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8646CONCORD CA 2004-09-29 
Looking for quotes on grading and building a foundation for crawlspace on easily workable upslope. Lot size is 7000sf. Foundation size is around 1550sf + slab for garage at 770sf. Pre-Approved Owner/Builder project. 
8645TULSA OK 225 1400 300 1500 2004-09-28 
Looking for a family home with three main bed rooms and two smaller bed rooms. A living room, game room, average size kitchen and two or three bathrooms. 
8644MILWAUKEE WI 200 2004-09-28 
We are looking to put a small bathroom in our basement. Would like ideas of what would work best and costs for comepletion.
8643VESTABURG MI 2004-09-28 
Daycare center 
8642FT WASHINGTON MD 2004-09-28 
Theater Room 
8641CAMDEN AR 4812 2004-09-28 
8640BLACK CANYON CITY AZ 200 2004-09-28 
Need to cover walls around tub and shower and the window. 
8639AYDEN NC 2004-09-28 
dry rot under house causing foundation problems 
8638NORTH PROVIDENCE RI 180 2004-09-28 
new granite counter tops 20 feet in lenght, build a center island with two cabinets underneath and granite top. red oak harwood floors intalled and finished and a couple of cabitets moved. 
8637OLD PORT PA 2004-09-28 
I want to take an existing aluminum covered house approximately 28x40 and have it recovered in brick, I wondered what this might cost. 
8636BROWN DEER WI 150 100 2004-09-28 
Would like to dormer out side of upstairs (roof already raised) and in that dormer add a closet and a full bath. 
8635CORALVILLE IA 2004-09-28 
New Construction: 1000 sq ft, 2-3 bedroom (master to be 13x12 or so if possible), 1 bath up, with unfinished basement (except want a 1/2 bath with sink and toilet in basement), back porch-maybe. Would like estimate for completed house. And simple 2 car at 
8634BASE LINE CA 100 400 400 300 2004-09-28 
Single-story ranch style home in Silver Lake, CA 
8633BREWINGTON WDS IN 100 375 510 650 2004-09-27 
i am building a screen porch i need [7] trusses made for this room. 3/12 by 22 feet, how much ,and how long? 
8632BREWINGTON WDS IN 2004-09-27 
i am building a screen porch i need [7] trusses made for this room. 3/12 by 22 feet, how much ,and how long? 
8631BREWINGTON WDS IN 2004-09-27 
8630VANCOUVER WA 192 2004-09-27 
I have to options to consider:
1. Kitchen remodel of current kitchen abt 16' x 12 ft
2. Kitchen remodel and expansion (making area wider by about 4 feet by 30 feet.

The existing house is a 70's bilevel 
8629LAKE CITY WA 50 150 2004-09-27 
the project incuding removing walls to enlarge the space for kitchen... 
8628BASKING RIDGE NJ 2004-09-27 
Change facade from vinyl to real brick.
About 2900 sqft house. 
8627MIDLOTHIAN VA 2004-09-27 
Detached approx. 35x25 3-car garage - 2 separate garage doors with additional side door, 2 windows, 10 ft walls, T1-11 siding exterior, gabled roof, interior walls and ceiling, concrete floor, built to Midlothian VA City Specifications  
8626DUDLEY HILL MA 2004-09-27 
2-story cape built in 1937. Needs insulation blown in. Total square footage of the house is 1218.  
8625W ISLIP NY 2004-09-27 
attached oversize garage 15x30. 8ft doors front and back (drive through). relocate upgrade electric from 100 to 200 A 
8624SILVER SPRING MD 2004-09-26 
Shell addition to exterior wall and concrete slab. 2 floors. No plumbing needed. 
8623TRUMANN AR 2004-09-26 
I am wonting to build a 22x32 addition to my house it will attach to the back of the house 
8622DALLAS TX 600 1500 628 800 2004-09-26 
want to bld.4plex, one unit 1300-1500 sq. ft., 2 bed,2.5 bath, 2 living,2 dining. 3 addition units 8-900 sq. ft. , 2 bed, 1.5 baths. All units with laundry room.  
8621BOX CANYON CA 2004-09-25 
room 35x35 for wigth room windows  
8620FRONT ROYAL VA 2004-09-25 
Estimate for building a 2 1/2 car garage. Land needs to be cleared and driveway installed. 
8619EAST END CT 300 900 300 300 2004-09-25 
1177 Sqft 
8618EAST END CT 2004-09-25 
8617VISTA CA 250 300 2004-09-25 
Ha, like father, like daughter,
as much as posible to cost me le-chipo to build two rooms and bathroom with show and toilet, so 6 rooms and 3 bathrooms it will look like L shape, and in the midle one big room to be living rm, and dinning room.
