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9163OAKVILLE CT 2005-01-01 
need to make a new wooden ouitside cellar door. the housde is over 100 years old burnt down rebuilt the foundation is old i want to make a new out side cellar door entrance i want to do it myself 
9162STOCKTON CA 180 2004-12-31 
We have a 2 story home that has a loft on the second floor that we want to extend (12X15 addition). Just need the new extended floor, roof, walls already in place.  
9161CHICAGO IL 2004-12-31 
Build 2-car detached garage on residential property with re-habbed house (property will be sold).  
9160METAIRIE LA 50 300 2004-12-31 
Add second story with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath plus stairway. Add rear patio with brick 
9159KALAMAZOO MI 900 2004-12-31 
Need to jack-up existing 1870's house, remove existing Michigan basement and replace with 9' walk-out, daylit same. Requires crushing and burial on site of existing septic replacement of septic tank and hook-up to dry wells. Basement ideally would have p 
9158KALAMAZOO MI 900 2004-12-31 
Need to jack-up existing 1870's house, remove existing Michigan basement and replace with 9' walk-out, daylit same. Requires crushing and burial on site of existing septic replacement of septic tank and hook-up to dry wells. Basement ideally would have p 
9157WAMEGO KS 300 800 600 2004-12-31 
10 foot basement with bedroom and bath and common area with an entrance from outside and large stairs inside master suit with garden tub walkin closet and entition of living room deck to entend from bedroom to new entrance 
9156MIAMI FL 900 500 400 2000 2004-12-30 
9155MIAMI FL 2000 2004-12-30 
9154BREAUX BRIDGE LA 150 510 125 300 2004-12-30 
I am trying to get a handle on what it would cost to have a house built with about 1700 sq. ft. living with a 20X20 2 car garage. If it is possible I would want to do the installation of all electrical and air conditiong myself. 
9153BUMPASS VA 56 144 80 144 2004-12-30 
600 to 800 sq ft addition, single story w/ 1 bath, 1 bdrm, 1 lvg rm, 1 small kit 
9152CANTON CT 800 2004-12-30 
Looking for quote to add two egress windows to finished basement.  
9151OKLAHOMA CITY OK 300 500 150 300 2004-12-30 
I already have the plot of land picked out behind my parents, just looking to get an idea of who can build my home and what rates would get a good job done. this job would be from the ground up, roofing and all, so please consider that, thank you Eric Per 
9150SOUTHINGTON CT 144 2004-12-30 
new cabinets, counter tops, floor.cabinet space is 11'x 6'in a 12x12 kitchen...and a 12'x12'living room addition on slab. 
9149MASON OH 2004-12-30 
Dig (cut out basement fondation) & build a walkout basement with steps 
9148LA TUNA CANYON CA 2004-12-30 
I want to divide current parcel. Want to Add 1-2 houses on empty space. Approx 1400 sq ft each if possoble  
9147JUSTIN TX 640 2004-12-29 
- 3 x 20 addition to existing home
- addition includes 5 x 8 interior above ground tornado shelter
- new metal roof over entire (old pus new) structure 
9146CRESTVIEW FL 120 170 160 210 2004-12-29 
I am looking to build a 3 bedroom 2 bath house with garage that is around 1400 to 1500 sqft. 
9145LEXINGTON KY 145 225 460 2004-12-29 
Master Bedroom Suite addition: 145 Bath (whirlpool tub, seperate shower, etc); Walk in closet with cabinets -- 95 sq. ft - Master bed area 225 sq. ft. total project above existing single story family room- need reinforcement to add up from existing struc 
9144MODESTO CA 2004-12-29 
total sq for house is 1699sq 
9143RED BANK PA 300 300 300 300 2004-12-28 
9142RED BANK PA 15 15 25 2004-12-28 
9141NORTH WALTHAM MA 2004-12-28 
Currently seeking to purchase a single family which will require a complete renovation of 2nd story (adding 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath and master bedroom with walk-in closet and full bath). Remodeling of first floor (tearing down walls, reconstruct current  
9140JANESVILLE WI 2004-12-28 
I would like to convert an attached one-car garage into a family room. 
9139YORBA LINDA CA 10 20 75 300 2004-12-27 
A bath is attached but outside the room. want to move the room wall/door by 2-3 feet to contain the bath making it a private suit. This would need yorba linda gov't approval.

