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10012SANTA FE NM 2005-04-16 
add insulation to walls of single story home and re-stucco
Would like price per sq ft with 2" foam insulation. 
10011FORT PIERCE FL 2005-04-16 
Screen enclosure needed 
10010MORENO VALLEY CA 3800 2005-04-16 
need builder to put together a panlized home with foundation electrical and plumming.  
10009WAUGHTOWN NC 2005-04-15 
We have a two car garage that we want to enclose and make into a play room. We were thinking of doing French doors and maybe a window and then bricking in the rest. 
10008SCOTTS MILLS OR 96 350 168 600 2005-04-15 
2 story house where bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen demolition and most of cartage has been completed.

Upstairs bedroom/bathroom needs to be constructed. Bathroom needs to be re-plumbed, as it is being moved from its original location on this floor. (b 
10007SCOTTSDALE AZ 2005-04-15 
Remodel walking deck on roof and replace outdoor stairs with a spiral staircase. Changing facing to raise railling off the floor 
10006MUSKEGON MI 2005-04-15 
Front foyer door panel needs replacing. Need new foyer floor put in. 
10005YUCCA VALLEY CA 350 660 300 2400 2005-04-15 
Lot in Yucca Valley (live in Atlanta currently). Have 3 plans and want generic quotes for each. Want decent quality but lower cost options for walls, flooring, roof, etc. Need very rapid response for loan. 
10004YUCCA VALLEY CA 2400 2005-04-15 
Lot in Yucca Valley (live in Atlanta currently). Have 3 plans and want generic quotes for each. Want decent quality but lower cost options for walls, flooring, roof, etc. Need very rapid response for loan. 
10003BROOMFIELD CO 2005-04-15 
3624 sq. ft. leasehold space in FlatIron Crossing Mall. Winery/wine bar application. 
10002SHARPSBURG MD 2005-04-15 
need to restore and remodel old farmhouse in Sharpsburg; i.e...replace flooring, painting, upgrade electrical/plumbing, design and build large addition. 
10001BABYLON NY 2005-04-14 
cost of adding an outside cellar entrance to an existing cellar 6'-8" below grade? 
10000CASTAIC CA 20 40 2005-04-14 
Kitch subflrg water dmgd. Water went under wall to laun area. Mfgtd home w/ 1/2 Partbrd subflr. Ins. claim. need est. Also to redo bath flooring. 
9999ATLANTIC BEACH FL 2005-04-14 
I have a home which is 3,086 Sq.Ft. with stucco front and vinyl siding on sides and back. I would like an estimate of the cost to replace the stucco/vinyl with brick for the entire home.
9998SHADOW HILLS CA 1800 2005-04-14 
A single Family Home to be built in Sunland/Tajunga area. 
9997ASHLAND MA 2005-04-14 
Enclose a screened in porch with windows. Porch measures apprx. 12' x 12', has 4"x 4" pillars about eveyy 4 feet. 
9996WASHINGTON DC 2005-04-14 
need full insulation on complete remodel of old historic 3 story row house. 4 bedroom 2.5 bath. Full basement 
9995DUBLIN OH 360 360 2005-04-14 
I am going to add 2 additional rooms (2-story 18'*20' each floor), one sunroom (16'*20) and one deck (620 S.F), I am looking for estimates first. 
9994OCALA FL 2055 2005-04-14 
Remove existing bat insulation & replace with
r-38 blown in insulation

Repace existing windows with low E windows. The house is frame construction. Remove & reuse cedar trim
10 windows 44" wide X 52" tall
2 windows 36" X 36"
1 window 47" wide X 2 
9993ALPHARETTA GA 300 1500 2005-04-14 
Ranch home from 60's. Great lot but needs exterior update and would like quote to have a second floor added and carport enclosed. Has a basement and nice large lot outside not located in subdivision. I am contemplating purchasing this home. 
