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8958WEATHERFORD TX 300 900 400 500 2004-11-15 
3/2/2 w/dinning room brick 
8957MARYVILLE TN 115 456 216 410 2004-11-15 
HOUSE IS EPLANS.COM HWEPL05247 the house is brick 1762 main basement finished 682 unfinished 1040 garage area, 2 lots tellico harbor 150x170 sloping to rear, propane gas 1000gal intersection 411&72 county. start any time, retired need low cost 
8956MARYVILLE TN 115 456 216 410 2004-11-15 
this is a one story with a drive in basementmain floor1762 finished basement 682 unfinished basement1040 all brick to be built at tellico harbor, intersection 411&72
2 lots 150x170 propane gas 1000 gal. start asap HWEPL05247 TO SEE HOME  
8955STATEN ISLAND NY 2004-11-15 
I have differnt areas of wallpaper around my apartment, i would like remove the amount of paper would be the equivilant of one bedroom  
8954COLUMBUS GA 300 300 300 1300 2004-11-15 
I am looking for contractor to work with. I want to have a home built in the columbus Georgia area, and have a limit of 90000 from Mortgage company. i am interested to know who if any are able to help with my inquiry. 
8953GARLAND TX 200 290 2004-11-15 
would like to add an additional bedroom
upstairs, w a small bath.
Currently we have a single story home. 
8952LONG BEACH CA 350 400 300 300 2004-11-14 
Install a shower to one bath room and the whirlpool tub to another bath room  
8951LONG BEACH CA 350 2004-11-14 
Install a shower to one bath room and the whirlpool tub to another bath room  
8950LA MESA CA 600 600 2004-11-14 
Want to extend my exiting living room straight back 20' to 25ft and lenth is 30'. Also want to add a master bedroom 20x30 w/bath.Need plans drawn,approved liciened,with referances. Job to start asap for drawings and asap of rainy season 
8949LA MIRADA CA 170 2004-11-14 
8948LOUISVILLE KY 96 180 2004-11-14 
Addition of master bedroom with bath (steam shower and whirlpool tub. Walk in closet locates in the bath 
8947GREENVILLE AL 300 1400 200 300 2004-11-14 
want to build in Butler county, Greenville,Al
1800-2500sqft concrete/block home.3-4 br 21/2-3bths,2story all brms upstairs(3) one brm down if (4).with 6ft concrete fence/barrier, concrete driveway with electronic/remote gate(front enterance). 
8946GREENVILLE AL 400 1500 150 200 2004-11-14 
want to build in Butler county, Greenville,Al
1800-2500sqft concrete/block home.3-4 br 21/2-3bths,2story all brms upstairs(3) one brm down if (4).with 6ft concrete fence/barrier, concrete driveway with electronic/remote gate(front enterance). 
8945GREENVILLE AL 2004-11-14 
want to build in Butler county, Greenville,Al
1800-2500sqft concrete/block home.3-4 br 21/2-3bths,2story all brms upstairs(3) one brm down if (4).with 6ft concrete fence/barrier, concrete driveway with electronic/remote gate(front enterance). 
8944DUNEDIN FL 2004-11-14 
want to put a small enclosed structure ontop of my stilthouse roof 12'up that will enable view of intercoastal and gulf,initial outside access ladder,possible spiral staircase inside later? 
8943SULPHUR SPRINGS FL 2004-11-14 
I recently bought a 1923 bungalow in Seminole heights. The porch was enclosed and I would like to restore it to it's original condition.  
8942LILYDALE MN 2004-11-13 
Option 1: Remove two load-bearing walls in bottom level of a two-level split home. Replace with beams and post.

Option 2: Install double French doors in both load-bearing walls in the bottom level of a two level split home.  
