all 3 apts, include plumbing, electric, gas from street (30 ft) 
10297MESA AZ 160 350 216 2005-05-07 
master bedroom/bathroom - kitchen - hall bathroom - laundry room - 3/4 bathroom - entryway - lots of tile work and painting - architectural drawings will be needed  
10296MEHLVILLE MO 2005-05-07 
cut a 27 inch by 45 inch opening in a basement wall (8.5 in. thick) 
10295VIRGINIA BEACH VA 75 230 300 2005-05-07 
26 x25 ADDITION.
10294NEW ROCHELLE NY 500 1000 252 3200 2005-05-07 
10293SHINDLER SD 2005-05-06 
Poured House Foundation, 8 ft in height, 38 feet long & 28 feet wide. Two windows, One sliding door on end of Walk out foundation.

10292FORT MYERS FL 2005-05-06 
Need to replace window unit in condo and bring exsisting lani to code. Lanai is approx 7 X 15 feet. Would need a supporting low wall built to hold new window unit. Window needs to be of hurricane code. Window unit is approx 13 feet wide by 6 feet high. 
10291CLEARWATER FL 2005-05-06 
would like to convert my detached wood structure garage into a studio. I believe it is about 400 sqft 
10290SEVEN LAKES NC 278 625 156 657 2005-05-06 
Approx. 3000 sq. ft. cottage, vinyl siding, bonus room 2-3 baths, 3-5 bedrooms, 2 car garage, well and septic, crawl space  


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