9992GIBSONIA PA 2005-04-14 
i want to add a roof over my deck. i want it open with 2 skylights, gable, and vinyl.
9991WASHINGTON DC 1200 2005-04-14 
Looking to convert crawl space into garage....need excavation work to dig out and support 2 level structure. 
9990MONTEREY PARK CA 100 300 100 2005-04-14 
Add 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, expand and remodel kitchen.  
9989AUDUBON NJ 2005-04-13 
(EMAIL CORRECTION)I want to dig deeper in a 20x20 area of my basement. It is too short to finish and would need to go down another 1 to 1/2 feet. Thanks. 
9988AUDUBON NJ 2005-04-13 
I want to dig deeper in a 20x20 are of my basement. It is too short to finish and would need to go down another 1 to 1/2 feet. Thanks. 
9987MESA AZ 2005-04-13 
3 bedrom, 2 bath, den, kitchen, dining rm. great room, apx. 1700 to 1900 sq. ft. 
9986CO SPGS CO 2005-04-13 
1.5 year old Saddletree home. Basement finish. Stairs down are finished. Want two rooms and a bath. total finished ft2= ~700. Bath - shower stall, toilet, 36" vanity and sink. 3 5'-0 windows in place. 142' new walls. round corners - orange peel. 4 doors.  
9985COLUMBIA WA 2005-04-13 
looking for general contractor to estimate commercial project. 3,440.ft. do entire work (foundation, plumbing, elect, gas, root, shell of building etc...) 
9984BEACH PARK IL 2005-04-13 
1921 House in Zion, Illinois. 2.5 story, with brick basement. Want professional to advise, oversee, or do complete fix in basement; some jacking necessary, new support beams, new basement stairs. We love this house and want a long-term, correct, qualit 
9983ORLANDO FL 1400 2005-04-13 
Interested in building a 1400 sf house with 3bed 2 bath 2 car garage Great room style or separate family room. How much I'm I looking at. I would have a contruction loan. 
9982COCOA BEACH FL 2005-04-13 
I'm interested in building a 1 1/2 car garage. It will turn my L shaped house into a U shape. There is an existing carport which I want to screen. The back wall of the garage will be a common wall with the carport. There is an existing driveway, but i 
9981WESTWOOD NJ 2005-04-13 
I want a 2 car garage with storage build in a detached structure 1 story with read door and ribbon windows

must remove oldd garage and install a foundation before construction of new garage 
9980HENDERSONVILLE TN 432 2005-04-13 
adding sunroom onto existing deck approximate size is 18x24. deck size now is 12x24. Possible enclosing bottom of room also. deck is about 20 feet above ground now. PLUS REBUILDING NEW DECK AFTER ROOM ADDITION. 
9979ARVADA CO 75 250 2005-04-13 
I am looking to see how much it would cost to pop the roof over my garage. I am only interested in the framing and roofing. Once it is framed, we will do the interior work. 
9978SOMERVILLE TN 120 154 154 1400 2005-04-13 
I am looking for builder to construct a ranch/contemp model home. I need efficent workers that work effectively in a time manner. 
9977SAUGATUCK CT 2005-04-13 
Looking to tear down our existing home and rebuild with a 2600-3000 square foot 3-4 bedroom, 2-2 1/2 bath colonial with a two car garage. We are prsently obtaining bids from contractors and plan to make a decision shortly. Price and time frame are our mos 
9976LAUREL MD 2005-04-13 
I have a basement that i need to have partially reframed. I have one wall about 19 ft in length and another wall about 12 feet in length that I need to have the existing drywall removed, framing nailed into cinder removed and reframed, reinsulated, instal 
9975LEXINGTON OK 119 1992 2005-04-13 
3 bedroom/2.5 bath/ 1992 heated sq ft. w/ 3car garage/76 sqft front porch/197 sqft back screened porch/78 sqft back deck. 
