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9310MOUNT WASHINGTON KY 285 795 195 800 2005-01-21 
The home is Georgian with a hip roof and only 2 extra corners. The total square footage of the home is 3200. 3 bedrooms and a playroom upstairs along with 3 full baths. one half bath on the ground floor. Each floor is roughly just under 1600 Sq. ft. 2 car 
9309ALEXANDRIA VA 51 2005-01-21 
A second floor bathroom (8.5'x6') must be closed-in and completed. All plumbing and electrical are completed. Vapor barriers, wall, tile, and shower stall must be installed. The stall will be glass blocks. The work must be 100% water tight - floor drain i 
9308PORTLAND OR 2005-01-21 
Add garage. However, don't know what options are available in regards to attached, detached, oversized, 2 car etc. 
9307PHOENIX AZ 2005-01-21 
10 by 60 covered patio 
9306PHOENIX AZ 2005-01-21 
10 by 60 concrete slab in the back yard 
9305TUALATIN OR 150 2005-01-21 
Remodel downstairs bedroom to home office.
Approx 10.5'x11', Replace single 30' interior door with custom double french doors, upgrade electrical, add recessed lighting, install custom cabinets & shelving, replace flooring. 
9304STEPHENS CITY VA 3000 2005-01-21 
I need to rewire a house from the 1800's. 
9303EAST FARMS WA 2005-01-21 
New home approx. 75 ft long by 30 ft wide, 3 bedrooms and a bath at one end of the house with the master bedroom and bath and retreat at the other end. Kitchen with island, pantry and eating area. A dinning room, a living room, a family room, and a laundr 
9302ADAMS TN 2500 2005-01-21 
2 full baths 1 1/2
3 car garage
4 bedrooms
Kitchen 12X13 
9300INDEPENDENCE MO 2005-01-21 
I'm building a new house and would like quotes on plumbing a bath & 3/4 plastic verse copper pipe.plans for 3/4 in basement -full bath 1st floor with shower base / whirlpool 
9299KEMP TX 2005-01-20 
I would like to have a billboard built at least 3 stories high. I would like to have the double one where there are 2 signs on each side at least 12X24. I would like to have the kind that has the latter you climb up on. I would also like to have the Elec 
9298OKLAHOMA CITY OK 2005-01-20 
Remodel two elevators in highrise apartment building in okc. Other areas of remodel needed in 132 unit highrise.  
9297OKLAHOMA CITY OK 2005-01-20 
Remodel two elevators in highrise apartment building in okc.  
9296OAK RIDGE NC 2005-01-19 
convert existing 2car garage to livingroom and built a new 3 car garage with loft on top and a roof pitch 5/12 
9295OAK RIDGE NC 2005-01-19 
add a3car garage 34 by 26 with loft on top roof pitch5/12 and convert existing 2car garage to playroom 
9294HAMILTON GRANGE STATION NY 150 100 200 2005-01-19 
Install drywall on walls and ceilings. Replace window and door moldings. Add crown molding. 
9293SAINT PETERSBURG FL 25 160 2005-01-19 
Laundry room/1/2 bath + repair belly in drain line (prior est all plumbing = $5,000). Complete remodel, floor to ceiling, new configuration, install melamine counters/cabinets.  
9292OLD ROUND ROCK TX 50 120 2005-01-19 
I would like to build a new room on to our home. We have three sides brick and back hardy board and want to build off of the dining area which has a window (in back). The bathroom is optional - would like estimates with or without bathroom. 
9291BONDS CORNER CA 2005-01-19 
New home, 2400 sq. ft. Single story. 2 bath, 3 bedrooms, den, dining, living room, pantry, island kitchen, 2 car garage, tile roof  
9290BOZEMAN MT 2005-01-18 
I would like a quote for medium and high quality workmanship for this home at the following link.{42BFD2F2-CC6E-4BDC-8229-0E9A413ECFDA}&view=main&planid=20059 
9289CATALINA AZ 2005-01-18 
We need a 10' x 25' pad of concrete poured 
9288FRAME SWITCH TX 150 250 250 350 2005-01-18 
407 Murphy St. Taylor, Williamson County, TX 76574.

Built in 1930. Needs major restoration and remodeling. I would like to sell this house to a "Rehabber" for a cash price. Go see it, it is open. Call me with a purchase bid 
9287GREENFIELD MA 2005-01-18 
log home-kit purchased-weather tight shell to be constructed by our sub contractor-driveway,well,and engineering is already completed-need: clearing,excavation,foundation,septic,and all finish work
Would like to speak with anyone interested and available 
9286FAYETTEVILLE NC 2005-01-18 
wiring 12x24 storage shed 
9285FAYETTEVILLE NC 2005-01-18 
12x24 storage shed 
9284ALPHARETTA GA 2005-01-18 
Addition of a shed dormer to the rear attic space of our 1977 ranch home. Interior finished into 3 bedrooms or two bedrooms, a large walk in closet and a bath (tub w/ shower, sink and toliet.  
