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9577BLOOMINGTON IL 2005-03-01 
We need the foundation of our 1965, 1400sq foot home fixed. The settling can be seen on our front porch and seems to be crumbling on the inside of many of the rooms. This home was built on a slab foundation therefor we do not have a basement. 
9576NEW BRIT CT 2005-03-01 
I need a contractor who can help me get the West Wind Condo Ass up to fire code with the a couple of upgrades to an exit leaving the building, and a entrance to the water meter room. The Meriden Fire Marshal's office has put a lien on my condo becasue of  
9575BETTERTON MD 160 620 200 400 2005-03-01 
Kitchen and Living to be incorporated in one large open plan room of 600 sq ft alaso want to add outside pool, approx 30' x 20' 
9574LAKEWOOD WA 82 434 536 2005-02-28 
Add a second story on to existing rambler. Plus, make existing 308sf garage into 610 sf garage. 
9573FILLMORE CA 200 500 500 400 2005-02-28 
Home is in flood zone. Desire to raise home 4 feet. What is the estimated cost? Four guys for two weeks. What type of problems can occur? Home is 65 years old.

Thank you
9572MILWAUKEE WI 2005-02-28 
I currently have a garage that needs to be taken down and a new one built. I would like a two car garage 22 x 24. This garage will have one main garage door and one side door. I will need electric installed. I would also like siding put up that will matc 
9571HOLLYWOOD CA 2005-02-28 
Roof is ponding and I believe there is structural decay and damage that is causing it. I need to have someone give an estimate so the roof can be replaced. It is a flat roof and

9570CUTLERVILLE MI 2005-02-28 
knock down a wall- add a window 
9569CANTON MI 400 2005-02-28 
For a colonial house with attached garage,
add a 400 sq ft room above the garage that would walk in to the house. Picture window in the front, 'A' frame roof on top of the room. Vents, electrical to be added, carpeting added. No dividers, just one bi 
9568OCALA FL 2000 2005-02-28 
22 Acres of Vested Land for Sale in booming Ocala, FL. Currently zoned for 8 units per acre. Great location and profit potential for any builder. 
9567HILLIARD OH 36 2005-02-28 
i want to add one kitchen room behind the garage with one window and a door 
9566HILLIARD OH 36 2005-02-28 
9565AGOURA CA 2005-02-21 
need exterior of my house sandblased and re do color coat. exsisting stucco real harch want smooth plaster like finish. need old style mission tile roof with concreat comming out 
9564CARDIFF CA 2005-02-21 
I have a newly built, nearly finished custom home that needs fabricated wood (clear western cedar) handrails for both interior and exterior railings. The cross section of the handrail is simple in design, and will be mounted to predrilled stainless steel  
9563MODESTO CA 2005-02-21 
we are looking to make a 2 car garage in our backyard. 
9562MODESTO CA 2005-02-21 
we are looking to extend our patio cement slab 16 x 20 and to make a covered patio. 
9561ASHTON MD 400 2005-02-21 
9560BEARDSLEY SD 50 2005-02-21 
50ftx30ft metal building with two walk in doors and two garage doors insulated walls and ceiling finished walls and ceiling and concrete floor it could be a metal or wood structure depending on cost
9559BLOOMFIELD CA 2005-02-21 
What is the approximate cost to build 10,000-15,000 sq. foot home plus another 30 homes about 4,000 sq. foot each home 
9558KLEIN TX 450 2005-02-21 
Build new 2.5 car detached garage. Convert existing garage to living space. Currently has AC\heat. Need to add french doors, level floor, etc...
New garage to be approx. 20 x 24 1 story with attic access for storage.  
