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I need an bedroom addition to my current 2 bedroom home, I would even be willing to convert my garage to a room if need be. 
9718WINDERMERE FL 410 910 280 680 2005-03-14 
2 story
3700 sqft total heated
3 car garage
**if this post looks similar it is, i entered the wrong email address for the other- please respond to this one not the other!!** 
9717LAKEVIEW HEIGHTS MO 300 1200 300 3000 2005-03-14 
Lake home, 3or4bedrooms, 2 bath, dining room, den/office, 2 car garage 
9716EDMONDS WA 2005-03-14 
I am interested in building 2 story 2500sq ft house with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, family room, living and dining room, kitchen with island and the nook, 3 car garage. House plan will include covered from porch and covered patio.  
9715WINDERMERE FL 415 910 280 680 2005-03-14 
3700 sq ft heated + 3 car garage
2 story 
9714HILLSBORO NM 2005-03-14 
36x28 garage 28 ft going south and west36ft goingnorth and south want 2 10 ft garage doors elect open on west side 10 ft high and 1 3 ft window and a 3 ft door 
9713SUGARHILL GA 2005-03-14 
6' shadow box dog ear fence. 2 gates.
1 fence line of 59 feet
2 fence lines of 47 feet
treated wood 
9712ROCK HILL SC 2005-03-14 
I want to Add on attached 2-car garage cement slab is (Garage Ready)for Garage..There is also a door to the house where garage will be attached...Average Price 
9711SILVER SPRINGS NV 80 260 160 500 2005-03-13 
Install crawl foundation, subflooring, setup Ameripanel R28x36 2bed/1ba home (1008 sq/ft) on level city lot. Supply/install roof, (8) 30x40 windows, (2) exterior doors and exterior siding. Connect electrical, sewer, water, plumb kitchen/bathroom. No tr 
9710BRUNSWICK GA 2005-03-13 
9709SAN MATEO CA 485 2005-03-13 
Extend the living room to be equal to the end of the garage, new roof over the addition and over the garage.  
9708KENOSHA WI 94 2005-03-13 
12.5 x 7.5 total space that is currently a large full bath and a small half bath, we want to change it into smaller full bath and a bath with shower stall, involves knocking out a wall, building a new wall, closing a doorway, changing 2 vanities, shower s 
9707PORTLAND OR 2005-03-13 
Arrow Shed, 3 ft x 8 ft metal shed kit. Need you to make sure ground is level and prepped for shed, put together the shed kit. Second smaller project is to disconnect 2 story kids childlife wood playstructure from attached monkeybar swing set. Then  
9706DIXON IL 2005-03-13 
I'd like to build an exposed walk out basement on my own property. I'd like it to measure 66 sqft. by 24sqft. I'd like to have a quote for well septic and utilities roughed in. 
9704KISSIMMEE FL 3500 2005-03-13 
9703PENNS GROVE NJ 2005-03-13 
addition of a 750 sq foot deck to cover approx 40 ft side of pool, and rest ant end of pool for lounging.  
9702ROCKAWAY NJ 150 2005-03-13 
Want to remodel kitchen don't know how to design and how much it will cost. 
9701HOUSTON TX 2005-03-12 
20X20 garage to turn into a bedroom,bath,office space a little kitchett area

9700GRASSY POINT NY 2005-03-12 
build a home on my 1.5 acre prpoperty.
a ranch, 4 br, lr, dr, kitchen, rr , garage 
9699ARDEN NV 2005-03-12 
installing a pool & rv parking with concrete driveway. Need stuccoed block wall- 26 ft block wall 6 ft high stuccoed finish for along prop line for RV gated parking area & 9 feet block wall 2 feet high with 2 pilasters for lights along remaining ptn of p 
9698ARDEN NV 320 2005-03-12 
add 2 story (open) family room addition with gas fireplace and french doors with (sloped cathedral roof)behind existing living room and kitchen . Filling in an L-shaped area 14 x 23 ft.  
9697DENTON TX 2005-03-12 
I need a pergoll stained. It is approximatley 60' by 17'  
9696FLINTRIDGE CA 100 800 200 500 2005-03-12 
9695BOISE ID 100 300 2005-03-12 
We are interested on adding on a master suite (which would include a bathroom) onto the home we are purchasing. Just a standard size room. What would an estimant be for us to look at? Also, financing for this?  
9694ALTADENA CA 100 1000 200 600 2005-03-12 
9693WINDERMERE FL 325 2005-03-12 
Would like to add sunroom, similar to TEMO quality 
9692MISSOURI CITY TX 2005-03-12 
Looking for a general contractor to build and design my 5500 sq. ft home on 2 acres in Fort Bend County. It is located one exit past Greatwood on 59 S. The community requires a minimum of 4500 sq. ft. 