9974NEW ORLEANS LA 75 156 156 2005-04-12 
This is an old home. Tare down paneling and plaster walls with the 1" planks under the plaster in bedroom and in living room, replace with sheetrock, total sqft = 312. Tare down a closet that was build in kitchen and put in cabinets and new counter tops. 
9973NEW LONDON MO 25 320 2005-04-12 
Need a metal workshop for a bakery. Will need water and electric. Concrete floors and insolation on inside a must. Also need it plainly finished on the inside. 
9972CAMBRIDGE MA 80 324 300 300 2005-04-12 
existing property to be renovated 
9971NEWTON MA 2005-04-12 
Interested in buying a 1600 sq. ft. ranch and adding an entire second floor (another 1600 sq. ft.) on top to make a 4 BR colonial. The bottom would become family and entertainment areas. 
9970DENMARK TN 300 300 2005-04-12 
I am looking to add on a master bedroom suite,enlarge kitchen,existing bathroom,and convert garage into den 
9969MILTON FL 2005-04-12 
Install 22 squares of Hardie plank siding over existing fiberboard siding on single story residential dwelling in Pace, Fl 
9968NORTH AURORA IL 600 2005-04-12 
Looking to adding a Master Suite on to the first floor level off the back of the garage.
Approximate room size 20' x 40'. Need to include bathroom and utility room for this addition with own hotwater tank, heating and AC for this space. 
9967MEDFORD MA 2005-04-12 
Property is in Medford MA, job would include:
removal of existing house.
New construction of approximately 1500-2000 sq ft main house with in-law apt of appr 800 sq feet.
Survey of land will be completed in the next couple of weeks. Will consider 
9966DAYTON MN 2005-04-12 
Want to build on a three season porch onto the back of our house.The size would be 14x16 and would like to get an estimate on this. 
9965COLUMBUS OH 2005-04-12 
Primary: normal MI Homes 2 car garage. Clean conrete floor and applty a durable protective finish to it.
Secondary: Fill craw space with conrete or excavate it for more space.  
9964HOLLYWOOD CA 75 300 2005-04-12 
Floor Addition to House on Hillside in Silverlake. Approx. 4-500 square feet. Call for questions 323 445 3293. 
9963HOLLYWOOD CA 75 300 2005-04-12 
Floor Addition to House on Hillside in Silverlake. Approx. 4-500 square feet. 
9961KNOXVILLE GA 2005-04-11 
1300-1500 SQ FEET 
9960BRIDGEBORO NJ 2005-04-11 
I would like an estimate of how much it cost to paint a 2,560 sq. ft. outdoor fence. 
9959MIAMI FL 60 2005-04-11 
Change bath floor, shower floor,shower walls, toilet, cabinet, paint rest of the bathroom, hot/cold water knobs, shower head, mirror, lights. 
9958LAKEWOOD CA 200 200 2800 2005-04-11 
9957NEW SMYRNA BEACH FL 2005-04-11 
Renovate existing Florida room (townhome condo) with 2X4 construction. Hardiboard paneling outside. Include new electrical, 2 windows and door. Dates flexible. 
9956FAIR LAWN NJ 150 400 2005-04-11 
to build a second story addition(Master suite) to split level home, over livingroon, diningroom & kitchen. Total area is approx. 560 sq. looking for a package deal incl. architecture plan. also need new siding & replacement windows & doors, and new roo 
9955MUSKEGON MI 2005-04-11 
Front entrance door panel and top window needs replacing. Front foyer also needs new flooring. 
9954AURORA IL 2005-04-11 
I am not looking for a room addition. We are looking for Lead Abatement Contrators to remove paint from the back of our house and our dormer. We have a two story home. 
9953LOS ANGELES CA 2005-04-10 
Would like to know if $5500 is a good bid for sandblasting and stuccoing a 1600 sq foot home 
9952MIAMI FL 300 2005-04-10 
bathroom to exiting bedroom will need to knock out wall also looking for kirchen remodeling, complete kitchen make over. 