9557CALIF CITY CA 2005-02-21 
2K ft. 1 story. All trim paint grade supplied. 4 1/4" col. base fitted to 40+ round corners, 3" col. casing. Solid int. doors. Closets & pantry designed for max use of space. Closets wrapped and cased w/mirrored bi-pass. Wrap/case 6 windows & 1 sliding do 
9556MEHLVILLE MO 380 560 336 378 2005-02-21 
A 2600 sq foot ranch with 3 car project # U112. Price with 9' basement.Prefer brick veneer. On lake site in St. Genevieve. We will do excavations. 
9555CLEWISTON FL 450 900 500 2700 2005-02-21 
total 3,000 sq ft add well & septic, drive way & clearing enough of 5 acre lot at south end of Canopy ln, Everhigh Acres, Clewiston to build drive, house. add covered Pool, 3 car garage.  
9554LOGAN TOWNSHIP NJ 192 2005-02-21 
Adding a 12x16 screened in porch. Gable style roof, t&g flooring/ceiling. Also, small porch/steps for side door. 
9553CLEVELAND OH 410 690 282 320 2005-02-20 
Looking for contractor to do septic, basement, framing, windows & doors, porches plumbing, electric, chimnea; for brand new home in Brunswick, OH. All interiors, siding, driveway, landscaping to be responsible for by owner. Home is approximately 2600 SF. 
9552BAY HEAD NJ 2005-02-20 
I a, purchasing a home that currently has a crawl space. They just had all new support beams and joists put in , but i am wondering how much it would be to add a basement without lifting the home 
9551SIMPSONVILLE SC 1800 2005-02-20 
9550LOS ANGELES CA 2005-02-20 
Need to fix door frame where door was busted in, and fix mold in shower by either re-cocking or replacing shower tub. 
9549NEW BRUNSWICK NJ 80 2005-02-20 
removeing existing open porch placeing footings to existing rooftwo out side walls . 
9548FULLERTON CA 2000 2005-02-20 
We are trying to get pricing on the cost of building a new home, approximately 2,000 sqft., 1.75 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. Large Master. Preferrably a great room. Fireplace.
Don't know where to start please help. 
9547OXFORD MA 2005-02-20 
2 story 2 car garage, attached to existing house. 2nd floor of garage to be an apartment. Also want new windows (13) in house and house sided. 
9546COLDFOOT AK 40 200 400 500 2005-02-20 
3 bedroom, 2.5athroom house with full basement. Basement to have 3 separate areas and .5 bath, made of ecologically friendly materials (eg clay bricks, cob, etc) double garage 
9545COLDFOOT AK 40 200 400 500 2005-02-20 
3 bedroom, 2.5athroom house with full basement. Basement to have 3 separate areas and .5 bath, made of ecologically friendly materials (eg clay bricks, cob, etc) 
9544KATY TX 2005-02-19 
need per sq ft price on building home hardi plank, slab, simple roofline, simple const.1800-2000 sq ft w/in 15 miles of Katy, TX 
9543HANFORD CA 350 250 200 450 2005-02-19 
i would like to build a two bedroom guest house how much would it be? 
9542HANFORD CA 2005-02-19 
i would like to build a two bedroom guest house how much would it be? 
9541SELDEN NY 110 2005-02-19 
I would like to build a walk in closet in my bedroom. 
9540GRAHAM NC 2000 2005-02-19 
We are building a prefab round house. Only need ALL interior work. Outside and windows will be finished by us. 4 bedroom, 3 bath. Have floor plans in jpg so can email them to you. 
9539LOUISVILLE KY 2005-02-19 
sided house adding on a 16' x 10.5' mudroom we will do finish flooring ourselves two entry doors with 4 wood steps, washer and dryer connections (currently in basement approx 10 feet over from where wanted in mudroom. Run sewer lines approx 100 feet from  
9538EAST LIBERTY OH 120 2005-02-19 
The project is to replace drywall on 3 walls in a bedroom. One outside wall may require new insulation and a new vapor barrier. 