9283GAINESVILLE KY 2005-01-18 
the house will be a 24' x 48' and it is 1152 sq. ft. it will be 4 br and 2 baths with living room kitchen and dining room 
9282GEDNEY NY 800 800 2005-01-18 
Add a 8 x 10 dining room to the back of our house. 2 windows and a sliding glass door off this room. In addition, we would like an 8 x 10 bedroom placed on top of this new addition. 2 closets and a window would be in this room. Since this is a split l 
9281ORLANDO FL 300 300 500 1200 2005-01-18 
Esteemed Soffit and Fascia Contractor,
Would you please refer our request to a sheet metal professional for replacement of a second story white Aluminum Soffit and Facia at 8384 Clematis Lane, Orlando, FL 32819 in East Bay subdivision of Sand Lake Hills  
9280KENBRIDGE VA 50 1200 50 2005-01-18 
add on utility, bath and masterbedroom with sunroom 
9279POMPTON PLAINS NJ 2005-01-18 
I would like to add a half-dormer to the front of my cape-cod style home 
9278PORT RICHEY FL 250 2005-01-18 
block room added to front of house
it is 14 wide now
want to come out 15 feet
and tie into existing roof
make existing bedroom larger and have door to enter front room
add window in old room
2 windows in new room and a closet 
9277BURIEN WA 2005-01-17 
We would like to jack up the existing little house(500 Sqft) for a few feet and build a basement.  
9276CHICAGO IL 200 300 200 300 2005-01-17 
a brick single family home with 3 or more bedrooms, family room, living room, kitchen, den, fireplace, walk-in closets, patio door, 2 bathrooms, and finished basement. Also to include 2 car garage. 
9275SPRINGFIELD VA 300 2005-01-17 
Want new bath built into existing basement. Area currently boxed in under front room near garage of a rambler. Ideas and costs required. 
9274KINGSTON MA 300 1000 500 800 2005-01-17 
I own a 1.63 acre lot in Kingston, MA that currently has a 2 family dwelling approx. 2000 square feet. I would like to replace the existing home (tear it down) and build a single family home with 2.5 baths, extra large master bed/bath, extra large great  
9273KINGSTON MA 200 1000 500 750 2005-01-17 
2.5 baths, extra large master bed/bath, extra large great room, cathedral ceilings, central air, granite counters and hardwood floors 
9272HOLBROOK NY 64 432 2005-01-17 
Would like to add 3 bedrooms (nice size - approx. 12x12) and 1 large bathroom as a second floor above 1/2 our 1000 sq. foot ranch.Total sq. footage approx. 500 sq. feet 
9271HOLBROOK NY 2005-01-17 
Would like to add 3 bedrooms (nice size - approx. 12x12) and 1 large bathroom as a second floor above 1/2 our 1000 sq. foot ranch. 
9270LAKE LOS ANGELES CA 2005-01-17 
Change inground doughboy to cement pool.  
9269LATTA SC 750 2005-01-16 
Den addition to back of existing home. Modify window in home for entrance door to addition and one exit door from addition to outside. Windows across most of back of addition. To be 15x25 with 25' running along existing structure. 
9268BURLESON TX 1700 2005-01-16 
Looking to build a home approx 1700 sqft on 20 ac in Alvarado Tx. Have found a set of plans to purchase and have begun utilities. 
9267PORTLAND OR 650 2005-01-16 
We have an attic where we would like some knob and tube wiring replaced (the rest of the house is done), it insulated, and sheet rocked. 
9266BRIARCLIFF PA 2005-01-16 
I am looking to add a small addition to my colonial style home in Glenolden, PA. Want the addition to include electrical update of electrical service to the entire house and the addition should include a bathroom. 
9265COPPEROPOLIS CA 2000 2005-01-16 
Looking to build approximately 2000 sq. ft., 1-story 3bd, 2ba, 3-car garage home on a 1 acre lot. Need estimated costs.  
9264BRADENTON FL 300 2005-01-16 
construction of a room addition to expand existing master bedroom to create space for home office. 
9263DALLAS TX 150 300 2005-01-16 
To add on a master bedroom and bathroom. I will also need to replace water line gas line and sewer lines. This house was remodeled 4 years ago on the inside. It still needs more it is a pier and beam foundation older home.  
9262PORT RICHEY FL 220 2005-01-16 
go out 15 feet with block to existing bedroom
2 windows and a closet
1 door to go into existing bedroom only
move wall of existing room 2 feet
new pad would be 14 feet x 15 feet
tie into existing roof 
9261PORT RICHEY FL 220 2005-01-16 
add 15 feet to front of house with block
two windows and a closet
move the existing room 2 foot larger
add a window and a door to go into new addition
tie into existing roof 
9260FAIRFIELD CA 100 500 200 200 2005-01-16 
9259CANTON MA 80 300 100 350 2005-01-16 
3 story addition on back of house w/ basement. Want to add family room and 1/2 bath on first floor and master bedroom and bath on second floor. We would want to expand our kitchen a little as well. 