9691SATSUMA FL 50 100 100 100 2005-03-11 
I am looking for a estimate on the construction of a small 2br/1ba starter home, approx 900sq ft. Nothing fancy, well and septic need to be included in quote, carpet, paint & appliances need not be included. Would like to know the difference in price for  
9690PORTSMOUTH VA 24 2005-03-11 
9689CHICAGO IL 400 1200 400 2400 2005-03-11 
30W x 60D Three level brick veneer home. Lower level 3'-6" walls on 6' foundation, 16" 2x4 floor joist for 30' spans, 2x6 exterior walls, 6-12 roof, 10' main level ceiling ht. 9'6" upper level ceiling ht.
finished lower level 
9687SUCCASUNNA NJ 300 500 250 850 2005-03-11 
9686PITTSTON PA 1750 2005-03-11 
chalet 1750sqf 2 bdrs downstairs 1 bdr upstairs with loft and masterbath 2.5 baths total, full basement. I need a rough estimate on what you charge a sqf. My lumber doors window sheetrock and insluation package is roughly $60,000 not including the founda 
9685AUBERRY CA 2005-03-11 
9684SAINT PAUL MO 1600 2005-03-10 
2story or ranch 3 bed 2 bath and can be standard design  
9683BRICK NJ 85 528 225 298 2005-03-10 
9682DALLAS TX 2005-03-10 
I have a house that is 38 x 38 that needs to have new siding or brick/stone added to it. I would like to get an estimate on what's my best bet, whether siding or brick/stone. need this done in the next month or so. i also have plumbing that needs to get 
9681TUJUNGA CA 350 500 100 300 2005-03-10 
Lot has not been purchased yet. Will be in Tujunga/Sunland area, and will be no less than 4000 sq ft. 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage. Smaller room for office would be good, maybe 100 sq ft. Fine with 1 or 2 story, which ever is cheapest. Also maybe a 1/2 bat 
9680PANORAMA CITY CA 80 250 150 500 2005-03-10 
I have not secured a specific lot yet. Lot will be no less that 4000 sq ft, located in Tujunga or Sunland. House should be able to be expanded in the future. Would like masterbed to be fairly spacious, with private bath. Garage big enough for 2 cars, and  
9679SEYMOUR CT 2005-03-10 
Looking for sheetrock, insulation, and foundation estimates. 3,400 sq ft Craftsman style home.  
9678PIGEON FORGE TN 925 2005-03-10 
a sunroom addition added to the back of the house accessing the master bedroom. Room demension: access hall 6'x8' main room 15'x30' step down room from main 20'x20'. this would be used as an excercise, spa area. 
9677WHITESBORO TX 250 450 300 500 2005-03-10 
minimum 50x30 barn with second story apartment approx 1500 sq ft. porch and outside covered rv parking for 40 ft bus. 
9676POCASSET MA 2005-03-10 
Would like to have built a 2 car garage with attic storage, 20x30, already an existing workshop on foundation i want to tear down a build in place,size of 1 car garage, also want new garage heated  
9675MONROEVILLE PA 100 375 1500 2005-03-10 
25x30ft addition 2 story. first floor basement under ground. 2nd floor master bedroom and bath,and a laundry room. 
9674ARLINGTON MA 2005-03-10 
Just wondering on average how much it would cost to dormer a cape style house. Front and back. 4 bedrooms and a bathroom. 
9673SNELL VA 1700 2005-03-10 
Single story Ranch style 72x 36 with 2 stall garage. Basement will be prepared and materials supplied. Bid only for labor to frame, side (1/2 brick veneer and 1/2 vinyl), roof and drywall. 3 BR, 2 Bath, LR, DR, Kitchen, garage.) 
9672SPRINGFIELD VA 2005-03-09 
I would like to add a deck to my townhouse. I would like about a 12x15 ft deck with stairs going down to the ground level. I currently have 3 windows on the wall where I need to have a sliding glass door installed to access the deck. I have already pur 
9671EASLEY SC 75 425 500 2005-03-09 
I would like to add @1000 sqf with a two story addition. Up stairs a BR and Bath and a family room down stairs. 
9670OAKLAND CA 2005-03-09 
Adding a carport to an existing parking deck. Carport to be made out of wood. 
9669KULPSVILLE PA 2005-03-09 
framing cost only to start total sq.ft 3500 own property and buliding will be done in stages 
9668ATCHISON KS 2005-03-09 
build new front porch to replace one demolished years ago. 100yo brick two story in Atchison KS. concrete porch foundation in place 
9667ESSIG MN 2005-03-09 
i have 2 rooms in the basement and would like to make 1 room {1 big room} so the wall that runs down the middle i would like to remove and put a 12 feet would be the small side and 18 feet opening would be the bigger side.{ 12 feet would work but 16 to 18 
9666WASHINGTON DC 157 2005-03-09 
Ceramic Tile, Mortar & Grout. 