8941HAZLET NJ 112 2004-11-13 
Gut present bath and replace all fixtures, replace tub with soaking tub, new vanity andf mirror and toilet. Tile to floor and 2/3 up walls. New lighting and exhaust fan. Move vanity from outside wall to inside wall (around corner from present location) Re 
8940FLORHAM PARK NJ 2004-11-13 
My husband an I are buying a 1920's house in denville, NJ. The basement ceiling needs to be shored up with supports. Any one close by that can give an estimate? 
8939STOCKBRIDGE GA 300 1061 2004-11-12 
Thinking about finishing basement on new construction. Full bathroom aready stubbed. Add large sorage closet. Other Walls alreay up. Add 6 wall outlets.  
8938BARONA RANCHERIA CA 2004-11-12 
want to turn garage into rec room/sports is a 2 car garage,and has finished walls. 
8937BARONA RANCHERIA CA 2004-11-12 
want to turn garage into rec room/sports is a 2 car garage,and has finished walls. 
8936BELLFLOWER CA 2004-11-12 
8935DIPLOMAT IN 2004-11-11 
Need garage foundation. Need two quotes.
1. 24' x 24'
2. 18' x 24'
Quote should include all materials, labor.
Please quote site preparation separately. 
8934RIVERSIDE CA 2004-11-11 
staircase. Remodel from paint grade to wrought iron and dark oak. Need 74 baulsters in wrought iron, 4 dark oak newels,and dark oak hand rail. 
8933CHESAPEAKE VA 2004-11-11 
8932HARBINGER NC 3250 2004-11-11 
Looking to build 5 bedroom 4 bath sf home near Point Harbor NC. Need between 3000-3500 sq.ft. for primary residence. 
8931ARCADIA CA 2004-11-10 
1.Upgrade to 125 amps for a 1500 sqft home built in 1947. Add new wall outlets plus GFCI in kitchen and bathrooms.
2.Copper repiping single story.
3.Resurface hardwood floor in LR(500sqft).
4.Tile 2 Bathrooms and a kitchen (300sqft).
Please itemize 
8930CHAFFEE VILLAGE TX 2500 2004-11-10 
8929CLEVELAND AL 20 30 30 50 2004-11-10 
I want a wrap-around porch, if not at least a big front porch, plus a back porchand walk-in closets 
8927KATY TX 2004-11-10 
I am interested in moving the fireplace to the corner of the livingroom, it is now in the center of the livingroom against the wall.  
8926KISSIMMEE FL 2004-11-10 
Looking for a general contractor for an insurance claim filed on recent hurricane.Recommended by insurance adjuster.Roofing,elelectrical,flooring and complete renovation of master bedroom and garage needed.Feel free to contact me:
Michael Downes
2668 Ho 
8925FAIRFAX VA 144 144 2004-11-10 
New addition, 2 level extension, extend roof, 3 windows downstairs, 2 windows upstairs. Woodstove added to living room downstairs. Extension of electrical and heating systems. House is L shape at present, basically filling in to square shape.  
8924CALDWELL NJ 2004-11-10 
Looking to add an addition to an existing home. Approx 24 X 24 family room with adjacnt 24 X 24 2 car garage. Currently have general outline,of addition. Considering modular approach, if it works. 
8923SILVER SPRING MD 2004-11-09 
Convert sunroom into additional kitchen space w/washer & Dryer. Finish the basement.  
8922RUPERT PA 100 800 400 2004-11-09 
We would like to add two bedrooms and a bath above existing garage and family room and expand existing family room 
8921AMELIA VA 2004-11-09 
Would like to add a 16x20 family room onto back of cedar sided home. Would like to have built in shelves and picture window in family room. Would also like to add mud room and side door to new room with entryway from outside coming through the mudroom. C 
8920HARTFORD WA 2004-11-09 
Looking to add an addition to the back of the house about 1600 sq ft, including 2 bedrooms and a bath plus revovate the existing home  
8919AUBURN WA 2004-11-09 
Have wood deck off the back door, level with the house. I would like to add a sunroom type room in its place. Approximately 12ft x 10ft. If possible re-attach the deck off the new room. How much is the average cost per sq ft? estimates please. Need e 
8916HAWTHORNE CA 50 100 90 1500 2004-11-08 
8915PARAMOUNT CA 50 150 100 1500 2004-11-08 
8914PARAMOUNT CA 1500 2004-11-08 
8913OSTEEN FL 2004-11-08 plan number 119-110 To build on our acreage in Osteen. 