Just I ne 
8616DUMONT NJ 2004-09-24 
I would like to add a second story addition to my home (ranch) I want to end up with 2 bedrooms 10'x10' and one bathroom. How much would these be approximately? 
8615NEW PORT RICHEY FL 400 2004-09-24 
would like to convert my attached garage that measures 20 x 20 into a master bedroom. 
8614NEW PORT RICHEY FL 150 500 2004-09-24 
I would like to add on to my home 2 bedrooms 12 x 12 and one bathroom. I would also like to be able to build up and add a bonus game room as well. 
8613NEW PORT RICHEY FL 400 2004-09-24 
I would like to convert my garage that measures 20 x 20 into a 4th bedroom. 
8612KINO AZ 2004-09-24 
I need to know the cost estimates for replacing a floor of approximately 800 sq
feet...this would include joist and beams
if necessary.
8611AWOSTING NJ 200 500 500 2004-09-24 
addition of family room, master bedroom just framing is needed with windows, doors roofing & siding  
8610BOSCAWEN NH 2004-09-24 
addition of master bedroom, remodel existing bath, new windows and siding, small deck
House is a standard ranch style, and we are looking to add more space, bumping out to make a larger master bedroom. Also update current bath. 
8609LAWNDALE CA 2004-09-24 
pre finished wood wall needs to be stuccoed.
one side only, measures 53 feet long and 8 feet high 
8608ELGIN IL 2004-09-24 
Raise a section of the roof over the attic. Raise a section aproximetely 7 ft at the eaves the section would be 12 foot in length. The roof from the edge of the house to the roof peak is 16 feet.
I want to add a master bedroom with bath, but would like  
8607BURLINGAME CA 180 240 200 450 2004-09-23 
Old house on lot is 1 story in front and 2 1/2 story in rear = sloping lot
cost to tear down and remove existing 1200 sq foot street level floor with 600 sq foot lower level floor. And 18 x 40 detatched garage at street level. And to build a 2 story ho 
8606EL DORADO HILLS CA 1000 2004-09-23 
8605BEECH ISLAND SC 2004-09-22 
I want to build a brick, ~2600 sq ft ranch home in Augusta, Ga. On my flat, wooded lot. 
8604CUTLER RIDGE FL 110 350 2004-09-22 
House is a currently 56ft length x 26ft wide. I want to add a master suite to the end of the house with a large bathroom. infront of the house I want to add a slightly oversized 2 car garage. I do not need finish work done, no paint, or flooring, or fix 
8603MONROE NY 2004-09-22 
I am looking for an escavating contractor who specializes fixing drainage and road.  
8602CORONADO AZ 2004-09-22 
I need to have a carport added to the side of my home that will be approximately 11' wide by 36 feet deep. The carport should be able to shelter 2 cars bumper to bumper and be primarily of wood construction. I need to get an estimate as soon as possible 
8601BRIDGEPORT CT 112 272 384 2004-09-22 
need additional foundation to accomodate the bathroom,bedroom and living room. Also need a 128 sq ft garage. 
8600BRIDGEPORT CT 112 272 384 2004-09-22 
I would like an additional foundation to accomodate the above. In addition, I would like a 128 sq ft. garage.  
8599BARTLETT IL 2004-09-22 
I have a 6ft sliding glass door in my kitchen that leads to a wood deck. We want to open up somemore space in the kitchen by replacing the slider with a bay window that has a regular size door and side windows.  
8598BARTLETT IL 2004-09-22 
I have a 6ft sliding glass door in my kitchen that leads to a wood deck. We want to open up somemore space in the kitchen by replacing the slider with a bay window that has a regular size door and side windows.  
8597CUMMING GA 2004-09-22 
Need vinyl siding (1,400 sq ft interior), replace old windows (15 yr old house), some water damage basement to replace (200 sq ft)around bottom. 
8596SAN DIEGO CA 64 300 120 258 2004-09-22 
combine 2 small adjacent br to one large by removing load wall, add header, add slider in place of widow on one end. Add wood floor. Same concept to open kitchen to LR. Expand kitchen into garage, pour concrete to 6" to match kitchen floor. Move some pl 
8595BURLINGTON WI 2004-09-21 
We wish to add on a room addition to our cottage that would include a master bath, utility room and increase the size of two bedrooms. Total square footage for the room addition would be approximately 500 sq ft. In addition to this, we also want a 3 car  
8594BURLINGTON WI 2004-09-21 
We wish to add on a room addition to our cottage that would include a master bath, utility room and increase the size of two bedrooms. In addition to this, we also want a 3 car garage built. 