9537ASHTON MD 400 2005-02-19 
Build an addition ontop of a deck so there is no foundation needed 
9536SAN ANTONIO TX 2005-02-18 
narrowed down to 3 plans -
1) #hwepl08709
2) #hds-99-423
3) #hds-99-300 
9535DECATUR MI 2005-02-18 
Wanting a Pole Barn built in Decatur, Mi. 40'x60'x16' with a couple of windows, steel entry door and around a 14'x16' rollup door. Also want 1' over hang eaves (no gutters). Would like all this on a concrete slab. Looking for best price and workmanship 
9534DECATUR MI 2005-02-18 
Wanting a Pole Barn built in Decatur, Mi. 40'x60'x16' with a couple of windows, steel entry door and around a 14'x16' rollup door. Also want 1' over hang eaves (no gutters). Would like all this on a concrete slab. Looking for best price and workmanship 
9533ALGONQUIN IL 225 375 195 240 2005-02-18 
New construction of approximately 4,000 sq. ft. I desire to build it in Flossmoor. 
9532ARLINGTON VA 2005-02-18 
I wish to build a 1.5 story house, ca. 2000-2300 sq feet, 2 bedrooms 1.5 baths, plus a full English basement with rec rm, one bedroom, one bath. I will subdivide my existing lot to obtain a 6000 sq foot level lot for the new house. 
9531EAST HAVEN CT 2005-02-17 
appx. 6,600 - 7,000 square foot luxury home in New Canaan, CT and one similiar home in Fairfield, CT, possibly 2 in fairfield. Also after these projects will be looking to do business ongoing basis including possible future subdivisions.  
9530AUGUSTA ME 15 2005-02-17 

9528FRISCO TX 2005-02-17 
Request cost to cover a 100 square foot cement patio with shingled porch nine or ten feet high. 
9527LONG BEACH CA 100 220 220 2005-02-17 
525 sq ft bath bed room living room wet bar 2nd story extension. 
9526LONG BEACH CA 2005-02-17 
525 sq ft bath bed room living room wet bar 2nd story extension. 
9525MONCKS CORNER SC 2005-02-17 
22x24 detached 2 car garage on slab w/brick exterior, 2 garage doors, 1 side entry man-door and two small windows. 6 to 8 pitch roof. Attic storage not important. Bricks will match existing house brick. 
9524HAYWARD CA 64 144 144 204 2005-02-16 
I am curious to know how much it will cost to build a home in the California, Hayward, 94542 area. A normal 3 bed 2 bath with approximately 1500 to 1900 sqft. 
9523FRED VA 2005-02-16 
In need of an excavation company to do site work, utilities, well, and septic for home site in Govenor's Point on Lake Anna. 
9522MC DONALD PA 2005-02-16 
I have a typical split entry home with living and diningroom combined. but I would like to open the kitchen wall L-shaped 1/2 way up and place a countertop so that it has the look of one big room. I have plaster. 
9521FRONT ROYAL VA 3153 2005-02-16 
3 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths 2-car garage
9520NEEDHAM MA 2005-02-16 
Knock Down old house, build new house on site in Needham MA. Cape or colonial design

4 bedrooms 3 baths
9519MARLBORO MA 2005-02-16 
We have a Cape house in Marlboro, MA and we would like to add a shed dormer on the second floor and to construct a small bathroom (shower instead of bath).

We would like an estimate for the work
9518PRINCETON NJ 350 1300 400 2000 2005-02-16 
Build a new brick front home 5 bed, 3 bath approx 4500sq feet, with unfinished basement, 3 car garage with paved driveway to garage. Septic and Well need to be built. 