9258FORT MYERS FL 2005-01-15 
Would like estimates to:
1. Convert garage (approx 16ft x 40ft) to a bedroom with bath. 2. Expand back porch area, move washer/dryer to this area, expand storage area here. 
9257GULF BREEZE FL 2005-01-15 
10x24 screenporch on existing slab, and 24x32 attached carport. 
9256SAINT PETERSBURG FL 255 2005-01-15 
Convert 2/3rds of garage into living space.Add small bathroom to space where washer dryer is located,move washer dryer to other wall 
9255WEXFORD PA 2005-01-15 
I am looking to add an entryway onto the front of my split-level house. An Approx 6 x 4 ft shell with openings for double doors if possible and 2 windows.  
9254CUPERTINO CA 800 1500 500 1000 2005-01-15 
Demolishing existing house and rebuilding a two-story house on a ~17000sf lot. Also a 3 car garage desired. 
9253LILLIAN AL 150 350 250 1100 2005-01-14 
We are looking to build duplexes in Pensacola. 
9252SCOTTSDALE AZ 60 140 1000 2005-01-14 
Casita. 20'X 50' rectangle, single story, 10' X 20' room on each end (Office & Guest Bedroom w/bathroom). Bare floor. 
9251CLEARLAKE CA 90 308 99 300 2005-01-14 
9250JACKSONVILLE FL 342 675 317 648 2005-01-14 
single story, all brick. 300 sq ft deck, 441 sq ft attached garage. slab foundation, 1,990 heated sq ft total. 
9249JACKSONVILLE FL 342 645 299 648 2005-01-14 
single story, all brick. 1,990 total heated/cooled sq ft. 441 sq ft attached garage. 300 sq ft deck off the rear of the house. slab foundation. 
9248BOWMONT ID 2005-01-14 
Add 3rd bay to existing double car garage.
Also would like to know what it might cost to have bonus room added to top of new garage. 
9247GILBERT SC 2005-01-14 
I need to extend a brick two-flue chiminey up another 8 to 10 feet. New second story addition was built after chiminey constructed. Highest point on chiminey wll be approximately 35 feet from ground. Much of wood scaffolding already installed. Most of bri 
9246BEVERLY HILLS FL 2005-01-14 
I need a 30x40 garage, either block, or stuco board to match the house. 9 or 10 ft walls, start with in the next 90-120 days. lot is 3.3.a and the area to buld has about a 8" drop in the 40 ft depth. this will be in pine ridge Bevery hills Fl for code etc 
9245BUNN NC 3200 2005-01-14 
have plans but need to revise a bit email for plans and can fax. 2 story home with marble countertops and hardwoods throughout the lst floor. need guest suite on 1st floor. also have a list of options 
9244COTO DE CAZA CA 440 2005-01-14 
adding on 2 bedrooms (a total of 440Sqft)
Adding a deck all the way across on top of the 2 new added bedrooms 
9243BROOKLYN NY 2005-01-14 
I need a 7 X 7 walk-in closet built in a bedroom with shelves and I also need a double closet door with jams replaced. 
9242CONYERS GA 2005-01-14 
Split level, Mansard roof over garage, typical ranch roof over living/dining/kitchen areas. Want to add level above living/dining/kitche, for additional bedroom/office. Want to price adding 'up' versus taking in garage. In Conyers area. Contact Donna. 770 
9241WAMEGO KS 2005-01-14 
I want to know how much you would charge to dig a 24x60 basement 
9240ARBOR VITAE WI 2005-01-13 
I need to build a staireway going down a hill. 
9239HAWLEY TX 50 100 600 2005-01-13 
9238BROOKFIELD IL 240 2005-01-13 
Completely gut kitchen. Partial wall removal. Island, complete cabinets, flooring, lighting, countertops 
9237EAST LOS ANGELES CA 2005-01-13 
We want to create new stairs that lead from our living room into the garage that is directly below. 
9236GILBERT AZ 2005-01-13 
Have house plans #s below or e-mail us for plans HPT7600046 HPT7600075 HDS-99-276 HDS-99-297 
9235ORLANDO FL 300 300 300 500 2005-01-13 
Dear Soffit and Fascia Contractor,
We request a quotation for repair of a second story Soffit and Facia at 8384 Clematis Lane, Orlando, FL 32819 in East Bay subdivision of Sand Lake Hills from Valerian & Wallace at Apopka Vineland; west on Sand Lake Rd e 
9234ORLANDO FL 2005-01-13 
Dear Soffit and Fascia Contractor,
We request a quotation for repair of a second story Soffit and Facia at 8384 Clematis Lane, Orlando, FL 32819 in East Bay subdivision of Sand Lake Hills from Valerian & Wallace at Apopka Vineland; west on Sand Lake Rd e 
9233FLOWER MOUND TX 2005-01-13 
Replace master bedroom windows with double doors to backyard. Currently has four 6'8" windows with half moon window over middle two. Looking to replace middle two windows with double doors. Brick home.  