8593BROWNS MILLS NJ 2004-09-21 
Opening a new hobbyshop in an existing old building and trying to get quotes on repairing concrete floor and using Gypcrete or similar to make subfloor smooth for installation of carpet track. Wood subfloor is also an option. Room is approx. 25X50'

8591DAYTON OH 2004-09-21 
Need replacement windows for apartment building located at 616 Salem Ave. Dayton Ohio 45406. Last quote of 15000.00 to high. Windows total 48 about 3 different sizes. 12 Unit apartment building. Call 757-375-0735 
8590LENEXA KS 2004-09-21 
Want to add on a 3rd car garage with a room over the garage which will be a closet off the master bedrm. Will also need concrete and foundation work. Also need electrical, etc... 
8589WOODSTOCK AL 30 200 100 100 2004-09-21 
8588CLEWISTON FL 500 1200 300 1200 2004-09-21 
Have 5 acre lot at end of cul-de sac in Everhigh acres between La Belle & Clewiston. unimproved lot with trees. Phone & electric to lot line. Probably need septic & well. Want in ground pool attached by breezeway. Can you supply plans for above approx  
8587MILFORD CT 100 300 500 2004-09-21 
I presently own a small ranch style home aprox. 1020 sq. ft. I'd like to add on to the left side of the house about 15 ft. and back about 55 ft. over 25 ft. then back towards the main house. I'd like a price with a basement in the addition and without. 
8586MILFORD CT 100 250 500 2004-09-21 
I own a small ranch style home aprox.1020 sq. ft. I'd like to add on to one side of the house, go left about 15 ft. and back aprox. 55 ft. then over 25 ft. and back towards the house forming an "L" shape. I'd like a price with basement and without. 
8585STOCKTON CA 300 900 300 600 2004-09-21 
Adding 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, family room and extending kitchen/dining area. 
8584ANAHEIM CA 2004-09-20 
I want to add approx. 1000 square feet 
8581DANVILLE CA 2004-09-20 
We have a patio area over the garage that leaked and caused damage. Need demo of the whole overhang, water proofing, stucko, sheetrock, etc. Need to get started ASAP before the rain season hits. 
8580ROCHESTER NY 2004-09-20 
Tear off and/or reshingle over one-bedroom dormer and one-car garage with 30-year Owens Corning Oakridge Pro 30 architectural shingles. Cost for each please? 
8579PHOENIX AZ 1351 2004-09-19 
I have a house that I would like to possible fix up. The flooring is bowed and floor sinks toward the middle of the house, possibly a foundation problem. The house was built in 1914 and i'm unsure about the foundation. How much do you think it would co 
8578BAY SHORE NY 2004-09-19 
2000 sq feet altogether,colonial style  
8577RIVER FOREST IL 2004-09-19 
replace open rear porch consisting of stairs and platform to rear door entry. Some concrete foundation work is also needed
117 yo frame farm house. porch poss 20-25yr
may have been diy by prior owner 
8575BAZETTA OH 2004-09-18 
15X25 4 season porch (or equiv. sunroom w/roof) addition, kneewall, with inverted roof. Addition to a standard ranch home. Thermal windows for year round use. No desire to have this open into the house - no demolition required as house siding can remain a 
8574MARIETTA GA 2004-09-17 
run sewer line from street to home approximately 75 feet. remove septic. 
8573POCONO LAKE PA 1200 2004-09-17 
build a 1200 sf. chalet in pocono lake, lot has perked
i am taking bids. i would like to do some of the finish work myself. 
8572FORT LAUDERDALE FL 2004-09-17 
We have 2 open areas needing a second floor/loft.

The house is a 2 story with standard stairs to a hallway to bedrooms above.

An opening from the second story hallway to a possible Game room exists, but was not done by the builder. This area is appr 
8571GLENDALE WI 2004-09-17 
Need 2 car garage built in basement of existing house. Curb cut approved by city already. You need to have done this type of project before and show me examples of work. I will pull permits, and have drawings of what is to be done. 
8570MODESTO CA 100 400 500 2004-09-17 
we are looking to expand are home would like to add on another 800 to 1000 sqft. in thous addtions we would like the rooms to be a living room and a master bedroom. Thanks 
8569MINNEAPOLIS MN 40 2004-09-17 
kitchen addition: remove exist 6' slide door at eating area; widen 2 feet on one side of the exist 6 x 6 opening, build a 4'(outward from the house wall)x 10'(wide over the opending)sunroom at 2nd level of a split level house. 