9517SARTELL MN 140 336 336 1684 2005-02-16 
Cabin that has 2460sq. feet of area plus 14x24 garage. 12/12 pitch with parell trusses and floor trusses. 24x24 loft area. there is three levels and log railing. pine wood inside. 28 feet of cabinets. ceiling all pine touge and groove. doors are 6 panel 1 
9516SARTELL MN 140 336 336 1684 2005-02-16 
Cabin, pine wood inside, 6 panel doors 9swing 4bifold, 6" log siding, 12/12 pitch with parell trusses and floor trusses. 3 bath, 2 bedroom, log railing, 28feet of cabinets and inland, 5 6'sliding doors 18 windows of different sizes 30 year roofing matiera 
9515BUCKLEY WA 300 500 500 1000 2005-02-16 
9514BLACKSBURG VA 2005-02-16 
6,794 sq ft office
Turn into Physical therapy office with two bathrooms, kitchen, three large office rooms and a reception office and six treatment rooms (size of small office) 
9513HILLSBOROUGH NJ 200 2005-02-15 
Need to get quotes to build 4th BR above existing 2 car garage.  
9512GOODLAND FL 2005-02-15 
Two family home, new construction.
243 feet on water About 60 feet on cul de sac About 100 feet deep.
3000 s.f. each , 2 places side by side/common cbs wall. Separate
utilities. Probable garage on ground and then 2 more levels up. Resemble Champions a 
9511CARY NC 2005-02-15 
Need to widen bathroom doorway by 4 inches (or more) and build temporary wheelchair ramp in garage. 
9510CHICAGO IL 2005-02-15 
I am looking for a contractor to tear down and rebuild a garage. 
9509WASHOUGAL WA 2005-02-15 
Concrete pad for new manufactured home (2,500 sq ft). Also insulated concrete pad for steel building (Garage 2,000 sq ft.). Also concrete parking slab beyong garage.  
9508WAUKEE IA 2005-02-15 
add 6'x 20' to side of existing garage.  
9507NAVY SHIPS PA 63 120 80 300 2005-02-15 
Would like to have bathtub replaced only. Open to suggestions on how to have the work done. 
9506DANIELS MD 2005-02-15 
9505EDISON NJ 10 20 35 1000 2005-02-15 
We already purchased a package from Lincroft homes. Need a contractor to build home
Contact Mike Mraz at 732 236 2021 
9504TOPEKA KS 1700 2005-02-14 
3 bedroom, 2 full baths, possibly unfinished basement, 2 car garage, land not purchased at this time so no start date or finish date avail 
9503YUKON OK 1000 2005-02-14 
Need to expand kitchen by knocking out a wall to make a kitchen, dining and great room. I also need to add 100 sq ft to master and bath area. Master bath needs larger shower and tub addition.  
9502DOWNINGTOWN PA 2005-02-14 
painting only. 
9501OAK GROVE GA 2005-02-14 
Desire estimate on a detached 28 x 28 2-car garage with slab foundation. Area above garage to accomodate a future loft/apartment. 
9500INDIAN VALLEY ID 200 400 150 1501 2005-02-14 
3bd 2ba single level home on my lot.
straight forward roof, no hips. should appraise around 155-160 on 25K lot. 42" brick masonry on front of house. Basement, 2 car gagrage.  
9499LA PORTE IN 345 846 240 2462 2005-02-14 
9498UKIAH CA 2005-02-13 
i am interested in building a 2000 sq ft house in the ukiah area. i understand that there are a lot of variables, but would like a rough estimate. i would like the house to have standard accomadations, nothing to fancy 
9497SILVER SPRINGS FL 200 500 200 1000 2005-02-13 
One story home on slab w/ attached garage vaulted ceilings 
9496WEST BLOCTON AL 2005-02-13 
looking to build 24x24 garage/workshop with 1 8ft roll up door and 1 pesonel door metal roof and vinyl siding. no dates set yet. 
9495PORTLAND ME 160 840 400 400 2005-02-13 
28ft. x 38ft. addition,2 story,1st. floor is a 3 bd. room apt., 2nd floor is a 3 bd. room apt., full foundation, stairs to apt. in existing building.1 full bath per unit, 2 separate electric services,boiler w/ hot water maker W/ 2 zones per apt. 