9951MIAMI FL 200 2005-04-10 
bathroom addition, will need to knock out a wall this is for an exiting bedroom also remodel kitchen. 
9950PRIDE LA 450 700 150 1200 2005-04-10 
Two story farm-house on slab. Including wiring for "in-line" generator. The plans also have front and back porches, and two-car garage attached. Fire places in living room and master suite 
9949SNOHOMISH WA 2005-04-10 
I like to add vaulted ceiling to my entryway and make an opem stairway 
9948BIRCH BAY WA 2005-04-10 
I want to add 2 bedrooms in my garage. Also one hallway, maybe and to do some work between the new rooms and living room. 
9947WEST CHESTER PA 252 2005-04-10 
Want to add a sceened in pourch 14'X18'to my home. Concrete floor with frost free footers, hip roof to match slope of existing 1 story house.Contractor to do footer/floor(trowled),framing&finished roof. I will do screening,door, & trim. Additional work po 
9946CUPERTINO CA 242 450 200 1400 2005-04-10 
9945EASLEY SC 2005-04-10 
i am making a copy of my grandmothers house which has three bedrooms, a living/dining room, three baths , kithcen, Den and a Full basement i can give full measurments at later time when i measure the house 
9944WINDHAM NH 3615 2005-04-10 plan#17485
We will also need a lot somewhere in above zip code. 
9943RAHNS PA 273 273 2005-04-10 
Looking to get an estimate for adding a two story addition to a 1920 farm house, first floor will be family room, second floor master bedroom, also slight remodeling to existing house to add 2nd floor hallway 
9942THOUSAND OAKS CA 216 1000 2005-04-10 
adding on to room separte from house as well as
adding a bathroom and storage room 
9941KINGSTON NH 145 485 120 625 2005-04-09 
1438 sq. ft. ranch,54'x57'w/ 22'x 22'garage attached, full basement, 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, stone fireplace, front porch, rear deck, central a/c, kitchen opens to great room,5 rooms + baths, private well & septic
I have a house lot picked out I just ne 
9940KINGSTON NH 145 485 120 625 2005-04-09 
1438 sq. ft. ranch,54'x57'w/ 22'x 22'garage attached, full basement, 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, stone fireplace, front porch, rear deck, central a/c, kitchen opens to great room,5 rooms + baths, private well & septic
I have a house lot picked out I just ne 
9939KINGSTON NH 145 485 120 625 2005-04-09 
1438 sq. ft. ranch,54'x57'w/ 22'x 22'garage attached, full basement, 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, stone fireplace, front porch, rear deck, central a/c, kitchen opens to great room,5 rooms + baths, private well & septic
I have a house lot picked out I just ne 
9938MESA AZ 2005-04-09 
I'm looking for a vendor that has the materials and labor to install stone on the front of my house. I live in Las Sendas (east Mesa). Many of the homes already have this feature. I can email a digital file of a "mock up" of the areas of my house that I w 
9937BAINBRIDGE ISLAND WA 25 700 2005-04-08 
Add space over garage formedia/play room and a bathroom 
9936PAOLI PA 200 1000 2005-04-08 
this is a master bedroom suite-sitting room with see through fireplace,bedroom,kohler bathroom,walk in shower,2 large walk in closets. 
9935VALLEJO CA 2005-04-08 
Restucco and repair 1st story. Stucco over redwood of 2nd story and paint. Approximately 2800 sq. feet. Location upon request. 
9934SAN DIMAS CA 150 300 2005-04-08 
would like to add a second story master bedroom and bath with jacuzzi and shower + 1 small child's bedroom 
9933SAN DIMAS CA 150 300 2005-04-08 
would like to add a second story master bedroom and bath + 1 small child's bedroom 
9932ROSEMOUNT MN 150 2005-04-07 
Convert existing closet into a bathroom(which is next to current bathroom and plumbing) then add a walk in closet where our attic is. 