8912PENDLETON SC 70 420 187 300 2004-11-08 
1200 ft^2 3 car garage with finished upstairs apartment. 2 Bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen dining combination, living.  
8911ELK GROVE CA 200 2004-11-08 
Family room extension. Remove exisiting wall and utilze garage space. Add 2new walls, 1-window and 1-entry door. The new space will have a floor that will need to be lifted to match the existing family room floor. In addition, an air vent will need to  
8910KETTERING MD 50 255 2004-11-08 
Several Rooms are requested in finishing a 1600 sq unfinished Basement. 2 Bed rooms, a movie room, a bath room, workout room a rec room and kitchette. 1 bath room 50 sq, 1 bed room 255 rq, 1 bed room 182 sq, Movie Room 116 sq, workout room 200 sq, rec ro 
8909EAGLE WI 2004-11-08 
Looking to have a 96' concrete driveway and 50' sidewalk installed in the spring.  
8908GLEN ALLEN VA 250 771 95 1876 2004-11-08 
Go to

Main Floor: 1069 sq. ft.
Upper Floor: 807 sq. ft.
Total Heated Living Area: 1876 sq. ft. 
8907RIVER GROVE IL 2004-11-07 
i need a 6240 sq yards for a warehouse that will be use as a paintballing place. the materials i would like use is steel for everything. and just two bathrooms like 4 yards by 4 yards each one for guys and one for girls 
8906COWAN HEIGHTS CA 100 100 900 2004-11-07 
Looking to add a casita, which would be roughly the size of a three car garage.
Would like to have a bathroom with a bathtub/shower (full bath). It will be used for a dance studio with maybe a pony wall to separate a bedroom area.  
8905BELLE CHASSE LA 200 1000 300 700 2004-11-07 
3 br 3 ba single story single family ranch 
8904SANFORD FL 2004-11-07 
want to build an office/warehouse on my property. want 1200 sq. foot total with 400 sq. foot for office area built out. include bathroom w/shower. large roll up door in front with single door into office area. overall height would be 12 to 14 foot high. W 
8903DETROIT MI 2004-11-06 
Theater Set Build
1) Six lighted columns.
2) Bandstand (on covered risers) to accomodate 40 musicians with entrance stairs in middle of bandstand.
3) frames to hold background fabric (for lighting designs) in various two dimensional shapes. 
8902ACTON CA 200 1000 300 1000 2004-11-05 
All Materials Supplied

Looking for Framing Crew to Frame new home 
8901HAYWARD CA 150 300 2004-11-05 
Would like to convert 3rd story Attic into Master Bedroom. Would need to add staircase by removing closet and bath. Would like to frame in 3 new box bay windows in current roofline in new attic Master Bedroom. Add Master Bath. 
8900GLENDALE CA 77 72 2004-11-05 
Tear out existing Kitchen, install new maple kitchen. Install Dishwasher install overhead microwave. tear ou bathroom shower stall. relocate pedistal sink to vanity sink. replace tub. Relocate door to make hall closet inside bathroom.  
8899PLANO TX 2004-11-05 
Remove approximately 280 feet of old fascia board and replace with 2 x 8 cedar or pine. Remove and replace 280' of drip edge. Prime and paint new lumber. 