9232CANYON LAKE TX 64 2005-01-13 
Turn 1/2 bath (existing sink and toilet) into full bath (add shower) using additional space out of closet. Tie in new shower drain into existing drain though concrete foundation. 
9231CLEARLAKE CA 108 237 99 290 2005-01-13 
9230SAINT AUGUSTINE FL 1672 2005-01-12 
the house i would like to build is 1672 sq ft i would like to build this year 
9229WICKLIFFE OH 500 2005-01-12 
Need drywall contractor for upper floor of small bungalo in Wickliffe. Walls are exposed 2x4's and are ready for drywall. Also, need the ceiling redone. 
9228W BELMAR NJ 40 2005-01-12 
Subflooring near tub has dry rot in small area, Need to replace subflooring and tile. 
9227WICKLIFFE OH 2005-01-12 
Need drywall contractor for upper floor of small bungalo in Wickliffe. Walls are exposed 2x4's and are ready for drywall. Also, need the ceiling redone. 
9226WASHINGTON DC 2005-01-12 
We are considering a general renovation of a church sanctuary in downtown Washington. Project to include replacement of an acoustical tile ceiling with drywall, installation of air conditioning, and other general improvements (additional lighting, repain 
9225NICHOLASVILLE KY 300 900 250 2000 2005-01-12 
9224NICHOLASVILLE KY 2000 2005-01-12 
9223KASSON WV 2005-01-12 
Add an attached two car garage with loft and family room onto an existing cedar sectional 29 X 60 ranch. 24 X 40 which includes the 16 X 24 family room on back of garage. It will be attached via a double window and will be lower than the floor of the ho 
9222LEXINGTON MA 200 2005-01-12 
Add second floor on the top of living room (about 200 sqft). 
9221E FARMINGDALE NY 2005-01-12 
2 story garage, attached, entrance from house, and uspstairs. Staircase in garage. Insulated, sheetrock, completely finished. approx 8'x26' 
9220EL SERENO CAR CA 2005-01-12 
Staight 75 foot 6 feet high block wall on both sides of the house from front to the back. A total of 150 feet in lenght 6 feet high. 
9219RANCHO CALIFORNIA CA 2005-01-12 
Convert loft to bedroom. Add wall, move light switch and divide exsting closet between adjacent bedrooms. 
9218NEW PORT RICHEY FL 300 1000 2005-01-11 
we are looking to build a 2nd story addition onto our 1700 sq ft home. We are looking to add a master bedroom/bathroom, 2 extra bedrooms with a shared bath and a family room. We have already secured financing and are looking to do this asap. 
9217DUNEDIN FL 200 400 900 2005-01-11 
thinking of adding a 2nd floor to our existing home. Approx 1500.00 sq ft total. Master bath and bedroom. addituional bedroom/family rooms? Not sure yet. Home was built in 1986. Concrete foundation. Block home. If you need further information let  
9216ELIZABETH PA 150 300 200 200 2005-01-11 
Want to build a three car garage that is high enough for a motor home with a one bedroom apartment on top. one bedroom, one bath, kitchen, den, living room. 
9215ELIZABETH PA 2005-01-11 
Want to build a three car garage that is high enough for a motor home with a one bedroom apartment on top. one bedroom, one bath, kitchen, den, living room. 
9214OLD ROUND ROCK TX 2005-01-11 
i Would like a ballpark estimate on the price range of gutters for a 1 story house 1719sq.ft.
I realize this is not an estimate just a price range. 
9213BELMONT CA 2005-01-11 
I have a one story 2bedroom 1 bath home about 900sqfeet. I would like to add on a second story to the house with one large master bedroom and 2bedrooms all upstairs. Also upstairs I would like a full bath in the masterbed room and a full bath upstairs wit 
9212HOUSTON TX 100 500 2005-01-11 
I am wanting to knock down a garage and build a new 2 car garage with a room and small bathroom above. 
9211DANCIGER TX 2005-01-11 
construct a 50 x 80 metal building with 14 x 14 doors and 2 sheds on either side (20 x 80)
26 gauge metal with roll-up doors and 3 walk-in doors and 4 3 X 3 windows. Slab will be 80 X 85 
9210NORFOLK VA 2005-01-11 
exsiting landromat into day spa and salon approx 2000 sq ft or more 


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