9665WASHINGTON DC 157 2005-03-09 
9664KANSAS CITY MO 2005-03-08 
Need to know the cost of building a full basement and foundation for a 1500 Sqft modular home to be anchored to. Basement will end up being finished. 
9663CHICAGO IL 2005-03-08 
Looking to extended my current 2 car brick garage to a three car brick garage 
9662DOGWOOD CITY TX 2005-03-08 
Would like to have a woodburning, brick fireplace with mantle added to an existing frame house. Currently no fireplace or chimney in house. Metal roof. Fireplace to be in combo living/family room 
9661ALBERT LEA MN 2005-03-08 
We are looking at what it would cost to put a cememt slab down for a foundation. Also we would love a quote on a basement.
I guess this is all new to me so if I did not give you the info you need please let me know.
The house we would build using o 
9660COMMERCE MI 2005-03-08 
I am looking to refinish a 1200sq ft royal oak bunglow in brick. It is currently alum sided. I was wondering how much this would cost. I am going to assume we will need to add a foundation strip for the brick to rest on. 
9659TUCSON AZ 2005-03-08 
Need a turn key metal garage 30' x 40' in Marana AZ. Ready to start with a good bid and references. Thanks 
9658WAUSAU WI 2005-03-08 
Adding an exit door, inplace of a window. Deck, approx. 18'x14', fencing approx.100', replacing 2 garage doors, and siding 20'22' block garage. 
9657CENTERVIEW TX 36 96 288 2005-03-08 
Great room 12 (w)x24 (l) with full bath and loft (12x8) on front portion . Single slop roof 16' to existing 8' back walls. Tie in will be at front corner of existing house cutting out existing window to frame in making hallway (6x6) into great room. Glass 
9656ALBUQUERQUE NM 2005-03-08 
Would like to put in a concrete patio in backyard. The size is aprox. 32'x15'. The access to the yard is a personel gate only. The yard does back up to a street which might be able to be pumped from.  
9655ANTIOCH TN 2005-03-07 
I have an unfinished bonus room over garage.
It has all framework and some electrical done.Needs header and door installed. It needs insulation, drywall, duct work and additional outlets and carpet or hardwood. Approx 400 square foot. 
9654KELLY WI 82 2005-03-07 
water damaged tub/shower walls. water damage floor beneath toilet. want new wallsurround new floor single sink replaced with double sink would like toilet moved and also a sliding door removed and closed off (will be Wall) new toilet  
9653FALMOUTH VA 150 450 340 520 2005-03-07 
New home - 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath ranch style wood frame home with 1460 square feet of living space, unfinished basement, attached two-car garage of approximately 484 square feet of floor space, and covered front wood porch 17 feet X 6 feet. 
9652ALDEN NY 162 500 81 451 2005-03-07 
This is a new build, exterior is French European style. Stone and stucco. One story, full basement. Total s.f. is 1429. There is an attached garage that is 19x19. Three bedrooms 2 full baths. Roof framing is stick with a 10/12 pitch. Vaulted ceiliing 
9651INDIAN HARBOR BEACH FL 2005-03-07 
I need an aluminum roof over my back yard pool deck. About 40 feet long, standard width. No screen, simply a roof attached to the back of the house. 
9650OSWEGO IL 2005-03-07 
We need an addition to our existing deck approx. 17'X 24' 
9649ROCHESTER MI 2005-03-07 
I am looking to have my roof torn off and a complete second story added. I have rough plans and a quote for materials (lumber, drywall, siding insulation and roofing. The interior will consist of master bedroom (12x25), 3 bedrooms (11x11 ea) bath 6x11 a 
9648GEORGETOWN MA 2005-03-07 
I would like to have a garage ( 1or 2 car)plus a breezeway/mud room attached to the house built on my properity in Georgetown, ma. 
9647SHARPSVILLE PA 2005-03-07 
9646PERRIS CA 80 650 170 300 2005-03-07 
We would like to get re-finance and get rid of our '73 double-wide and build a simple 3 bd 2 bath home. We do not have plans yet - we are investigating the cost. We are limited with cost so we may have to replace with a new mfg home instead. But we much  
9645COLLINGTON NC 2005-03-07 
Cottage to be built on lot in Sea Scape - N. Lunar Dr.;Kitty Hawk - Budget of $200,000.00
Simple design, will be used for rental, parking area & room underneath, 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 or 3 baths, utility room, living area / kitchen / dinning, large deck / s 
9644DEL SUR CA 2650 2005-03-07 
we want a contractor to erect our steel home and build to "dry-in"stage.we are doing some interior work,paint, hvac,we have basic floor plans and info.2600 sq. ft. 2 story .i-beam colums and red iron frame steel siding and roof 
9643OXNARD CA 100 2000 300 3000 2005-03-07 
9642PASSYUNK PA 2400 2005-03-07 
refurb of south philly rowhome- addition of bathroom, removal of paneling and carpeting, refurbishment of hardwood floors, repair/ preparation of walls. This is a three story property- the total space is approximately 2500 square feet. 