8898MARINA DEL REY CA 400 300 300 500 2004-11-05 
rehabbing a 1912 craftsman, focusing on creating a master suite on the second floor (currently 3 small rooms with no bath, plumbing directly underneath) and upgrading kitchen 
8897HAUSER ID 55 400 2004-11-05 
We are looking to have our partially finished basement completed. The familyroom, bath room and laundry are roughed-in. there are also 2 finished bedrooms on this level. The basement sqft is 1000. 
8896BELLVIEW FL 2004-11-05 
Hurricane damage; need roof/ridge fixed
gutters need fixing accross the garage  
8895MAGGIE VALLEY NC 140 196 2004-11-05 
Need quote for adding a master suite to cedar sided cabin. Interior to be drywall. Exposed beam ceiling in the bedroom. Bath: separate tub,shower,wc,washer/dryer. 
8894GALLATIN NY 1000 2004-11-05 
We are looking to have the following done:

1. two walls replaced in the kitchen due to black mold.
2. Patch up some holes on the roof
3. Replacing gutters
4. paint kitchen with epoxy based paint.
5. Install shelves in kitchen  
8893CANYON COUNTRY CA 2004-11-04 
Take out existing ceramic counter top and replace with ???. 12 ln ft edge 13-1/2 ln ft back splash two inside corners one top mount sink cutout  
8892YEADON PA 2004-11-04 
Install sump pump 
8891RIVERSIDE CA 2004-11-03 
8890LEWISVILLE TX 204 2004-11-03 
I have a 12x17 kitchen that needs to be remodeled. I have not yet decided whether to gut the whole thing and start over or just refinish the cabinets and update the fixtures and do some painting. Please include in your bid the separate price -- this will  
8889BRIDGEPORT CT 2004-11-03 
garage 2 CAR 
8888LEWISVILLE TX 150 240 2004-11-03 
I need an addition put on the house to include a new bath and bedroom with walk in closet. Needs to have heat and air. 
8887MODESTO CA 2004-11-03 
I would like to have some bidding on putting
on outside rain gutters on the out side of a house  
8886WASHINGTON DC 100 100 500 3000 2004-11-03 
Turning a 4 story row house into separate condo's in Washington DC area 
8885MIDDLETON MA 2004-11-03 
considering making an basement Inlaw appartment in my home 
8884TYLER TX 2004-11-03 
total Sqft 3400
3car garage
formal and informal dining
French/colonial style
8883FORT PIERCE FL 2004-11-03 
want to know a price of new construction of a residential house of 2000 sqft that includ 3 bedrooms , 2 and half bath build in the 34953 zip code, and can u please send me some pictures of model ...and all the conditions and restrictions to get that pro 
8882CLERMONT FL 450 660 240 800 2004-11-03 
Looking at building a southwestern style house. I am considering a flat roof. The exterior walls would extend about 3 feet up so the flat roof isn't visible and exposed from the ground view. Approx. 2600 sq. ft. heated. The hallways, utility room etc. m 
8881CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN WA 300 150 2004-11-02 
We will be building off the back of our house; extending the 2 small bedrooms and the kitchen area. It will be a fairly basic addition. All appliance's/cabinet's are on the other side of the kitchen. 
8880PERDIX PA 100 150 150 2004-11-02 
We have a cape cod that we would like to have the back of the house made into a full 2nd story or as others have been calling it... make it a full dormer. The house is a 30 by 30 and the front of the house has 2 dormers on it. 
8879DETROIT MI 80 200 100 150 2004-11-02 
I want to build two story single family home
in 700 to 800sqft with at least three bedrms
1.5 bath and one car garage(attached)with vinyl siding ,with full basement. 
8878OCEAN CITY WA 1718 2004-11-01 
we are purchasing a Panel Home (SIPS ) and I need a Contractor to build it for us.The property is in Ocean Shores, Wa. It is a 3bdr. 2 ba. with a attached 24x24 Garage.
Want to have it built to rough in stage only. 