9494DOWNERS GROVE IL 2005-02-13 
New Construct - 30x25' garage with loft, small bathroom, interior partly finished. Intended to serve as dwelling for next few years. Would require plumbing and wiring as for a small house, roofing/siding/insulation, one regular door, several windows.  
9493PALM BEACH GARDENS FL 2005-02-13 
Looking to add a free standing 3 car garage. I need approximate cost and build time. 
9492CHESAPEAKE VA 2005-02-13 
9491HAZLET NJ 2005-02-13 
9490AMELIA CITY FL 2005-02-13 
I have a 1400 sq ft house on stilts. I am wanting to convert to 2 story house. Lift, cut beams, build 1st floor underneath. Floor/foundation must go up about 10 inches for floodzone. I assume would have the same sq ft underneath for kitchen, livingroom, d 
9489MURRIETA CA 2005-02-13 
New flooring threwout the house. House 1800 sq ft. Have "upside down house (kitchen upstairs). Tile floor threw downstairs (traverntine), stairs, wood upstairs (oak plank). Carpet in all 3 bedrooms (best). redo garage, checker floor (white black tile). Ho 
9488MURRIETA CA 2005-02-13 
New flooring threwout the house. House 1800 sq ft. Have "upside down house (kitchen upstairs). Tile floor threw downstairs (traverntine), stairs, wood upstairs (oak plank). Carpet in all 3 bedrooms (best). redo garage, checker floor (white black tile). Ho 
9487SAN JOSE CA 2005-02-13 
I am looking to build around 2000sq ft/ 2 story/ 3 bedrooms/2 baths/ house in Los Gatos Mountains on a mostly level lot.  
9486FOREST HILL VA 2005-02-13 
2 story, circa 1920's house, with 1400 square feet recently renovated but still requires updated electrical throughout. Right now many of the rooms have only one electrical jack. Will need about 10 more pairs of electrical outlets throughout house, repl 
9485FRASER MI 1000 2005-02-12 
Currently, a 1000 square foot ranch in Fraser. Want to add a second floor, inside to be roughed-in, outside finished (Vinyl sided and windows in.) Also, staircase to be roughed-in. Plumbing and Electrical will be handled by homeowners. 
9484MOODUS CT 2005-02-12 
commercial septic system for treatment of 10,000 per day water usage 
9483JACKSONVILLE NC 200 300 500 500 2005-02-12 
upstairs, and downstairs, 2bath, 4bedrooms, living room, family room, patio, sliding glass doors, 2 car garage. 
9482NORTHWOOD OH 2005-02-12 
300 square foot garge with needing electrical update, ceiling joists hung, subfloor placement, two garage doors removed, walls placed, two new standard windows, heating element placed -to convert into a bedroom with closet space. Husband will place insul 
9481GLENDALE CA 166 100 215 2005-02-12 
Enclosed Patio/Laundry/bed addition makes the entire 215 square foot. The bath is the remodle of a laundry room. Please quote the 215 square feet with closet and wall partion. 
9480MARRERO LA 1015 2020 2020 2122 2005-02-12 
i would like to have 2 fierplaces one in the living room and one in the masterbedroom,i also want a hottub in both bathrooms and marble floors in each bathroom a 2 car garage with a circle drive way with a nice size backyard with central air and heat,and  
9479MARRERO LA 1015 2020 2020 2121 2005-02-12 
i would like to have 2 fierplaces one in the living room and one in the masterbedroom,i also want a hottub in both bathrooms and marble floors in each bathroom a 2 car garage with a circle drive way with a nice size backyard with central air and heat,and  
9478NORTHWOOD OH 2005-02-12 
20' x 15' garage into a bedroom with a closet
No heating source present
Electric present 
9477HERNDON VA 300 500 500 700 2005-02-12 
We are looking to add a garage w/storage area onto existing home, plus a new mastrbdrm w/bath large walkin closets and a workout area. We want a family rm and new laundry room and if possible close out deck into sunroom. 


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