Also to do following simultaneously:

1. change the floor of this bath

9138YORBA LINDA CA 10 20 75 300 2004-12-27 
A bath is attached but outside the room. want to move the room wall/door by 2-3 feet to contain the bath making it a private suit. This would need yorba linda gov't approval.

Also to do following simultaneously:

1. change the floor of this bath

9137CECIL NJ 90 300 200 210 2004-12-27 
we are interested in adding an addition onto the side of our house going out about 25 feet up and down and digging a basement under the new portion. 
9136JACKSONVILLE FL 2004-12-27 
Need to add on a 2 1/2 Garage to existing 3/2 and then close in existing Garage and make Bonus room. 
9135ARTESIAN IA 2004-12-27 
I need an estimate for the installation of piers for a Skyline manufactored home on land in Raymond, iowa. The model is 26'4" by 60'. 
9134LEONA VALLEY CA 144 308 2004-12-27 
9133HARTSEL CO 240 900 300 300 2004-12-26 
new construction in ranch of the rockies/hartsel co.-approx2000 sq ft. 2 level 3 bed/2bath. walkoutbasement
would like finished bid but will be willing to finish inside/drywall carpet myself. Finish 2006. log siding preffered 
9132CAMDEN TN 2004-12-26 
30' x 40' metal bldg; 2 roll-up garage doors; 
9131CAMDEN TN 20 30 2004-12-26 
150' x 200' metal bldg, 30,000 sq. ft on bottom floor; 15,000 sq ft upstairs 
9130FORT LUPTON CO 100 2004-12-25 
I would like to get an estimate on 3 10 x 10 bedrooms...they are already framed, they need dry wall, mudd, textured and painted.
9129E NORTHPORT NY 64 180 400 2004-12-25 
9128AVONDALE AZ 60 2004-12-24 
Office space needing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Only frame stage currently 
9127ADELAIDE WA 300 900 225 500 2004-12-24 
9126ASSEMBLY POINT NY 2004-12-23 
Banff Home 
9125BAKERSFIELD CA 100 2004-12-22 
remove existing shower tub provide and install new jacuzzi tub must accept goverment credit card 
9124PASADENA CA 300 900 600 900 2004-12-22 
I would like to add on to the home by putting a three car garage and 2 or 3 bedrooms above the garage. I would also like to expand on the closets in the rooms and expand the kitchen. 
9123NORTH ATTLEBORO MA 2004-12-22 
I want to get our basement finished.
I would like to get estimates. 
9122NEW BRUNSWICK NJ 2004-12-22 
Like to replace second floor with new floor of two bedrooms and full bath on a Cape Cod. Also extend existing living room on first floor. 
9121DANIA FL 200 200 400 2004-12-21 
I have a single wide manufactured home and want to add an extention to make it wider, I own the land 
9120DANIA FL 2004-12-21 
I have a single wide manufactured home and want to add an extention to make it wider, I own the land 
9119PASADENA TX 2004-12-21 
Rv storage let our contractor go have the slabs already poured need to get some quotes on finishing the project  
9118BARRETT TX 2004-12-21 
Crosby, TX. 2550 sq. foot physical therapy clinic at new Gateway Plaza. Architectural plans are currently being finalized. Reliability and timely completion is absolute must. Dates of start and completion are somewhat flexible, but would like to stay wi 
9116DENVER CO 2004-12-20 
Estimate to paint vacant house, approximately 1900 sq.ft, walls only, no ceilings or trim. 
9115LONGMONT CO 2004-12-20 
Estimate to paint vacant house, approximately 1900 sq.ft, walls only, no ceilings or trim. 
9114BLAKES PA 2004-12-20 
bed room twelve by twelve, estimate must include, gutting room,sheetrock,lapping plaster.Including ceiling,and walls.Then apply new sheet rock and finish joint and seem work. 
9113OSHKOSH WI 2004-12-20 
I am in the market for a new home in the Oshkosh area (not in the city, but nearby) Please reply if you have any models or are able to build in early spring. We are looking for a 3 bedroom ranch or something such as a two bedroom with a 3rd in the basem 
9112ATTLEBORO MA 30 2004-12-20 
a kohler whirlpool and toilet need to be installed in my bathroom.  