8877CHARLESTON SC 400 1000 400 900 2004-11-01 
hardi-plank exterior, build up high because its a street over from the marsh, 1 story or 2 story would be fine, small observation deck at the top, would like hardwoods in the dining, living rooms, hurricane shutters 
8876FAIRFAX VA 120 400 2004-11-01 
Would like to add master bdrm over existing 22x22 garage and add front porch to front of house which will bump out existing split-foyer and add character to house. I would like to know cost difference to remove entire roof to raise roof line as it is ver 
8875GARRISON NY 1152 2004-11-01 
Seeking builder for 24 x 24 SIPs 2-story studio shell. Have site (my backyard), permits, cash and want to do this soon. To be built on stone basement foundation dug into side of hill. Level access on one side of pad. May have same builder build 20 x 2 
8874LEXINGTON KY 125 650 240 1200 2004-11-01 
New ranch home with 3 BR, 2 Ba, living /dining great room, utility room, attached large 3 car garage with unfin. bonus room over. 
8873MADISON HEIGHTS MI 1400 2004-11-01 
I want to add a basement to an existing home. How much would that run me? 
8872BUTLER NJ 40 300 2004-11-01 
Finish and expand walk-up attic by adding one large bedroom, bath, and possibly second smaller room. In addition, we'd like to open up the staircase leading up to attic.
8871JENISON MI 2004-11-01 
My home is a ranch built in the 70's. I have an addition off the back which could be used as a family room or dining room. I wish to add a 2nd story which would include a full bath 2 or three bedrooms and/or studio for my wifes photography buisness. 
8870EVENSVILLE TN 200 300 350 500 2004-11-01 
I need someone to build a wheel chair ramp at my house.the height is 5'. Can you help 
8869EVENSVILLE TN 2004-11-01 
I need someone to build a wheel chair ramp at my house.the height is 5'. Can you help 
8868INDIAN WELLS CA 2004-11-01 
We are in the planning stage of a desert home in a subdivision in Indian Wells, CA. Approx 4800 ft^2, would like to start interviewing contractors. 
8867ELMER NJ 300 360 182 324 2004-10-31 
8866HOUSTON TX 150 200 175 200 2004-10-31 
We want to build ten-twenty towonhomes or condos on our property. 
8865REDONDO BEACH CA 25 200 300 2004-10-31 
New hard wood floors or laminate installed in dining room, kitchen, living room and guest bathroom.  
8864REDONDO BEACH CA 200 2004-10-31 
Need new kitchen cabinets as well as island to be added and upgrade sink. Need top of the line oven/range installed. Redesign of cabinets would be helpful. 
8863REDONDO BEACH CA 200 2004-10-31 
Need new kitchen cabinets as well as island and replace exisitng sink. Need top of the line oven/range installed. Redesign of cabinets would be helpful. 
8862BON AIR VA 250 2004-10-30 
build out for a 10' x 25' attic office on third floor. Add one window. 7 foot ceilings. steps to third floor already exist. would need framing, sheetrock, trim work, electricial (about 8 outlets) an insulation. HVAC work taken care of 
8861SIERRA VISTA AZ 2004-10-30 
544 sq ft addition: bed, bath, study, laundry. will be moving existing laundry rm. to opposite wall. have blueprints. 
8860OCEAN CITY WA 1728 2004-10-30 
Build a (SIPS) Panel home & Garage. In Ocean Shores Wa.The home is 36X48 3 Bdr. 2 Ba.with a 24X24 Garage. Build to rough in stage only.  
8859MBORO TN 100 407 256 324 2004-10-29 
This house is a very basic vinyl siding home. I am looking to start building sometime in the spring. Right now I would like to know how much it will cost to build. 
8857BYRON GA 560 2004-10-29 
Adding on a large room and walkin closet area. At this point there is a concrete driveway there, it is being added on to a refinished garage. Just need the fondation done. 
8856CHATHAM IL 80 600 300 300 2004-10-29 
8855CHATHAM IL 80 600 300 2004-10-29 


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