9931MEMORIAL SQUARE GA 2005-04-07 
I'm looking for someone who has experince in installing restaurant hood systems (hood and/or ansul). All duct work will be done.Need some assistance with project. Must be able to install and meet code and obtain permits in Dekalb county. 
9930JERSEY CITY NJ 60 2005-04-07 
i need an extention built to my house on the first floor attached to the kitchen with a stand up shower, sink and toilet 
9929MILL VALLEY CA 450 1000 100 200 2005-04-07 
Dear Sir:

I have an approved plan to add about 1700+ sqft to my existing hourse. It includes an in law unit (2bedroom, 1 bathroom,1 kitchen, total 750sqft), 2 additional master bedrooms ( 1 at the first level and 1 on the second level), and a 200 sqft 
9928PINE AIR NY 1200 2005-04-07 
The house is 1200 square feet and I would like to add a Dormer that will be the full size of house. with a full bathroom. consisting of 3 Bedrooms and Living room area. 
9927PETERS PA 2005-04-07 
looking to build a Barn style two car garage approximately 25 by 30 with room above for office  
9926HERNDON VA 2005-04-07 
600 sg/ft two car garage w/apt detached. Looking for quote w/apt and w/o apt 
9925SCRANTON PA 2005-04-07 
20x40 walkout basement foundation w/windows and doors 
9924LA VERKIN UT 2005-04-07 
I am wanting to build a 1500 sq foot home on full unfinished basement.I would like a master sweet and 1 bedroom on main floor, with lots of living space.
with or without garage 
9923GAUTIER MS 40 200 2005-04-06 
addition added to back of home to include family room with bath. brick exterior 
9922SPRINGFIELD TN 2005-04-06 
2500sq ft building with two bath rooms. to be used as a meeting place for youth program. Steel or vinyl exterior one garage type door and entry door on one end one entry door on other end. central unit. 
9921OROVILLE CA 3780 2005-04-06 
Need bids for New Construction of Single Fam Residence w/basement-1306 sf; Main Flr-1830 sf; Upper Flr-644 sf. Include 3 car att garage w 846 sf; total of 5 baths; include 2nd Kit/LR/BR in basement area. Total 3,780 living space sf. 
9920OROVILLE CA 3780 2005-04-06 
Need bids for New Construction of Residence w/basement-1306 sf; Main floor-1830 sf; Upper-3 BR-644 sf. Includes att 3 car gar-846 sf; total of 5 baths; includes Kit/LR in basement area. Total 3,780 sf living space 
9919BELLEVILLE NJ 2005-04-06 
Completion of Detached Garage. Roofing, Siding, Window install, Garage door installation. Must be Lic'd. Must get Permits. 
9918PALM BEACH GARDENS FL 2005-04-06 
I want to build a 3br 2ba house on my lot in Rio Rico. Approx 1800 - 2000 sq ft. 
9917SPRINGFIELD TN 2005-04-06 
need 2500 sq feet meeting facility with 2 baths. 
9916MIDLOTHIAN VA 456 2005-04-06 
Actually a sunroom with windows all around and hardwood flooring. This would be a typical room addition but with many more windows. 
9915BELLE HAVEN CT 2005-04-06 
1000 square foot addition 1000 square foot renovation 3 baths kitcehn family room also another project 700 square foot pool house Matthew Barry 203 622 0972 
9914NAUGATUCK CT 56 144 56 144 2005-04-06 
approx 20x20 addition consisting of a garage with studio apt above: kitchen/living area, bedroom, bath.Also new paved driveway installation approx 10'wide x125' long.  
9913KISSIMMEE FL 48 256 144 144 2005-04-06 
9912DOWNINGTOWN PA 2005-04-06 
I would like to get a quote as to how much it would cost for a manufactured home to be bolted or secured to foundation. 


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