8568MIAMI FL 121 730 225 486 2004-09-16 
4 br 2 bth with a 225 sq ft two car garage. land not included 
8567SHERMAN OAKS CA 150 450 150 350 2004-09-16 
Small house about 1100 sq ft; probably 2br/2ba with garage, possibly 2 stories for a small lot. Pleas advise setbacks generally required. Thank you 
8566LAUREL MD 150 2004-09-16 
Renovate current master bathroom and add a powder room in the current master bedroom walk-in closet 
8565MORENO VALLEY CA 1700 2004-09-16 
I have a 25X50' shop attached to my home. I would like to add a second story to this part of the stucure. Looking for an idea of cost's and length of time for this type of project. I need someone with 2nd story addition experience in the Riverside/Moreno  
8564FORT PIERCE FL 2004-09-16 
i live in the savanna club and need restoration -car port-florida room replacement siding damage window and shutter and roof soffit replacement etc 
8563FORT PIERCE FL 2004-09-16 
i live in the savanna club and need restoration -car port-florida room replacement siding damage window and shutter and roof soffit replacement etc 
8562BARRETVILLE TN 2004-09-16 
medium materials; best workmanship. I am contemplating adding a 20x40 garage on a smooth finished concrete slab and unfinished inside with vinyl siding. Would like a quote to include A pitched roof, 3 windows, automatic front garage door, rear access do 
8561BALDY MESA CA 6512 2004-09-15 
8560HUMBLE TX 2004-09-15 
Install Whirlpool tub. 
8559JACKSON MI 2004-09-15 
All open.Need service for 220?Total sq.ft.2200.

thank; dee 
8558SKOKIE IL 3800 2004-09-15 
looking for a builder for a tear down and buid, total of 4200 sqft. Blueprint is ready. 
8557GAITHERSBURG MD 2004-09-14 
We need to add a large closet with mirror sliding doors in the master bedroom of our new home in Laytonsville, MD. Thank you. 
8556TOPANGA CA 100 300 200 400 2004-09-14 
A 1000 sq ft home with two bed, two bath and garage (250 sq ft. for garage). Of good, lasting quality, but nothing fancy.  
8555BLAIR NE 2004-09-14 
Looking to put a free standing one plus garage up as soon as possible. Size? 16 x 24. Not sure. Enough room for car and garbage cans and basic lawn care items to be stored there. Her home phone 402-426-5920 
8554BLAIR NE 2004-09-14 
Looking to put a free standing one plus garage up as soon as possible. Size? 16 x 24. Not sure. Enough room for car and garbage cans and basic lawn care items to be stored there.  
8553DEL SUR CA 200 1000 306 2464 2004-09-14 
one story 5 bedroom home,3car garage,10 foot walls,3 bath rooms,1 powder room,concrete tile roof, fire place in master room,wood stove in family room, stucco ext. with have tile or masnory finish half of house front,tile bathrooms,wood floors, lundry room 
8552PLAINSBORO NJ 400 2004-09-13 
ground-level covered porch 
8551JACKSON MS 2004-09-13 
I need the two 7'1" pillars replaced in my carport. I am not sure what material would be best but I do not want wood. 
8550BROWNSTOWN MI 450 2004-09-13 
We are looking to add a 3.5 car garage, attaching to house via room addition, approximately 18 x 24'. Cement needed. Would like to widen driveway also. We have the drawings and are currently working on the land survey with our city.  
8549HOUSTON TX 2004-09-12 
North Dallas day spa 3000 sq/ft remodel of previous retail space. treatment rooms avg 120 sq/ft each: massage rooms(5) facial rooms (2), relaxation room(1) , hydromassge bathtub room (2). retail/office& storage space. 2 bathrooms, 2 showers ada equipped,  
8548HOPATCONG NJ 240 240 2004-09-12 
Would like to add a 15 X 16 2 story addition to the back of my house. There is already a pre-existing concrete slab.  
8547JACKSONVILLE FL 120 224 250 400 2004-09-12 
remodel 1940 concrete block home current approx 850 sf. addition of master bedroom,master bath and increase living area. if possible, add 2nd floor for master bedroom and bath 
8546PANAMA CITY FL 2004-09-12 
I have a standard size detached two car garage with a laundry room at one. The garage has existing plumbing. I want to turn it into two efficiency apartments.  
8545SOUTH VINELAND NJ 192 680 120 220 2004-09-11 
A 2400 Sq. Ft. 4 bdrms 2 bath Cape Cod home with breezeway and 2 car garage. Septic, Water well and Basement.  
8544SOUTH VINELAND NJ 96 170 120 220 2004-09-11 
A 2400 Sq. Ft. 4 bdrms 2 bath Cape Cod home with breezeway and 2 car garage. Septic, Water well and Basement.  
8543BIRMINGHAM AL 2004-09-11 
foundation concrete walls for a new house in mountain brook 


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