9641CLINTON NJ 600 2005-03-07 
Want to finish basement that is roughly 20x30. Items such as well, furnace, and oil tank are along the walls and would need to be built around. There are also several existing small windows. Also would like the add 1/2 bath to basement, directly below whe 
9640CLINTON NJ 225 525 2005-03-07 
Want to add second floor master bedroom suite with full bathroom and lots of closet space to existing ranch built in 1953. There is already a decent sized attic above the home. Plenty of property if building out instead of up is a cheaper option.  
9639PLEDGER TX 2005-03-06 
Wood rot around garage (garage is detached); replace with hardiplank. Garage is standard 2-door garage about 800 sq ft?) Also need a remodification of 2 drawers in main bathroom as they hit the doorsill when we try to open (they don't open all the way). 
9638LACKAWAXEN PA 45 92 2005-03-06 
Need to expand bathroom - plan to use some of the space of 2nd bedroom. Now, there's no tub (want to get a clawfoot). To expand into bedroom I'd need to knock out part of the wall and put up another wall around tub. Since this is a second bedroom I don't  
9637DARLINGTON MD 2005-03-06 
house now is 1053 sq ft- would like to remove roof- put on new roof with a 12/12 pitch-add 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom under new roof. 2 dormers-1 skylight- and stairs-will this even work? 
9636NEWARK MD 100 350 300 1900 2005-03-06 
9635NEWARK MD 1900 2005-03-06 
9634BOISE ID 100 800 2005-03-06 
add on three rms and two half baths on existing house. Would like to add on the top of garage two of the bdrms and the two half baths. the rms will extend out into the back yard. The third rm will be added to the back of the garage below one of the rm 
9633WEST COVINA CA 2005-03-06 
9632MINNEAPOLIS MN 731 2005-03-06 
remove 1/2" drywall, plaster, lath and 6" blown in insulation 
9631GOODWATER AL 550 630 624 597 2005-03-06 
Would like house "Plan UC8422JH" (apprx. 2400 sq. ft.) and garage (693 sq. ft.) built.  
9630LENOLA NJ 60 80 2005-03-06 
9629OMAHA NE 50 141 360 2005-03-06 
We want to finish our basement with a 1/2 bath, bedroom and a rec room 
9628VICTORVILLE CA 2005-03-06 
need a block wall build around a swimming pool, pool is not build yet after it is build we want a block wall build around it. 
9627GORDON LAKES NJ 140 2005-03-06 
We were thinking of extending the existing childrens bedrooms an additional 7 x 10 each totaling 140 sq foot and need a qoute. This would go right over our kitchen area. 
9626DANIA FL 2005-03-06 
I need a price for a new construction or remodeling of three properties that I have in FT lauderdale.
Please contact me at : (954)646-0778
Raphael Brummer 
9625LAKE SHERWOOD MO 36 175 100 250 2005-03-06 
Fair sized new home (15-1700 sq ft )Lots of glass and some rounded rooms rather that square. 3 Bedrooms... 2 1/2baths and main floor laundry. 
9624ANNANDALE NJ 2005-03-06 
Install vinyl siding 2 story house. estimated area is 26 Squares which includes a garage. Old clapboard siding needs to be removed. Soffits also needed about 9 squares.
9623WHITE LAKE MI 2005-03-06 
I want to know how much foundation work is per square foot. I am starting to build our house and doing most of the work myself but will need to hire out the foundation work. 
9622GLADEVILLE TN 2005-03-05 
9621DARLINGTON RI 40 2005-03-05 
small bathroom in need of new sink, toilet and shower stall with new floors and new walls 
9620TUTTLE KY 2005-03-05 
I have a 3 bdr mobile home and need another 6ft wider addition added to the kitchen and living rm 
9619SLIDELL LA 80 163 221 3300 2005-03-05 
This is a new construction with 3 bedrooms & 1 bonus room with 3 Baths. Master bedroom is
13'.5" x 16'.11". 
9618VIENNA VA 700 2005-03-04 
Attached 2 car garage with 2 bedrooms on second level. 26x28 feet approximately. Project would befinished with vinyl siding.
Would like estimate to include removal of asphalt driveway and repouring of an exposed aggregate driveway in front of new garag 


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