9111ATTLEBORO MA 16 2004-12-20 
a kohler whirlpool and toilet need to be installed in my bathroom.  
9110SUMMERFIELD FL 48 64 2004-12-20 
small bathroom and walkin closet added on to exsisting master bedroom. 
9109PGH PA 2004-12-20 
The work needs to be done to four apartments. I understand the apartments need cosmetic work as well as work to the kitchens and bathrooms. 
9108OCALA FL 2004-12-20 
make home handicap accessible. Paid by Veterans Administration. Need detailed bids. widen doors, install french doors, remodel bathroom, move hot water heater. Small changes to kitchen. Add concrete walk from back to front of house and install ramps  
9107DUDLEY HILL MA 2004-12-19 
basement under existing home. 1142 sq ft. 2 story cottage. this house has never been winterized, no drywall, has exposed plumbing and electrical. wood frame . will be winterizing, and remodeling. including all new windows and doors.  
9106CAPE CORAL FL 400 2004-12-18 
would like to build a room above existing garage. Must meet all Cape Coral codes. 
9105TULSA OK 300 900 200 250 2004-12-17 
3 bedrooms
1 1/2 bath
1 living room
9104TULSA OK 300 900 200 250 2004-12-17 
3 bedrooms
1 1/2 bath
1 living room
9103REIDSVILLE NY 150 300 300 500 2004-12-17 
2 floors, 3 bedrooms and garage 
9102LEWISTON ID 250 800 200 1750 2004-12-16 
We would like a 3000 square foot home. A daylight basement and upper floor. 2 and a half bath. 4 bedrooms. A large kitchen, dining room and living room. We would like a recreation room in the basement. 
9101BONNY DOON CA 2000 2004-12-16 
1- a 3ft high foundation for a 2000 sf one-level home
2- a 9ft deep basement/foundation for same
3- cost to develop/prepare site for building 
9100MARGATE FL 2004-12-16 
I would like to have a house Built.1700 sq feet,3bed ,2 bath, split plan,with fire place .
or I would like a 3 bed room ,2 bath. master bed room on 2nd floor. at least 1600 sq place 
9099CHICAGO IL 2004-12-16 
development opportunity. hot lincoln park area. b1-2 zoning. 2 city lots. sellers will accept package deal. area condos going for $585K-and up 
9098DALLAS TX 800 2004-12-16 
400 add onto home downstairs to extend living room.
400 upstairs outdoor deck. maybe some roof extension.  
9097PANAMA CITY FL 2004-12-15 
I have 360 sq ft of fence that needs to be repainted, it is a white 3ft chippendale fence. 
9096TECUMSEH MI 2004-12-15 
I bought a house that is completely gutted need quote on whole house remodel. 3 Bedrooms are 10x11, one bath 8x11 other 7x10. dining 12x13 kitchen12x13 and complete heating and cooling and windows. House is approx. 1,750 sq ft. 
9095ROCHESTER MI 2004-12-14 
I have an existing 4 1/2' deep crawlspace under a 52'x24' section of the house with a dry sand floor. We need more room and want to convert this area into a full basement. The current crawlspace walls consist of a concrete footing and six courses of con 
9094BARTOW FL 64 600 81 600 2004-12-14 
9093BARTOW FL 64 544 600 2004-12-14 
9092ALBIA NY 2004-12-13 
looking to clear land for 2100 sq foot modular home on 2.5 acres. Not looking to clear whole area. Also looking for excavation of basement, pour concrete, set septic, backfill 
9091AMELIA CITY FL 300 450 150 2400 2004-12-13 
I am only interested in contractor's bids for the "shell" of the home only. I have all subs for plumbing, electric, windows, flooring, fixtures, etc. 
9090AMELIA CITY FL 300 450 150 2400 2004-12-13 
9089LAS VEGAS NV 600 2004-12-13 
A casita in my backyard. bedroom,bath,kitchen living/sitting room. 
9088BROWNSVILLE PA 180 300 300 600 2004-12-12 
full basement 4 bedrooms 2 baths living room family room utility kitchen an dining addedto house 
9087SLINGER WI 400 1000 300 700 2004-12-12 
looking for NC on 3 BR split Ranch w/2Full Bath and .5 half bath; Formal Dining Room; 3 car side entrance attached garage; 2400 sq ft 
9086RIDGEWOOD NJ 300 600 2004-12-12 
Adding two upper level rooms to an existing ranch house. Existing foundation for a two level house. 
9085ELK CREEK MO 200 523 196 526 2004-12-12 
3 bedroom,livingroom,greatroom,breakfast,utility,foyer,dining,bonus room,2-1/2 baths,2 floors,crawlspace foundation,2 car garage,floor1-1996 sqft,floor2-594sq ft 
9084LOUISVILLE KY 150 300 500 2004-12-11 
We are wanting to add a master bedroom, master bath, and family room to our small home. We currently have a small living room, bathroom, kitchen, and 2 bedrooms. We are expecting the birth of our 2nd in August and are despertely seeking more room at an  
9083MARLOW HEIGHTS MD 110 144 2004-12-11 
2 bathrooms on mail level. Master bathroom to be enlarged to include a closet of sort. Hall bathroom to have cabinets, toliets, and tub replaced with shower stall.
Do not have any floor plans as of yet. In the planning stages. Just finished one major pro 
9082BERKSHIRE MA 2004-12-11 
Dig out crawl space for cottage. Cottage is 800 square feet. Cannot move cottage. The work will have to be primarily manual labor. 
9081PARLIN NJ 400 300 400 2004-12-10 
9080SUNDOWN TX 220 480 223 546 2004-12-10 
wanting 3 bd/ 2 bath. Tile in kitchen area and both baths. wanting all brick? If the price is right could settle for wood! Nice big front porch. The total sq/ft on house would be between 1400 - 1600 sq ft.  
9079FORT PIERCE FL 60 2004-12-10 
5800 sq ft commercial angle building,10' clear height, no ceiling, lot will be cleared, 95'x 6' glass display window, ac, concrete floor, new elecric panel and lights, two 36" doors, 140 mph specification 
9078BLAINE MN 2004-12-09 
9077DEER PARK NY 240 2004-12-09 
Would like to add a room along back of house as part of master bedroom access will be through doorway which is now a window no basement possible small bathroom dependind on cost. Also to consider finishing basement depending on cost 
9076MODESTO CA 2004-12-09 
EXPERIENCED, LICENSED, INSURED ONLY--->We are considering expanding two of our bedrooms in our home and possibly adding a wall between two rooms. The bedroom is currently a 11X11 depending on the room line we would like to expand it out 6-10 feet. Our hom 
9075MODESTO CA 2004-12-09 
We are looking into closing off a formal dinning room for a bedroom. The ceiling is about high 10-13 feet. The side we want to close has pillars and will need a wide door.  
9074BRATENAHL OH 2004-12-08 
9073BRATENAHL OH 2004-12-08 
9072ANTIOCH CA 2004-12-08 
We would like to add a master bedroom and bath to our home. We do not have a big lot so the only way to go is up. we only want a medium sized bedroom and bath nothing luxurious. We would like to do the drywall, texture, paint, flooring, and stucco. 
9071DOVER DE 2004-12-08 
12x16 and 16x20 deck quote 
9070LOVELAND CO 2004-12-08 
I need a general estimate on plumbing, electricty and air conditioning for a 36'x48' horse barn if anyone could help me out that would be great it's for a school project... Thank you 
9069ARVADA CO 200 2004-12-08 
our 3-bdrm, 1,170 sq ft bilevel home has no real master bedroom and only 1 1/2 baths. We are hoping to do remodeling to turn one bedroom into a master with a walkin closet. We would like to end up with 3 or 4 bedrooms (or 1 master, 1 guest bedrm + 1 offic 
9068BELMONT SHORE CA 400 2004-12-08 
adding a room about 400 sq. ft. 
9067INDIANAPOLIS IN 150 500 500 2004-12-08 
9066MORRIS OK 80 2004-12-07 
9065GIG HARBOR WA 2004-12-07 
we would like to have a detached 2 car garage built on our property. No foundation has been set yet 
9064SIMBURY CT 300 2004-12-07 
9063PINCONNING MI 2004-12-07 
We currently live in a raised up 1974 Elcona mobile home that has a tall basement and exterior has pitched roof and vinyl siding and brick chimney up west end of house. This was done in 1993. We also have a 3+ car garage set off the back and to the west 


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